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  1. The salt mega thread.

    Congrats, you play against guy without spellboost tools?) Owl, for example, or 1 pp face damage?) Dshift players now don't care about enemy actions, they have enough tools for spellboost, card draw and spent overdraw cards... of course a normal players with normal decks and game plans... i saw only them and plaied against only them, so I can't feel your situations)
  2. The salt mega thread.

    I tired... I tired face dshift while playing all my non aggro decks... a tired played aggro only because punish dshift... I wanted play SV at least go on conscription, but... seriously, with this new cards this dshift decks too strong and I salt. It's not fun play against, because they have 100% chance to win, because of all this great tools for card draw, spellboost and control board, what destroy all of your chance to survive on turn 7 and later and have this f**king Chimera for 20+ damage, what ended you, your board. All control, I repeat, ALL can't win, Sword also, beceuae most of my enemy had amuket destruction and start dshift on 7 turn, sometimes 8 before Albert/Leonidas. If you win against dshift on control deck...you not play control, you play midrange or your enemy have one of worst luck in history... or he succumb you. I salt... At least 70% of my enemy are dshift, my rank jumping from aa1 to aa2, while I can already climb master on not great, but still strong not aggro decks... but dshift destroy me... I salt... and don't want playing and wiil can't during a year, so I will return and see, what Cygames will do. If game will be over... so "Is should be so"...
  3. Clash mechanic

    That right, so it worry me. it's another translation of mechanic problem or something else? In my example Hed attack first, so his clash from Mars gain +1 activate first and get 5 attack before Momo checking. So, it makes sense. But this not write properly, so just a little confuse me. Ty for answer)
  4. Clash mechanic

    Hello, guys. I face some interesting situation in 1 of my games. I plaied on Control Sword against another control, what using Mars and Hedgehog. And when Hedgehog gain 5 attack and attack my Momo with ability gain bane against 5 attack followers... it didn't work, Momo died without bane, i.e clash ability of Momo worked first, when Hed worked second. But in my game experience follower and enemy, who attack first, also activate his ability first, so Mars ability must work first, when Momo, but it's not. So, anybody also faced such situations?
  5. The salt mega thread.

    3 Dsift on turn 7... before I can use Durandal... Why is allowed? Don't know... And everyone rage, why most of players use aggro... Delete Dsift and control decks destroy all aggro packages... I salt...
  6. Arena salt mega thread

    Why dude such as Aegis allowed on Take 2? I don't know and don't want know... This cancer player has 17-18 card with heals, Aegis and Aegis tutor...+2 banish and 2 amulets removal... luck is most option in this mode, I know this, but WTF!
  7. I heard you like the number 8?

    Mordi, Mordi everywhere!
  8. I heard you like the number 8?

    Why you didn't have 8 pp follower in hand?)
  9. Display bug during ranked play!

    This is really TRUE DRAGON KING! Need help, @Mouse!
  10. That's how you *** Aggro Sword.

    Hm, if you repeat this while going second, it will be really good) Most powerful aggro is 1-st going aggro.
  11. Starforged Legends Card Discussion: Jormungand

    I think, it will be great tool for control blood. Control blood can easily survive to turn 6 at full hp because of all healing and drain tools against any aggro and midrange deck and this card after hp manipulation will be death for aggression. Against control it will be less useful, but there are another options can be used in this situations. Also, effect of this card is simillar with carabosse i.e permament. Some control decks can have banish, but not all, so it will be really useful. This not core card, but great support tool, so, I think, it will be great card.
  12. Thoughts on Old Man Old Woman

    I'm using them on my aggro sword list, because, without neutral package, sword doesn't have good 1st evolve removal, also he officer with double attack, so really powerful with commander buffs. In another styles of sword playing, old Man and Woman not so good and easily replacing on another good evolve (Floral, Albert, Red hood), because 1/4 for 3 is good, but for sword Blitz 3/2 rush more useful.
  13. My deck after relaxation

    Ty for answer. Mad Hatter is really good choice, but I think, what Dolor more flexible. He cost less, so I can use him at turn 7 immediately with something 2 cost. For Mad needed target, what not always can be. He gain only +2 stats, but on turn 5-6 it's really strong. Also, max potential of Tin soldier is using evolve, but for Dolor it's not so. But, I see, what Mad really stronger as finisher, so, after playing, if Dolor can't satisfy my goals, I replace him.
  14. My deck after relaxation

    Hello, guys. After 4 days relaxing from shadowverse and this neutral-abyss meta I decided play again and create some deck, what not seen a ladder. I play from start of Darkness evolve, and reach AA1 rank (Now AA0), and all expansions I successful adapting on all metas... but this expansion is not so simple, so, after 10 streak lose, trying all my decks, I decided rest from this. But now, with full energy, I back and want trying something new and effective. But, despite on my rank, I not have resource for craft expensive decks or buy packs, I play only for daily missions or sometimes Take two. So I have limited cards. My collection not small, but most old cards is uneffective against popular decks. So, I tried really many decks in all crafts. Some was good, some awful. And I want to introduce one of succesful deck. This deck allow me to win 6 games (2 daily for 6 wins in ranked), not in row, but really fast. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't seen any blood players, what really suprise me, so I can't say, what my deck will be really effective against blood or perfect neutral craft. But, this deck is intresting, because it have really good potential for control board, not expensive, can be modified and don't needed neutral synergy, but it can be used too. So, my deck You can see, what my deck is imprisoned on destroying mechanics. So, most cards must be with last words or activate good effect on destroying ally. And I gain good number of shadow, what also must be used on activate good effect. So, 3 damage to all enemy of good ward wall is first, what came to my mind. Maybe there are another good cards with good eddects, but I have only 40 cards, so I stop om this. Another good card, what I want to use, is Soul eater. 5 cost 4/5 not bad, but additional healing 2 hp for destroying is really good against aggresive. With so many last words follower I don't scary about banish, so I have really good chances against havencraft defensive style. Also, I have really huge card drops. I'll have few cards only in worst scenario, where I'll lose against everything (Yes, I face this sometimes, because, I think, what Shadowverse is too much depend on luck, at least for me). And, my finishers — Mordecai and Dororbade. After 2 games I decided, what 3 copies for finishers is too much, so I cut it to 2. And I have space for another cards, so I decided use Prince of Catacomb, for additional targets for destruction. But i still think about it and want use some spells for spam more mordecaies or something simillar, or scratch up on 2 Urds. So, what are you think about my deck, guys? Want you use it, modify, or something else?
  15. The salt mega thread.

    I trying and trying and trying...