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  1. I think, it will be great tool for control blood. Control blood can easily survive to turn 6 at full hp because of all healing and drain tools against any aggro and midrange deck and this card after hp manipulation will be death for aggression. Against control it will be less useful, but there are another options can be used in this situations. Also, effect of this card is simillar with carabosse i.e permament. Some control decks can have banish, but not all, so it will be really useful. This not core card, but great support tool, so, I think, it will be great card.
  2. I'm using them on my aggro sword list, because, without neutral package, sword doesn't have good 1st evolve removal, also he officer with double attack, so really powerful with commander buffs. In another styles of sword playing, old Man and Woman not so good and easily replacing on another good evolve (Floral, Albert, Red hood), because 1/4 for 3 is good, but for sword Blitz 3/2 rush more useful.
  3. Ty for answer. Mad Hatter is really good choice, but I think, what Dolor more flexible. He cost less, so I can use him at turn 7 immediately with something 2 cost. For Mad needed target, what not always can be. He gain only +2 stats, but on turn 5-6 it's really strong. Also, max potential of Tin soldier is using evolve, but for Dolor it's not so. But, I see, what Mad really stronger as finisher, so, after playing, if Dolor can't satisfy my goals, I replace him.
  4. Hello, guys. After 4 days relaxing from shadowverse and this neutral-abyss meta I decided play again and create some deck, what not seen a ladder. I play from start of Darkness evolve, and reach AA1 rank (Now AA0), and all expansions I successful adapting on all metas... but this expansion is not so simple, so, after 10 streak lose, trying all my decks, I decided rest from this. But now, with full energy, I back and want trying something new and effective. But, despite on my rank, I not have resource for craft expensive decks or buy packs, I play only for daily missions or sometimes Take two. So I have limited cards. My collection not small, but most old cards is uneffective against popular decks. So, I tried really many decks in all crafts. Some was good, some awful. And I want to introduce one of succesful deck. This deck allow me to win 6 games (2 daily for 6 wins in ranked), not in row, but really fast. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't seen any blood players, what really suprise me, so I can't say, what my deck will be really effective against blood or perfect neutral craft. But, this deck is intresting, because it have really good potential for control board, not expensive, can be modified and don't needed neutral synergy, but it can be used too. So, my deck You can see, what my deck is imprisoned on destroying mechanics. So, most cards must be with last words or activate good effect on destroying ally. And I gain good number of shadow, what also must be used on activate good effect. So, 3 damage to all enemy of good ward wall is first, what came to my mind. Maybe there are another good cards with good eddects, but I have only 40 cards, so I stop om this. Another good card, what I want to use, is Soul eater. 5 cost 4/5 not bad, but additional healing 2 hp for destroying is really good against aggresive. With so many last words follower I don't scary about banish, so I have really good chances against havencraft defensive style. Also, I have really huge card drops. I'll have few cards only in worst scenario, where I'll lose against everything (Yes, I face this sometimes, because, I think, what Shadowverse is too much depend on luck, at least for me). And, my finishers — Mordecai and Dororbade. After 2 games I decided, what 3 copies for finishers is too much, so I cut it to 2. And I have space for another cards, so I decided use Prince of Catacomb, for additional targets for destruction. But i still think about it and want use some spells for spam more mordecaies or something simillar, or scratch up on 2 Urds. So, what are you think about my deck, guys? Want you use it, modify, or something else?
  5. I trying and trying and trying...
  6. I think, what Abyss is problem. Problem, because most of control crafts can't answer on turn 6 Abyss, then turn 7 abyss or 7 gold drop with fanfare destroying enemy and storm if Vengeance. Only Runecraft with rats transformation and turn 7 durandal (or earlier if commander sword with good hand) can do something. Because wards, heal, remove tools not help with great damage by Abyss. I see aggro, midrange and control blood with Abyss, all use Bapho and Abyss, most use 7 gold drop with destroying and all easily win, because blood now don't need use evo, they want be in Vengeance, they have heals, good followers for control board or use aggro neutral package, what is really strong now. And if control can't do anything, what another styles do? Only aggro or using blood too. So, rest of players use aggro, neutral in most, decks for end game. Because it's powerful, because it's not so much cost (in aa0 and higher I see only full collection), because it's simple to play and because it can beat everything else. Control can't clear the board, not have much heal or wards. All control tools is uneffective now, only dragon with good ramp and legendare package can survive and crush this. There is not my complete opinion in this meta, but I think, what abyss is too powerful for finisher. I faced most situations, while play against it and... not win at all. I don't run neutral package, use older checked decks, what always works — aggro, midrange and control, but now... only aggro can do something... Alice is fine, I think, but card with synergy like goblins generator is real problem. So, I will wait for meta stabilization and confirm my thoughts, what blood will dominate most time of this DW, until nerfs...
