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  1. Or Atomy Nr. 3 got burned/was the last card.
  2. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    Found it: Interview ToG. You will never guess who posted it. It's 2 expansions until RoB goes out so who knows what will happen. Beo is SFL, Maysi WD, I cant say they stopped printing them.
  3. Obviously Legendarys should be the weakest cards, so it is cheaper to craft new Decks . I dont know why people like to spend vials.
  4. My Number One Problem With This Game

    I think 90% of the Bahamuts played are in Dragon decks. Sometimes you find some in Ginger Rune, slower neutral Forest or C-blood decks. I dont see a reason to make him neutrals. And he cant be used with Saha anymore.
  5. I would give them a B Aggro sword is still at 52% after nerf that's great. Neutral sword has low usage and 55% WR, this nerf is great as well. Without nerf it might be broken. Both Ramp Dragon and Atomy dodged the nerf, both of them are below 50% WR. The only downside is the slight overnerf on PDK, but the deck is still OK with 49% WR. I still have a positive WR with it and because of the +150/-70 points you would still climb with the average WR. If we look at neutral Haven: 42% WR!!! That's what I call a bad nerf, where the nerf killed the deck.
  6. "He had perfect rng!" "I lost because I went second!" Just Kripp things.
  7. My Number One Problem With This Game

    It's very easy: Random card better than card in hand: You dont want to redraw the same card to increase your odds. Card in Hand better than a random card? Dont redraw. Sure, the hand CAN be worse if you get unlucky with redraw, but at average it should be better...unless you dont know how to redraw.
  8. The salt mega thread.

    Fun and interactive gameplay... Do nothing for 3 turns and win t4.
  9. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    Jacks list is a 3 minute spitball that requires some testing. He forgot Scyther and 2 Drops and 8 9+ cards without Aiela is greedy.. Oh and his wincon also weak, only Zeus as storm and no Ouro.
  10. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    I think Ramp Dragon should be fine, if they get some good cards. They loose Aiela, Forte Gen and a few situational cards like Siegfried, Luci and Poly. Leviathan is also gone. BB, Oracle and Conflag are basic. I am worried for Otk-newt. They loose Goblin Mage, Newt herself and AF.
  11. My Number One Problem With This Game

    Oh sry, it was more a responded for Jack. Btw do you want to tell me: 1 card 7/8 = fair and healthy (Floral Fencer) 2 cards 6/6 + Ping = unfair?
  12. My Number One Problem With This Game

    Once the Rotation hits we have 65??? class cards. Because some of them will be bad and some if them want fit in the Deck we will need good neutrals to complete the deck. To be fair if you print Lyriel as a vanilla 2/1 you can as well stop printing neutrals - that's basically unplayable. Yes some of them (Alice) have been too strong in WD and I think the idea with neutralsynergie is bad, but come on crying because of vanilla 2pp 2/2 or vanilla 1pp 1/2.
  13. My least favourite card is Satan May. Freaking rng. I guess Helblindi is similar.
  14. Rotations are going to be terrible.

    Can we just agree that buffs CAN be used to increase dmg, but cant deal any dmg on their own without setup or storm followers?
  15. Rotations are going to be terrible.

    Good luck preparing for Rabbit Necromancer + Soul Conversion It only requires you to have boardcontrol.