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  2. Vengence is Dead - Feedback

    Teach me your photoshop skills my lord
  3. I'll make your card

    Sounds fantastic
  4. Vengence is Dead - Feedback

    But forrest became a billionaire, don't disgrace his name by comparing him with yami
  5. http://wiki.rageofbahamut.com/Arch_Witch_Daria This card is dimension shift, but there is also another card called daria in shadowverse and another for dimension shift, and the lore is stated below the cards, like how the fairies fight back deepwood anomaly and stuff
  6. I'll make your card

    Ancestral tree of moonlight
  7. I'll make your card

    And guys, the rarity is limited to the stats, that's why you can't have both, i'm not a photoshop expert yet
  8. I'll make your card

    Roy, Flame Alchemist Vinthor, Hand of justice -Went with the whole "hand" is a person here, where the hand is a warrior
  9. Vengence is Dead - Feedback

    Just a little baby who thinks the game revolves around him and should cater to his needs of keeping vengeance the same even though it shouldn't be, which is why the company changed it. Not joking, he says he doesn't care about sorcery cache, enstatued, and all other cards that a person would call "cheat" cards like vengeance but cares about blood moon, you know why? because it PERSONALLY attacks him, what a little kid.
  10. Vengence is Dead - Feedback

    Well since no one on the forum can tell this little kid how the world does not revolve around him... I'll just post this thread to Reddit and stuff, since you keep ignoring the facts you idiot
  11. Vengence is Dead - Feedback

    You are the worst kind of person, first off let's break down the things you say : This is the most basic mindset of a hipster, you believe that you knowing something "better" than others puts you on a pedestal for you to mock and insult other people without any repercussions, well it doesn't. No one's claiming it's the same, and people can play bloodcraft now because it's DIFFERENT, you're back with not accepting change, and this proves it. Greedily? What the hell is that supposed to mean? How am i greedy to try and "pretend" as you say, that vengeance is the same as before? Like what? If you're saying what i think you're saying, then you're also not accepting change again, you WANT vengeance to be the same. Here's a little analogy : You eat an apple from brand A, you say, "Wow this apple tastes dope! My tastes can handle this!" And 99% of every other person says, "Yea i don't like this apple, it tastes like ****, i mean it's edible but it tastes like crap" And then the apple company produces different apples so other people can enjoy it! You say, "That's just perverting my apple! MY APPLE, you're disgracing my apple!" Then brand A says, "Well we're just catering to the majority, it allows for better profit, and more people are happy, if you're not happy, try other brands!" Other brands, in this case, are other crafts, you could learn to move on from your imaginary pedestal of pride on knowing the subject of vengeance better than you do, and if you do, SO WHAT? you're not the majority, and it allows cygames for better profit, if you don't like it, just go play Hearthstone, oh wait, it's a huge pay2win game, but wait! Games all rely on money! Surprise! no game company would cater to a single person who is stuck on his own beliefs whether you like it or not. Is there a bloody cult on vengeance and its ways? Like are you the chairman of the "Vengeance is love, Vengeance is life" board? otherwise its like, back in my apple analogy... You : I want my old apple back! Your imagination of 99% of other people : Ha! this apple is the same as the old apple Realistically, the 99% of other people : Yea it's a different apple, but it's better to the majority, as companies won't cater to your whims just because you cry about it, so try different brands! And again, you're not the chairman of some Vengeance cult (Or maybe you are, i don't know), so you shouldn't feel personally attacked that vengeance got changed, like one of those teenage girls who cried about zayn malik leaving one direction because they thought he was their boyfriend. And before you answer with your classic : Fool! I won't answer you because of [Insert idiotic reason that will contradict the way i am talking to you right now] Please think before you type
  12. I'll make your card

    To practice photoshop, i'm going to make your card, just insert your card details in this format : Card Name : Rarity : Craft : Cost (Limited to current cards) Follower / Spell / Amulet Maybe i'll finally work on adding the name of the card, but for now i can just work with card art, i'll find a suitable art with the given name. Here's an art of Israfil to make your day.
  13. New Archetypes For Dragon

    Added Blaze Phoenix
  14. New Archetypes For Dragon

    Yea it needs more of a nerf, it's because of ramping that makes it different from heavenly aegis so there's that. And the new mechanics would be really interesting to see but Windfury is basically the same for albert and hydra, i don't wanna get too specific for the details because i can't i'm not one to talk about stuff like that.
  15. New Archetypes For Dragon

    Let's go boys Heart Dragoncraft / Ramp Storm Dragoncraft Card : Dragon's Heart 3pp Amulet When you play a dragoncraft follower, select Rush / Bane / Ward to give to that follower, if overflow is active for you, you can give one follower a turn storm with the previous boost. Eg. Place down disaster dragon with ward and storm on turn 7 This new archetype will obviously revolve around the amulet, Dragon's Heart. Destroy your opponents using the boosts. Go defensive with wards, go control with bane or rush, and finish your opponent off with a storm strike. Obsidian Winged Bahamut (Neutral Burst Card) Neutral Burst : When you play a Bahamut, transform it into Obsidian Winged Bahamut Obsidian Winged Bahamut : 15/15 Cannot attack enemy leader if 2 or more enemy followers are in play Evolution : Choose if you wish to have Obsidian Winged Bahamut be -7/-7 for spells and other enemy effects to have no effect on him, bane is also nullified This new archetype will focus on the more op version of Bahamut, which gains a massive +5/+5 boost if you're dragoncraft, but still having the handicap So you can have more of a choice, if you think your opponent still has dance of death or bane, having a 8/8 on board is still strong Phoenix Dragoncraft Blaze Phoenix : 8/10 Fanfare : Board Burn - All enemy followers in play suffer 1 damage All enemy followers played will receive 1 damage Any enemy followers killed by board burn gives Blaze Phoenix +0/+2 Last Words : Summon a Blaze Phoenix and give it -2/-2, stat decrease will continue every time Blaze Phoenix dies, this goes on until blaze phoenix's birth starts him at 0 attack, then destroy him with Last words : Deal 3 damage to all enemies, including face