  7. Yurius is fine, because he 1/3 and not 1/4) All crafts, except sword, forest and sometimes rune, have 3 damage removals on turn 2. But this exceptations have another tools for avoid damage from Yurius or heal it. Sword has 2 cards with rush, some 3 pp removals or low cost storms. Yes, you take damage, but you can deal more to your enemy or fast trading without spent evo point. It's only luck or not enough thinking about your deck, what you can't remove Yurius fast or avoid it. If you can't destroy Yurius fast, you needed put removals or healing tools, it's simple. This card is fair, and I think, what new ward 1/4 and others 2 drops with airship synergy on vengeance more unfair... because vampire vengeance now can risk and win the game without thinking, they don't need think about HP anymore, because nobody can't break the 10 hp on turn 4-6, while vengeance blood has so much control tools and cheap wards/HP restore. And, of course, they can deal 20 damage on this 4-6, maybe 7-8 turns and win.
  8. 1) So, this is face dragon, using ramp tools and amulet for increase damage. Don't know, he have Genesis or not, usually used. So, Carrot and Lucifer really save you this time, but it would be end if Genesis or, maybe, 2 Seabrand Dragon, already seen this, so Prince was risky turn. But he haven't, also haven't Sibyl, what auto-include for dragon such as Grimnir. So, don't know. But good play this time. 2) It's not much ramp, then clear control dragon. Olivia, wards and defense playing say it. Ramp use more legendaries such as Lucifer, Israfil, Bahamut and others at least 2. But not with Prince, because he replace all this good legendaries, card drops and removals, what not good. And, good Pascale again.
  9. Hmm, it's more midrange deck, right? So, you have army, synergy and finisher. No bad deck, I think, but you need to think about Behemoth. Do you really needed him? I remember, he has clash "deal 1 damage to all enemies"... not great deal. And you don't have good removal, Medusa gase not enough, because you can't have it than needed sometimes. How do you think do then face dragons 8+ defense? Or 3 Sybil? So, I think, what it should be thought out. And Devil too, he need vengeance, what not you always have. And I think, what you should use Vampiric Fortress — really good damage and bats generator. So, I think, what your deck is good, but need some improvement.
  10. So, my first 5-0 wins. On shadow of course, they really strong in Take Two.
  11. But sigils yourself are not great, that you want) So, balance this is also part of creating ER deck. But, I think, what sigils should be less priority, than activators, because Taboo, golem and others cards you can play immediately and take a profit, not 100%, but something. So, your deck shouldn't to be priority on sigils, sigils are key for more power from your cards.
  12. Melvie give aggro cards, but if they can't win until turn 7 they already have a bad spot. Most of aggro use not storm followers, so removals feels good about it. And wards can stop storm at least. They can spent all followers, but only blood and Forest wiil got most profit, because they can using combo styles and deal good damage. And for blood it should have really good draw. So, yes, it risky, but alternatives are not so close for usable spot. You don't remove all sigils, only part of this. Sigil without using — waste of space of your deck and battle ground. And 40 cards...
