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  1. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    I mean, I'm a huge fan of Take Two and although, performance-wise, I am sure I would have gotten more than 2 wins on the final round with the old format due to previous knowledge, I found the wackiness and high power-level of decks to actually be very fun for a temporary event. I can understand the frustration though. It can feel unfair at times, but I felt that practice and mindful playing still helped quite a bit in this format that a lot of players complained was too luck-dependent. To me, I'd much rather have this type of Grand Prix to the Ranked ones that feature the same meta decks. Really hoping for something like this in the future, maybe I can get more than 2 wins for that one >.<
  2. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    These Legendary Card Pack rewards are crazy, got a couple so far and am making a huge profit from this Grand Prix ^.^
  3. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    We goin to the final round boys Edit: I realized my screenshots were pretty messed up, this was my deck
  4. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Hmm interesting, I really don't find Dragon to have that many weak cards since so many of their cards become overstatted once you reach Overflow. Not sure if you keep track of your decks, but I'll provide links to two of my Dragon decks that went 5 and 4 (almost went 5, but I played too cautious against Haven by holding back followers and they finished me with Prince of Darkness). 4 Win and 5 Win. Oh yeah, and disregard the goblins, mermen, snipes, and mystic ring (I just add those in to make it fit the 40 card requirement since the current format doesn't work with the portal's Take Two format). You can let me know what you think
  5. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    The thing is, all those cards are situational, mordecai is great if you're even, but not that good if you're behind. I drafted Ceridwen and it worked well for me, but it's still rare to get those insane revives since most of the time you play her on curve and get a 2 or 3 drop that died earlier. Also, khawy is definitely great at stabilizing, but is often underwhelming when you're ahead and gets hard removed and you get no heal from it. Shadow is probably 2nd best out of the classes I played so far, but I just think Dragon is more consistent, while Shadow has greater variance making it more highrolly. In addition, Dragon has the best damage from hand out of all classes except possibly Sword and regained a ton of ramp options with them bringing back old cards making reaching Overflow and playing overstatted cards much more viable. Dragon's only weakness imo is not having enough early game, but if you prioritize that while drafting, I think the class is on average better than Shadow. Not by that much though, and if Shadow works best for you, then you should keep practicing with it for the championship round and hope it's one of the three you're offered then. Even though I haven't played Sword yet, I'm going to guess the top 3 will work out to be Dragon, Sword, and Shadow for most people in no particular order.
  6. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Shadow's biggest strength right now is it's efficiency dealing with big minions so I'd say it's in a pretty good spot. It is a more difficult class to draft since there are a lot of Last Word synergies that you need to take into account to get the most out of the class, but it's probably Tier 2 at lowest and has an argument for being Tier 1
  7. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Haven't played Sword, Blood, or Forest yet, but out of the 5 classes I have played, Dragon definitely feels the strongest as long as you don't draft too greedy. If you can get 5 to 6 decent statted 2 drops (so 2/2 or 2/1 at worst) and 4 to 5 decent statted 3 drops (2/3 or 3/2), Dragon's superior late game compared to all the other classes and ability to get there quicker with ramp makes it feel pretty unfair. This format probably benefits Dragon the most with so much access to late game so you can be choosy with it and only pick the most powerful options. Again, just don't be too picky with early game and the class is really consistent and covers many scenarios with hard removal and board clears.
  8. So I just made a spreadsheet for four of the classes that I've played and will probably continue adding onto it as I play more. It's not that neat and the terminology isn't perfectly consistent since I just categorized cards as I went along, but I figured sharing this with everyone was better than nothing. Let me know what y'all think. The Dragoncraft part is the most detailed and clear and probably what I will do for the rest of the classes. Best of luck becoming the champion! Feel free to ask questions regarding the spreadsheet and any feedback is welcome ^.^ Take Two Grand Prix Stats.xlsx
  9. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Just hit LEGEND for the FIRST TIME EVER. I got the motivation to do so after reaching GM in Shadowverse. Before, the closest I had gotten was with Evolve Shaman around half a year ago and I was literally one win away, but couldn't get that last win and kept losing until I dropped to Rank 2 and got discouraged. This time, I lost around 5 to 6 matches once I got one win away, but I never dropped more than two matches in a row which made it not so discouraging. Anywho, just something I wanted to share and sort of brag about since I almost never get to do that with the main modes of card games since I've always loved the arena format more usually. Oh yeah, and I used Spell Hunter post-nerfs mostly and a little bit of Odd Paladin when my Spell Hunter was giving me loss streaks and I didn't want to get too discouraged in case anyone was curious. Now that I'm at Legend rank, I can finally MEME the hell out of people since getting to Legend was all I really cared about
  10. @fangore Sounds interesting, I might check it out if I get the time, currently two card games is more than enough for me haha. I was definitely feeling it, but now that the chest rewards are no longer there, it feels a lot less fulfilling haha. I stopped playing ranked yesterday after it got hard for me to get much higher than 13000 and I'll probably keep it at that since I still wanna play some more Take Two as I haven't played as much in this meta compared to past ones and it's reflected in my winrate there :'( And tournaments are interesting, but I probably don't want to get too deep into the scene since I'm attending college which takes up a good chunk of my time. Perhaps though, that would be interesting and I would def post about it here
  11. @Eclipse/Zer0The cards I mentioned were from Portalcraft, not Rune, which imo is the strongest class in Take Two right now due to Prime Artifact basically allowing every Portal deck to consistently play a mini Mordecai. Then, I would say Haven is second with Holy Lion synergy. Sword and Blood don't feel that OP right now unlike in the past few expansions.
  12. @Void Nah bruh, catch me in a couple days with that 100000 master score >.<
  13. Nah, this is Dariaverse where I play three 3/4s,a 0 cost Princess Juliet, and a 5/5 that draws me 5 cards on turn 4 then watch my opponent autoconcede In all seriousness, I would be super psyched for a Take Two Grand Prix if they actually did it, I just gotta draft a bunch of Knower of Historys and beat my opponent down with turn 7, 8, and 9 Prime Artifacts >.<
  14. Update: Improved my winrate to 67.6% (172/254) and just reached top 200 in the world, super excited, idk if I can make top 100, but we'll see
  15. @fangore Haha, well glad you have a card game to play that you find fun ^.^ Is Eternal anything like Shadowverse? (When Shadowverse first came out, I could tell the structure was based off Hearthstone). @Void Interesting, at GM rank, I face a good mix of face and midrange sword, daria and ds rune, and reanimate/control shadow. Probably face sword is the most common matchup, seems a lot of gm people are using it to get those chests quick.