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  1. i don't fear triple roaches ^^ [free bolt is otw] lions...lions everywhere
  2. all of these +1pp's post.... no one expecting something like gg lightning blast?
  3. fear my super curve abyss. no need for expensive stuffs like gawain / roland deadly turn 4 gobu edition: gobu gobu feria evo
  4. in a meta where that thing called abyss can deal 16 at 7 (& dragon can't deal with it at all except baha LOL), super buffed zirnitra is a nice comeback card >_>
  5. flapnir should deal at least 4. i mean, legend losing to a silver? lel? the only way to fix satan right now is to decrease his cost because it won't leave dc with this agro&/mid meta every expansions (and it's barely seen even in dc) super buff to zirnitra? just add the word 'windblast' in front of 'dragon'
  6. the 2nd crap today (1st one is freeze when i press quit button. i was like 'we te ef!?' )
  7. off all things....aegis is still mentioned in this super fast meta *facepalm*
  8. what? haven card? and no gobuL?
  9. new slowpoke record in this super fast meta?
  10. that's only true if that spawn is afk-ing if it lands--> evo--> crash to something you will eat 8 not to mention you don't heal i don't need to mention how *ouch* that 8 is right?
  11. nah...i'm betting the usual post we nerf x y z cards because deck a & b are killing people like a boss SO please move from there! i'm giving you a free 10 likes if they put something like 'sorry we screwed up' post. (reminds me if it actually happened) & tbh, dev lying is almost common craps everywhere.....(very true if the game got rate up gacha--> they forgot to alter the rate--> nope. ain't our fault your luck sux). the one being honest is like finding water in a dessert.
  12. well...if you can't beat them...join them
  13. it's abyss. i just can't give a F to anything else after trying to fight this crap called tier 1 at the very top for over 6 months--> mostly turned as sandbag i already lost count how many times my face exploded while my opponent is still very smooth at 20 (from daria & bouncing roach [tried with haven & blood. got rekt HARD]--> unlimited skeleton works [with haven & dragon. yup, still got rekt HARD] --> now this shiet named neutral & abyss [screw everything. i'm joining the meta])
  14. everything is obviously ok when themis can't even be played before gameover right? right? R I G H T?