  13. So: 1) Sigils and consumes is core of ER, I think. They have realy good synergy in most of cards. So put not synergy cards with not bad effects such as Khaiza not wrong, but not enough. It's 2/2 without rush/storm/ward/bane, only last word, and it can't stay on field like Morde. So... very situative card, ER have enough cards with good effects. 2) If you need really good mass removal, it's only Calamity 3 of 3, others needed too much conditions (spellboost it or put high cost follower or they to high cost for their effects), when for CC you need only sigil for banish all 5 hp. For clear board it's enough. Shadow still has 5/6 Echtar, but this is can be solve too in most of situations. For 1/2 targets exist Levi, Tabu, standarts removal. 3) For more space you also can replace Elementary Alchemy. 3 cost 1 sigil and 2/2 it's normal, but that all. There is exist 4 pp sigil, what put sigil and 3/3 guardian, I think it's better, but this optional. Lucifer... haven't synergy too, but he is very powerful and can be finisher, so he can be placed in deck. Others is needed, if you support Prince. 4) Card draw is Melvie... really good follower. ER style suppose spent sigils for activate effects, so you have not much cards at hand in most situations. And you don't fear give cards to enemy, because you play control and has very huge number of removals. Of course this is not always that, but in most. You can also use stats of melvie for pressure or defend yourself. 5) And about reducing 1-st costs: Comencial experiment it's spell, but you ER player, you don't rely on this mechanic (But it can be used, ER have some spells, Guardians is most). 3 Crafty warlock is good only on aggro style, 2 will be enough for follower power and sigil. Red-Hot ritual too, it give only 2 damage to enemy follower, and you don't have finisher off, and 3 not so much raise a pickable of this card for start hand. So, 2 will be enough. Others can be stayied as it was, maybe Scrap golem take 2 instead 3, but this is situative. You have only 40 cards for build, so you must sacrifice something and create more specialized deck. So, you can't win all, but could win most, if can create deck, what can go against meta. And you don't need create another meta — non-meta is deck, where your enemy can't figure your style and your plays, so it can be played. But problem is what old cards too weak compare to new cards in most or needed too much preparations. So creating decks from olds cards is hard. But possible. New cards for ER, f.e. golem with 3 damage for enemy for 1 sigil, is good, really. Can be used in most playstyles how good cleaner/damage dealer. So needed analyse all cards of ER and decide your final roote.
  14. I think, it should be in favourite moments)
  15. Ehh. you should raise your rank and most of problems of your examples will banished: 1) Spent evo on forte to remove golem 3/3, where Forte dies anyway... turn 9 isra good, but... don't destroy rami (He destroy only ward, what mean he doesn't completely understand his cards and playstyle of dragons). He spam legendary, maybe because luqify all unneeded cards ro craft his ramp, but... 2/2 bane not come, so I think, what his deck not complete yet. But your deck not complete too, so avoid this... In result, this is win, but +5 hp (1 attack of Rami) and 1 evo could help your enemy survive after pascale turn... 2) Frog is not hard for ER Rune, removals and wards helps with it. Your enemy going second, what for frog deck is not good, because they put in deck only boosts and storms, and 2-3 mass removal, 2-3 2 damage removal and 2-3 destroying only, 2 on most situations. They don't put rush followers or another control tools, so second is bad for him. His first turns is bad, because he doesnt run boost amulets of followers (quickblader f.e.) for control or damage in face. So luck os too low, but this is just luck, good player can do something with bad luck. But your turn 5 pascale is very good, 8/8 is not, what you can avoid and 8 hp left can't let use single removal and save frog. You lucky draw 1 of 1 Pascale this time and turn 6 golem with spell defense is end for not control frog. So, in result, Frog is not deck, what you should put on examples, too much luck and weakness. And about Khaiza... I think he is not needed, he doesn't have synergy in your deck. His value is good, but you don't use his shadows after death or something simillar. And if this will be banished, you spent 3+2 pp for nothing. Alchemical lore is too slow (7 cost) for only 3 damage to enemy, so it has few using and it can replacing too. So this give you space for another cards, if needed. Rest of it by your decisions. I suggest to think about reduce most of your firsts drop (1-3) to 2 each other (especially with last words), because they needed in most for sigils only, not for their effects (except grimmnir, he too good, so 3 is possible). And think about your finishers. Pascale and Orince have a different playstyles, one os board flood for boost them to powerful creature and end and two is surviving style until turn 10 and end with it, but you should have card draw and much heal/wards ti successful playing. You can create a not standart, but intresting deck, only need a think about it. That all.