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  1. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    My latest sword 5 win deck Despite having no removal evolves that sword is usually accustomed to having, the card quality of this deck was pretty high. Didn't even need any topdecks to win any of my games MVPs were Bert, Luminous Mage, Kunoichi Master, and Captain Lecia (I had a guy try to eggsplosion while she was still on the board thinking it'd kill my other big follower and when it didn't, he conceded shortly after >.<)
  2. Your card quality is pretty good and if you hit a ramp option on 5, that should give you a pretty big advantage. The main thing that stops this deck from being great is the lack of board clears which will hurt you if your opponent can swarm the board. Any opponent that relies on big minions sticking though will be shut down pretty hard since your dragoons will give you a ton of tempo. You're definitely going to want to always fight for board with this type of deck as your late game will be pretty tough to match if you get enough breathing room to put down your Poly Roar. Best of luck!
  3. Starforged Legends Take 2 Discussion

    Imo, Blood, Rune, and Shadow were the biggest winners for this expansion with Haven and Dragon receiving the least support. In terms of common cards, Blood got Venomous Bite, Fenrir, and Snarling Chains, Rune got Lightning Lancer, Starseer's Telescope, and Dancer of the Sun, and Shadow got Dark Bladefiend, Sora Martial Artist, Hresvelgr, and Lute Leonard Necromancer. Sword got a great bronze and silver in King of the Horned Crown and Cuhullin while Forest received plenty of good but not great cards like Fita the Gentle Elf, Ariana Natural Tutor, Dolorblade Demon etc. I haven't looked in-depth into the loss of DE cards's impact on classes, but I'm almost certain Shadow will emerge as the strongest class for this expansion, Rune will no longer be trash tier, and Dragon is gonna be in the dumpster. In regards to the other classes' statuses, I'm not very certain yet, but it shouldn't take too long to know which classes are strong, mediocre, and trash.
  4. Animated Cards in Arena?

