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  1. Added Blaze Phoenix
  2. Yea it needs more of a nerf, it's because of ramping that makes it different from heavenly aegis so there's that. And the new mechanics would be really interesting to see but Windfury is basically the same for albert and hydra, i don't wanna get too specific for the details because i can't i'm not one to talk about stuff like that.
  3. Let's go boys Heart Dragoncraft / Ramp Storm Dragoncraft Card : Dragon's Heart 3pp Amulet When you play a dragoncraft follower, select Rush / Bane / Ward to give to that follower, if overflow is active for you, you can give one follower a turn storm with the previous boost. Eg. Place down disaster dragon with ward and storm on turn 7 This new archetype will obviously revolve around the amulet, Dragon's Heart. Destroy your opponents using the boosts. Go defensive with wards, go control with bane or rush, and finish your opponent off with a storm strike. Obsidian Winged Bahamut (Neutral Burst Card) Neutral Burst : When you play a Bahamut, transform it into Obsidian Winged Bahamut Obsidian Winged Bahamut : 15/15 Cannot attack enemy leader if 2 or more enemy followers are in play Evolution : Choose if you wish to have Obsidian Winged Bahamut be -7/-7 for spells and other enemy effects to have no effect on him, bane is also nullified This new archetype will focus on the more op version of Bahamut, which gains a massive +5/+5 boost if you're dragoncraft, but still having the handicap So you can have more of a choice, if you think your opponent still has dance of death or bane, having a 8/8 on board is still strong Phoenix Dragoncraft Blaze Phoenix : 8/10 Fanfare : Board Burn - All enemy followers in play suffer 1 damage All enemy followers played will receive 1 damage Any enemy followers killed by board burn gives Blaze Phoenix +0/+2 Last Words : Summon a Blaze Phoenix and give it -2/-2, stat decrease will continue every time Blaze Phoenix dies, this goes on until blaze phoenix's birth starts him at 0 attack, then destroy him with Last words : Deal 3 damage to all enemies, including face
  4. Shrouded will be very good as she can be a insta-kill card anytime, like a cheaper dance of death that can be triggered for free after the turn she is played. Vagabond is absolutely amazing to me, i mean come on, free attacks repeatedly and with rogue's creed... 1 damage to face, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and face is down, only weakness are wards, which shrouded can handle, along with ruthless assassin, and the other countless control cards sword has, so i'll be playing ambush sword a lot, which makes me want to refine my deck
  5. So I'm a leftist? No it's called a lefty you fool
  6. You copied and pasted this?
  7. Oh god this leftist **** again, yea we need to bring this **** into a forum for a game on mobile and the pc, try harder kid
  8. Please open up another topic of you doing it in masters, and show your past 12 replays of using it in masters. When i can use an auto deck to climb up to A your opinion is kind of...you know...useless.
  9. When you're the prime example of how evolution has failed us, or, you know, natural selection.
  10. Also you're like ken m but without sarcasm, that's how dumb you sound, yami. "Oh i won't tell you this and that because you're so and so", when you do the same things yourself which puts you in a position for others to laugh at, where you can only say "I stand by my opinions and no one can tell me otherwise, otherwise i will bash you and give you bad arguments to justify my stand and for you to accept my purpose"
  11. Or maybe you just can't find a good enough answer to prove your intelligence when all you're doing is a hypocrite, hiding behind your little shed of "i know this but i don't want to tell you" to make yourself feel good, since you did call someone a fool when you're hating a person for calling another a fool, which is you.
  12. If i'm not a human then what am i? something commonly referred to as humanoid are robots, and i'm pretty damn sure they're smarter than you. I've accepted change, trust me, i've accepted it a lot, i'm a rune main, and play shadow when i'm bored, and sword when i'm even more bored. I play them because they are different, so i like how they're played, i'm not stuck on a single class. And i've given many feedback to "CHANGE" bits of the game, so before you just jump on the assumption train to make yourself feel good by just thinking you're right when you say something, you ought to just do some research first.
  13. I just need to wait for that artist to make a full art of Israfil before I change my profile pic to look like what I did with Daria, though you will have to look at my profile on phone
  14. I could cringe all day about you not accepting change and repeating crap
  15. Time will tell