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  1. OMG, I just realized I can finally answer the question of this thread happily! They don't! My collection and FTP-self thank Cygames very much ^.^
  2. Yeah, I also feel like the game still requires quite a lot of skill. For example, for most decks that I start playing, my winrates are usually around 50%, but as time goes on, almost every single one of the decks that I use increases in win rate due to better mulliganing and evo timing. Both of those elements I feel are often overlooked. With some decks, you may not simply be looking for all low cost cards. If you have one two drop already, you may opt to keep a high cost card also because that certain card is very central to your deck and your deck curve makes it likely you will still be able to play on curve even while keeping that high cost card. Also, knowing when you can afford to not evolve to clear your opponent's board and take risks with your life total is often the difference I find between my wins and losses. Finding the right balance between going Face and trading is also very important. Knowing the reach of your opponent's deck and being able to identify a deck archetype early on by key differing early game cards and adjusting your aggressiveness and conservativeness accordingly are also reliant on experience and skill. I could keep going with these examples forever because there are so many aspects of the game that are skill-based. I just think we as gamers who are prone to being salty due to being invested in this game tend to overreact to the "never lucky" aspects of the game and downplay the actual skill we display throughout a match. While I do agree netdecking does take some of the skill out of the game, I know for sure a powerhouse deck like Midrange Shadow would still lose most of the time to Tier 3 decks if it was piloted by someone lacking skill. The only decks which may be an exception to this are hyper aggressive Face decks but very few have been good as of late. And the only hyper aggressive decks that have existed imo were Face Sword and Dragon and Vania Blood. And having experience with 2 of those 3 decks, I can definitely say even those decks do require skill in the form of knowing your reach damage, and becoming very familiar with your top deck percentages of Lethal outs when you're about to run out of gas. Yes, your top deck is part luck, but capitalizing on whatever line of play puts you in the best position to win the match whether it be evolving an on board follower for that extra push of face damage, or knowing you can afford to clear your opponent's board knowing they have a low chance of clearing your post-evo board with their deck's removal options, is still a display of skill. I'm not trying to invalidate what other's have said about luck feeling like it overshadow's skill at times. Of course I myself even feel that way sometimes. But when I actually get over my salt and take the time to observe my performance, I can tell that experience and fine-tuning my decisions have definitely taken me a long way even from just a few expansions ago.
  3. Holy mother, this deck is really good in terms of card quality. I think your curve is enough to get you consistent early game pre-evo wars and you can take the risk of being a little behind on board due to extremely strong Vengeance late game cards like Esmeralda and Serpents. The deck has less than 5 below average cards and many powerful ones so I'd be surprised if this didn't go at least 4-1. Probably a 9/10 for me.
  4. Also, going first, I would mulligan for any of your 2/2 two drops, Blood Pact, Gourmet Emperor or possibly Disagreeable Demon (2/3 three drops can be acceptable since they can sometimes 2 for 1 your opponent's 2/2 two drop and 3/2 three drop, also, it's ward will help stop damage even if you do miss your 2 drop. Going 2nd, I would say everything is the same except Spiderweb Imp may be acceptable if you're against a class like Sword which can be aggressive (Shadow and Blood also fit that bill, but just not as often) and Gourmet Emperor may not be as appealing of a keep against aggro due to its low 2 health. Lastly, Rapunzel becomes acceptable due to being able to attack on turn 4 due to your evo.
  5. I'd say this deck is decent to pretty good. I give it a 7.5/10 and predict a 3-2 to 4-1. Although, I would rate your last deck in the same ball park and you 5-0ed with that so you may prove me wrong. Your class golds are all nice with the exception of Lethal Blade. Your curve fills out nicely except for the 4 slot but I would say that's one of the least important slots in a curve since when going 1st, you usually know you're going to lose your biggest minion due to your opponent's evolve so playing a 3 drop instead of a 4 drop doesn't matter much. Your deck does lack the common powerhouses of the class in BKB and Scarlet which is another reason why I can't rate it as outstanding. Your standouts to me from bronzes and silvers are Vlad and Bandersnatch (Enhanced Bandersnatch into Ice Blade would be a huge tempo swing while getting value through the card draw). I wish you the best of luck, may you get another 5-0 ^.^
  6. Like I said, the card isn't trash tier. In fact, if you're going 1st and happen to put out a neutral 2 drop and buff it with the card on turn 3, it's probably one of the strongest openings you can have in the game whether you're trying to aggro them out of the game by hitting face or recooperating some of the value you inevitably lose going 1st by trading into their 2 drop. I consider the card below average due to its inconsistency mainly. It struggles to find much relevance outside of the early game since many of your minions just get hard removed past turns 5 and 6. Plus, Sword's 3 spot is pretty stacked this expansion with Momo and Old Man and Woman which is another reason why you won't be drafting the card too often.
  7. Currently 5 wins with my last three sword runs. Their class cards are too damn flexible and have amazing evos. I don't think the class got a single bad bronze or silver card from the new expansion with the exception of Kiss of the Princess and even that card isn't trash tier. Momo, Old Man and Old Woman, and Axe Destroyer are all insane new cards that you can easily draft multiple copies of. I also think Kunoichi Master is an underrated card. Sword has now become my best class percentage wise while being very beginner friendly which means it's a class I highly recommend to all players regardless of Take Two experience. The fact they are one of the classes who can still go aggro with the right draft picks also means they alleviate some of the burden of going 1st.
  8. Props for getting 5-0 with a deck that lacked early game. That usually means you had good evo timing and got the most tempo and value from your cards
  9. The card quality of the deck is actually pretty good, despite lacking strong finishers. Gourmet Emperor, Khawy, and a few other cards are standouts to me. The main reason why I think this deck may fall short of getting 5-0 or even 4-1 is cuz of the lack of 2 drops. Your amount of 3 and 4 drops would usually give you an advantage over other decks with more consistent early game openers, but the lack of 2 drops means you'll be at a pretty big disadvantage when going 1st. I think you could do pretty well going 2nd though as you have 4 viable turn 2 options in that scenario (1 minion and 3 removal spells). Perhaps you just weren't offered many 2 drops, but I would definitely say focus on getting at least 4 or 5 2 drop minions so that you can start playing cards on turn 2 while going 1st.
  10. Great quality Neutral Sword Midrange/Control deck. Baha is just too OP >.< I begrudgingly picked Spring Cleaning since it was paired with a good card, but it was actually pretty nice once I entered top deck mode in one of my games (definitely not recommending to pick it still though). Still waiting for Sword to drop from Tier 1, it's been there since the game launched.
  11. There's actually already a thread for 0 win decks, you just have to scroll down a bit since it hasn't been updated very recently
  12. deleted cuz of my derping >.<
  13. I definitely already see an influx of more unexperienced players so looks like this change is definitely persuading a lot more people to try out the mode ^.^
  14. Holy fudge, for Take Two enthusiasts like myself, this news is AMAZING. I'm ditching ranking up in Masters to go complete my collection
  15. Must have been the power of the Boros ^.^