    I really like the idea of that, I have more animated cards here in SV than golden ones in HS anyways
  5. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Thanks! Glad I could help you out ^.^ I got back into Puzzle and Dragons and started playing a bit more HS so I haven't been on here for a while, but I'm definitely looking forward to the new Take Two meta starting tonight once the expansion launches
  6. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    I actually only played PolyRoar once out of my five games >.< But it was my finisher in the game I won. Flute put in more work than I thought it would. I try not to draft the card if I can, but my legendary picks weren't too high quality. I was able to play it down at the right times so my Dragoon Scyther and Dragon Summoner weren't transformed as both cards are more valuable in the late game as is. I suspected my deck would be too susceptible to board clears, but wrath drake always saved the day in that department, never evolved humpty even once for the clear :\
  7. Man, I come to this thread just trying to find out what the new cards are but instead get depressed
  8. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Been a while since I posted on this thread. Thought I'd highlight this Dragon deck because it surprised me due to lacking strong finishers which the craft excels at getting to the fastest. Wrath Drake was definitely my MVP, I think the flexibility of the card is seriously underrated. It's 5th turn AOE is enough to help you recover against Sword and it's 8th turn enhance is so great for tempo as 3 health actually encapsulates a high percentage of cards in Take Two and it's not too unlikely you'll have a small minion left over that late in the game to finish off another minion that has a bit more than 3 health. Another double pack reward along with 200 rupies so super stoked about that ^.^
  9. That makes sense, I didn't want you telling players to never play the craft, but I also thought it would be ignorant to not acknowledge that Rune is currently in a bad spot for Take Two and will be pretty hard to draft without a good amount of experience under your belt. Also, I do hope crafts like Rune and Forest receive some support in the upcoming expansion to bring their average winrates closer to the rest of the classes in Take Two. Not printing broken cards like Axe Destroyer in the bronze slot for a craft that was already at the top would be a good starting point lol. Obviously I don't know all the details on how you will be presenting the strategies for the classes, but I think a section that highlights strengths and weaknesses of crafts would be a good start, just an idea. I fully support your project, I just want a healthy Take Two meta where all classes are around the same level of strength and consistency and it irks me that a craft like Rune that is actually one of the most fun to play in Take Two has such a big disparity in deck quality which discourages players from trying the craft out. I'm pretty sure stats came out and showed it to be the least played craft in Arena by far, even below Forest
  10. I do agree that Dragon drafts rely much more on your neutrals than other classes, but the probability of getting high cost legendaries, class or neutral while drafting as Dragon isn't very uncommon. I just feel like the Neutral cardpool currently actually favors Dragon and is what is keeping it mid-tier, in no world do I consider it as good as Sword or Shadow on average, but definitely not at the same level as some of the more inconsistent classes such as Forest and Rune. In regards to Rune, I consider it trash tier because many people struggle with it. I'm not surprised that you have a lot of 5-0s with the class because it is the class that has the most polarizing drafts I would say. It has huge potential if you get your right balance of ERs or abundance of spellboost synergy, but the consistency for this tends to be on the lower end compared to other classes that don't require synergy. Also, I have a better winrate with Forest than everything but Sword, but I still throw the craft into trash tier because I don't feel comfortable recommending it to others to play. I guess the question would be, is your spreadsheet catering to the people who are more of beginners in Take Two and really need the help or more experienced players? I just feel like experienced players can usually do well with the majority of the classes e.g. I can do well with anything but Blood and Rune. So I assumed this would be a project that focused more on helping newer players.
  11. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Did Memenidas help this time?
  12. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Sword back at it with their absolutely broken evo effects >.< I was facepalming when I saw Axe Destroyer as a bronze for Sword in WD X0
  13. Currently around 3.65 wins per run with Dragon which is middle of the pack in terms of craft performance for me. I suspect people might think the craft is poorer than it actually is because they undervalue ramp when drafting their decks. For example, when drafting for the class, I try to get as many Dragon Oracles and Draconic Fervor's as possible and consider those two cards to be the best cards to draft in their respective rarity slots. Dragoon Scythers and Siegfrieds are close seconds but I consider those two ramp options to still be more essential to my Dragon draft. Also, I think people underestimate the cost of discarding cards and don't have a good sense of how many discard cards they can have in their deck before their draft ends up being self-destructive by making your hand evaporate. The only great discard card that Dragon has is Owl Guardian and the other decent ones are Pyroxene Dragon, Ebon Beast Warrior, and Griffon Knight. All other discard related cards are bad within the class. Dragon might not be a class I recommend to beginner players but it definitely isn't trash. The only two classes I would say that are suffering greatly right now are Rune and Forest.
  14. I don't think White Tiger is a weak card and would actually consider it above average, the only time the card is bad is when played on turn 3 when you miss your 2 drop. It's higher attack is advantageous in basically every other aspect. Due to its ability to not be targeted by spells or effects, it's health doesn't matter too much and it serves as a very annoying taunt in the late game. Additionally, it can sometimes be a better Evo than some 4 drops e.g. evoing on turn 4 and smashing it into your opponent's turn 4 play of a 3/4 and ending up with a 5/1 that can't be targeted by spells or effects can be particularly annoying at times and force your opponent to counter evo instead of using an efficient low cost removal that they could have if you used a 4 drop. I think a good rule of thumb for Lion is if playing it won't save you more than one turn on if you naturally played the amulet, then just play the amulet if it's your only choice. Also, you have to remember that Lion is a big body statswise if played for 5 or less play orbs, but you may have more efficient evos such as a Ancient Lion Spirit if you're being swarmed. Choosing to forfeit mana early on and bank on your lion play may lock you into a play that still might not be advantageous for you despite getting two big bodies on the field (this excludes Beastcall Aria as the 2/1 storm follower gives you some initiative). If your hand makes it very likely you will play Lion and your opponent isn't swarming you, then I would say holding the amulet for your big swing turn would probably be your best line. Just an example scenario would be playing a neutral on two turns out of your first four to reduce lion down to five and dropping it turn 5 to pop an amulet being much better than playing Aria on turn 2 or mammoth or descent on turn 3 instead of a neutral to prolong your lion until turn 6. Also, I think your early curve is good enough to keep Lion in your opening hand, but you might make an exception against Sword which can rush you down (your call on Blood or Shadow as both of those have the potential to be aggressive but are much less likely compared to Sword).
  15. Best Take Two Crafts?

    Veteran Take Two player here ^.^ Basically pick Sword or Shadow whenever you see them, they're both easy to pilot and have great stand alone cards that don't require much synergy. 2nd Tier would be Haven, Dragon, or Blood, out of the three pick whichever one you're most comfortable with. Trash tier right now is Forest and Rune Best of luck