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  1. Talk About Whatever

    class in dqr is basically the same crap like sv. it got 5+ but the real shiny ones are only like 2 / 3. the rest are either so-so / bleh
  2. Talk About Whatever

    basically sq repeated the same thing again in dqr >_>; the game only share same finisher(s) for mid / control / ramp. removal is literally class specific. some class obviously got S tier removal (execution in sv) & some class barely got any l0l. the moment i saw aiela dqr version: what's the point in having other class for mid / control? it's mostly a race in tossing zoma (a.k.a everyone's satan) to field 1st. BUT the other guy got 6 ramp cards. is that even a race game anymore? the moment he ramp, the other guy is mostly dead already >_>; ^100% invincible against everything (battle damage, transform, stat change, instant kill, etc) except ball of light. fanfare: add 1 ball of light to your opponent top deck. ball of light: 4 mp negate his invincibility << yup. needs 4 mp just to get rid of his super aegis text & your top deck is blocked l0l means, if you got ramp-ed --> zoma-ed...--> play that silly ball & something weak because you only got like 2 / 3 mp left--> turn end that's literally a hidden message: pls press that quit button / i will send evo bert / female bert to your face next turn l0l bonus: super reaper l0l
  3. Talk About Whatever

    dev actually tossed 3pp aiela to psaro in a card game *error 404 banish not found* & everyone (except agro) is mostly playing drop satan & start hitting the other guy looks like there's always someone better at powercreeping things. rowen is cute psaro is the ultimate cancer [when everyone's wincon is satan but psaro ALONE got 4 ramp cards & 2 1 turn ramp cards (burn the spell & ramp (+1/+1 pp. it's not 0/+1> ramp is gone at end phase, i don't need to say anything else right?] even though both does the same thing (ramp) >_>;
  4. Special sleeves?

    that was related to something (that i forgot lel) in jp version only
  5. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    shift users magically managed to dodge most of the agro & bumped to delicious things like aegis, control / similar things!? as for the possible poke to saha, poking her to 8 like thane is dangerous. vs bb: too late. you already ate face damage. you need something else [bonus for memecraft: playing saha game against bb elephant is dangerous since you're getting closer&closer for that suicide dog to kill itself&your saha] vs excalibur's field: finger cross you're going 1st / got something else. else, start praying. one of the worst thing that could happen is something like this: excalibur--> captain--> bert not really going to mention daria since her field puke is literally up to rng & not really clean-able with saha isra
  6. they won't pulled a lulz 0.03% for alter leader if they're even remotely considering that(title) idea
  7. Shadowlog 2/4/2018

    at least portal didn't get nerfed because personal salt and lol at memecraft winrate
  8. Cygames, Nerf Daria

    daria is one of those deck that can suicide itself (3 daria in hand / simply never came = gg) so the moment you only mentioned the once in a while high roll that looked like a mere post in salt thread >_>;
  9. Talk About Whatever

    i literally watched everything whenever he upload a new one lol....
  10. Cygames, Fix Portalcraft Now Not Later

    The usual thread... The winrate doesn't matter. I hate it. So nerf it *tableflip*
  11. Card changes for January 30

    That was just some random examples Who knows what will happen without anything limited
  12. Card changes for January 30

    So you can see (someday if game not dead 1st) something like 40 ramp (for lulz), 40 storm, etc?
  13. Card changes for January 30

    That's either mission impossible to code / nope too much work
  14. Card changes for January 30

    The map of rng got so much stuffs so it's ok?