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  1. because there's nothing to discuss? it's already gameover at main menu?
  2. correction: force your opponent to watch this vid for 10h
  3. i can't wait to see saber's face explosion everywhere l0l
  4. the meme users? lot. the winrate? closing in to shift/aegis tier fast l0l vengeance blood can win against 0 neutral. it's bumped by ez mode from memecraft, shift & friends BECAUSE RNG SAID SO l0l. the moment those vengeance users luck runs out & bumped to aliseverse more, winrate will go down (same like aegis that got 50% once because rng said so).
  5. how to carry nep: give memecraft users to them l0l
  6. 50 likes if you can throw me a vid of someone that actually managed to salvage memecraft. because tbh...i don't even see the potential targets for salvaging neutrals this time for memecraft 100 likes if you can do it yourself. (self claiming my win rate is 70%+ in vid title doesn't count)
  7. best thing memecraft got is still meme rites--> meme price--> bye neutrals the 2nd best is baha (10pp if you're not dead 1st l0l)
  8. no....because between those 6 cards....there're memecraft cards 'just because' l0l
  9. if we're talking about once in a blue moon super risky combo like meme roost--> gobu prin + jabber--> gene / zeus army...sure..probably got 1 / 2 that i miss but if we're talking about one sided cancer without risky bs. nayyyyyyyyyyyyy
  10. that's one (if not) the funniest thing i ever see.....butchering aegis with moon when shift / seraph / blah3 is a thing
  11. that's why it's in last position. i had the worst expectation there lol
  12. i'm sending you 100 likes if the tier 1 info isn't a free gift from a certain silly site
  13. Hmm....looks like my destination this time is set between forest/sword/blood Just waiting on the just because nerf for alise&friends l0l
  14. Aside from pulling memedolon..i don't really see the worth... It doesn't even gain ward from gs. Stats is too dammit small It's like asking sword will you play council if it only spawn a random 1/3 + 1 5pp neutal? (I'm dodging free bert, lumi, etc)