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  1. Favourite moments?

    Time to settle down Isabelle.
  2. Fix my deck

    There isint anything to fix about that haven deck its pretty standard ,i personally like only 2x Aether and 1x lion in favour for more card draw with either singer or Starchaser sprite
  3. Custom Card Creation Central

    I will start by creating a bad sword card. 6 mana 6 4 ward gain -1 att for each allied follower in play, gain +1 defense for each enemy follower in play. Cant be targeted by spells and effects.
  4. The salt mega thread.

    t5 bahamut btw i still won the game tho LUL
  5. Talk About Whatever

    I can guarantee you Alberto-senpai will get a reprint, it has to that card been carrying sword since RoB or at least they might give sword a real wincon.
  6. The salt mega thread.

    its ok he only has 5 more mana Kappa
  7. Favourite moments?

    Heaven Rebukes you, nice Kiwi btw.
  8. Shining Bellringer Angel DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG
  9. The Precarious Balance of the CG Meta

    board clears hardly works vs midshadow, if you go 2nd against midshadow you are locked into an endless cycle of clearing their board a board they will just fully refresh next turn, you just have to SMOrc.
  10. Blood getting the short end of the stick?

    i dont have a decklist for it since i do not play blood in rotation. But yes its that cat deck.
  11. Blood getting the short end of the stick?

    The only somewhat playable blood deck in rotation is neutral phantom cat try that.
  12. Swordcraft in Chronogenesis

    Cygames has done sword wrong every xpac. Anyways this is the "main" sword deck im using with pretty good results.-
  13. Arthurian Light and it's KNIGHTS

    I can give you some tips to improve the deck if you wish to take them, first onslaught is not a very good removal try replacing it with single target removal tied into a follower since sword got a few of thoes like Momo or Cuhullin well its cool that you made this all by yourself i wont say more just go experiment and have fun. I guess the Onslaught really triggered me.
  14. Shadowverse and Legendary Card Design

    The game went in a good direction after WoD just look at the recent reprints , Reach of the Archdemon is a weaker Rev, Terror Demon a slightly weaker Rightous devil , new aiela a weaker old aiela etc. After Rise of Bahamut and Tempest rotates out this game will be in a very good state unless they **** up again in the next 2 xpacs but to be fair its hard to **** up more than Tempest of the Gods fiesta.
  15. Portal destroying the meta with their 34% winrate amirite?