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  1. Fix my deck

    yea feel free to change to fit ur style..
  2. Swordcraft in Chronogenesis

    sword is turning worst every expansion.. im sad, Cygames
  3. Fix my deck

    this is rotation format i believe?? this is my list.. hope this help, you can use 3 jeanne beacon if u have.. remove either 1 curate / judge of retribution im playing at master rank anyway
  4. Acolyte's Light vs Pure Annihilation

    my haven deck use 2x pure annihilation.. bcs some it could banish more, there's a time when i won bcs i banish my opponent's ward with the same name
  5. Albert Levin Saber

    anyway anyone here has albert animation link? i wanna see so bad T.T
  6. just curious are ur decklist similar to this guy? or exactly the same?
  7. Albert Levin Saber

    no bro its not just you... everyone in this game KNEW it hahahahahah
  8. How do I kill Havencraft?

    i guess its depend on your mulligan.. you have to rush haven unless they could turn the table once the game reach mid-game TT i feel u bro its not easy to win from haven especially when they always has Themis Decree in their hand