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  1. my version: just toss to current pack pool & be done with it
  2. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Eira chruch a.k.a all hail elana & heal (eira = elana)
  3. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    Pray for neutral baha return?
  4. meta report april 2nd- april 8th

    no one got slot for full moon because it's garbage against non aegis it doesn't even do *beep* to gene ward with temple lol
  5. meta report march 26- april 1st

    already exist for necro only ;-; (for killing ambush's not like fanfare / end of turn actually matters right?)
  6. the *beep* timer should go faster for people that love that red circle (almost) every turnnnnnnnnnn
  7. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    : too slow
  8. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    did i just see a path of money there? (smelling aoe that evolved to thisdirection)
  9. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    stair was hated when it was printed now we got 0pp add 2 specific cards (the only time i see someone used 1pp version is around day 1) i don't see a reason NOT to hate it try to imagine the hate to stair if it got more text at 5pp enhance: recover 5pp
  10. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    Duel enhance: either reduce the recovery pp / be the azz & delete the enhance *staring at lb* That's literally bs autoplay 6pp unless you don't want to show it to your opponent (Leafman also got lmao-ed but whatever. He's mostly used as agro card because 5pp) Summit deck: can't think of something to make this less cancer (1-->3pp idea is overkill) Portal: r.i.p deus +1pp???
  11. meta report march 26- april 1st

    The usual curved to death
  12. Price by region

    16%? how about 33% (i dare you buy it three times & see your wallet after lel)
  13. Dawnbreak Early Impressions

    the war will never end the one that can spam fodders to field obviously doesn't want to eat aoe / rush squad (yes not sword) the one that can't spam fodders obviously want to aoe the 5 fodders on the other side
  14. Nerfs!

    from what i see: forest is aiming for dingdong dragons otk rocket rune is aiming for doom + - turn 8 & gc turn 9 gg shadow still stuck with kektar & friends
  15. Storm ramp dragon help

    unlimit? he got <= cards from baha packs