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  1. I'm powerless............................for now

    Go for spell daria , aka no clarks or craigs but with golem assaults and enchanted blade
  3. Songs while playing

    Her name is Koko, she is loco.
  4. After nerf meta

    I use 2 lists, one is very midrangey with conc and golem assault and enchanted blade the other is very snowbally with craigs and clarks but its a bit more prone to bricking.
  5. After nerf meta

    Daria is a very though match up for sword VERY , surprisingly i did the poorest vs shadow. As you know Daria is prone to bricking and reliant on draws , dragon is also surprisingly easy unless ofc they ramp to 10 while you are on 5 but that goes for everyone.
  6. After nerf meta

    Daria is back bois !! WITH A BANG AND A BOOM Ain't even kiddin daria is gucci right now
  7. Favourite moments?

    Gets double mammoth with atomy still alt f4s
  8. Favourite moments?

    Salty Roach players dying to Albert LUL this is the 4th that alt+f4 today. Also Roach me daddy-
  9. Favourite moments?

    Time to settle down Isabelle.
  10. Fix my deck

    There isint anything to fix about that haven deck its pretty standard ,i personally like only 2x Aether and 1x lion in favour for more card draw with either singer or Starchaser sprite
  11. Custom Card Creation Central

    I will start by creating a bad sword card. 6 mana 6 4 ward gain -1 att for each allied follower in play, gain +1 defense for each enemy follower in play. Cant be targeted by spells and effects.
  12. The salt mega thread.

    t5 bahamut btw i still won the game tho LUL
  13. Talk About Whatever

    I can guarantee you Alberto-senpai will get a reprint, it has to that card been carrying sword since RoB or at least they might give sword a real wincon.
  14. The salt mega thread.

    its ok he only has 5 more mana Kappa