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  1. July 17th Card Changes

    (silently waiting if the madness 2pp will ever return )
  2. July 17th Card Changes

    shrine: the result from people curving like a boss instead of bricking iperia: most of the time a free 5 / 7 hit to face. in fact, can you even kill this thing without something like shrine / pdk in rotation? valse: time to kill with gobu! duel: about time you're actually picking something instead 0pp add 2 cards on turn 6 tome: You deserve it. 0 0 0 turn 1 = draw 4 next turn = whut!? sibyl: not surprised (boros still r.i.p lel)
  3. Talk About Whatever

    the tenko hate turns into tenko face slap game lol
  4. Talk About Whatever

    reality always win against expectation lol that's the wrong trioooooooooooooooooooo
  5. control life in this game sux....after sooooooo many death by shift, now there's a new one named sparta
  6. Talk About Whatever

    that's literally the best way to use that new chimera. because the normal use is just too meh i'm only staying for the meme lol
  7. Talk About Whatever

    i'm simply enjoying the meme in youtube instead of fighting sword / haven / whatever it's on the top--> they curve like a boss--> salt & repeat comeback meme (V) done latham meme done jet stream human pyramid meme done legendary meme done [poor version: bronze meme done too lol] triple zooey with roost ftw meme done time to wait until mini expansion for new meme to watch
  8. Opinions on the new cards so far?

    i mean, it's salting the blood user because their face ping being cancelled by your multiple heal 1 face. portal new leg 1 face ping is also cancelled. and yes it matters if you ask me because both won't magically toss 20 face ping to the other guy (well blood technically can with that 7pp leg...but the game usually doesn't even last that long) pdk--> orca spell = 1 time use 3pp cd 8 amulet--> tenko = multiple turns of free ping even if you don't heal because let's say your turn 5 is baldy evo cannon is the same as pdk. 1 time use ammo. and that cannon is out from less complaint (still see aegis being a *beep* right now?) lol anything that most people copied will receive the 'burn that witch' treatment--> nerfed. the one that received immunity so far is only sword. i mean, if you played 10 games a day & 7 of them is deck 'x'--> and you lose most of them--> loop for a week. i'm sure the guy will be mad at that deck 'x'. there's also that bonus salt 'when i use the deck, it bricks. when the other guy used the deck, he curved like a *beep* mc
  9. Opinions on the new cards so far?

    people hated pdk. i don't see a reason why they won't hate tenko lol.... while it's a mere reverse (1 ping to enemy face to 1 heal to face) from 3pp amulet cd8--> tenko tenko ammo is more efficient & last longer--> leads to more ping--> leads to more grumpy ca...humans while i'm at it: it's also cancelling poor blood's face ping lion is hated because the 4/4 storm squad & can cost almost nothing late game when combined with that 2pp pp recovery amulet 10pp: 5pp--> it's back (6pp left)--> 5pp--> it's back again (2pp left)--> say hi to the 3rd 4/4 storm lel hand size decrease: lol no
  10. Talk About Whatever

    rest in pieces shift. 1 def meta ftw
  11. Opinions on the new cards so far?

    the only way to justify the bird (else just play the ping game with tenko / temple&gene ward >_>)
  12. Talk About Whatever

    it's popular but the company is broke... @_@; pirated too much?
  13. Talk About Whatever

    i wonder how many lives are needed if you killed yourself for every jp--> en translation
  14. Opinions on the new cards so far?

    Before: jabber--> pulled baha out = meh After: jabber--> pulled proto baha out = yay (at least it's not a mere vanilla pull) also jabber--> pulled zooey out = the return of
  15. Opinions on the new cards so far?

    that's one of the many reasons petri is being left out