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  1. Thanks, I Suppose.

    from hammer everywhere to salt everywhere l0l........ time to retire too i guess...the game doesn't want me anymore (always timed out in matchmaking) l0l
  2. Shadowlog report November 11th.

    1. there's a limit to creativity when your freaking wincon is 18pp....... 2. literally rng game 3. can't pull that crap to all craft.....want example? try to toss your destroyer to field against haven without shift & see what happens to it soonTM
  3. Shadowlog report November 11th.

    mostly no since it depends on rng........ 1st step: is that a *beep* agro on the other side? no? next [yes means your winrate is despair%] 2nd step: can you pull shift within the 1st 4 turns? yes? next 3rd step: can you spellboost it fast enough before you got bert / roach / abyss / seraph / gene-ed? yes? you win. no? r.i.p
  4. The salt mega thread.

    he still got 1/2+ of his deck but i already ate 2 lb & 1 odin... 3 lb & 3 odin in deck is the only way to explain that crap
  5. The salt mega thread.

    you got to be super F-ing kidding me rng.... 1st time in months i touched my nep...and you toss me to a memecraft user equipped with 6 lb&odin
  6. State of unranked.

    starts from 2pp & we play 'put to field vs pls return to hand' game. after that he only throw 1 card at a time like juliet / bert / alwida l0l
  7. State of unranked.

    as long as i don't see something ultra bad like slowpoke haven vs forest ptp (how the fug can i win?) i will keep entertaining the other guy like this agro sword (is bad...not i will take that despair% winrate since winning is not a myth lol) never_give_up_trolololololol.jpg
  8. i love the fact my early burn in hell pdk is now valid l0l -------------------------------------------------------------------- shift mirror is basically who can git lucky pulling shift in hand & sb it faster... for example...the other guy will be mad when you pulled a t6 shift going 2nd l0l
  9. Favourite moments?

    ^i remember watching a meme with that guy...but i don't remember the deck list.... yummy yummy shift..........thanks for the easy daily
  10. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    you again! did you seriously think a dog that can spit fireballs is not unique!?
  11. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    not even meme!? (pluto version was r.i.p) bonus before ephemera nerf:
  12. Favourite moments?

    bolt elephant....bolt elephant.... screw it. bolt, i choose you!
  13. The salt mega thread.

    that t4 shift cost a ton of luck.....
  14. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    literally 'finger cross i met some agro & i'm not dead'
  15. inb4 atomeme that goes nuts with stairs & friends