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  1. elta for free atomemes scared me so much x_x;
  2. is the rule def 0 via debuff = destroyed is valid? it might turn into a joke 8/0 aegis that still go face
  3. instead of polyphonic roar that needs at least 3 turns to get 1pp profit (& it's literally gone the moment someone drop a bahamut), just drop fafnir/israfil (lucifer is also ok if you need heal & no isra) in worst case as a big follower / genesis to face
  4. no wonder....your cards should be almost dried after eating some combinations of tribunal & themis
  5. what did you met?
  6. That was pretty much the summary of netdeck users. tier 1 = let's netdeck it. nerfed = let's move somewhere else.
  7. for meme purpose? for new player? maybe else no. doesn't matter if it's cost 5 / 6 with that tons of restrictions. the only thing that can change my mind is if the community saw someone promoting the card --> tons of people join the netdeck side--> it's causing a problem for me
  8. bye lb. hello mordies. 1 turn failure to banish mordy cost the game...r.i.p aegis
  9. some did. met meme cannon around 3 times already...
  10. something like granblue if you ask me
  11. not sure if i'm going to like the game, but at least i can move on there if next expansion is even worse
  12. standard banned? that's it i guess?
  13. explain the relation with 20 turns aegis meta pls...both decks you mentioned doesn't have aegis
  14. literally my most lulz bot fight ever: oracle--> newt--> rites. i ignored his newt--> he literally instant kill me with alter fate--> alter fate--> alter fate + newt to face new way to die i guess lol
  15. from watching 2 streams for a total around 5 hours (3 & 2), it feels like vengeance blood & aegis increased. sword barely seen.