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  1. Israfil IMO the best thing against Lion is Saha + Isra, can kill Lion + Tiger and sometimes another damaged follower.
  2. You can add Charon and Roland as well. At this point I am happy Zeus and Leonidas arent.
  3. I guess he will be the new 3 drop for midrange sword. I still dont think he will be that insane, he will not survive very long and a combo with courageous on t7 is too late. The good thing is he is a 3pp 2/3 if you get 1 procc, he is a good card, even without any procs he is still OK. Btw why on earth is Mars female???
  4. Nooooo Dont replace Luci. This guy is awesome, just Listen to the different voicelines evolved and unevolved.
  5. Place this card from your DECK into your hand at Turn 9 right? Anyways: Seraph Lapis, Glory Be: 8pp Amulet Fanfare: You loose the game. At the beginning of your next turn you win the game.
  6. If they continue nerfing like 6 cards every month there is a chance Dragon will have a tier 1 Deck at some point.
  7. Sword has so may strong 5 drops, this is another one. But I think you dont want to play this over all the other 5 drops. Maybe in aggro with 100% 2x Juliett? But then your 2nd copy is pretty bad or useless if you draw Juliett.
  8. This card is just bad. Follower can still be killed with aoe, 2pp for +0/+2 is just not good enough.
  9. Maybe it depends on Rank? I got a chest after every 3 wins or so.
  10. We dont play Dragon to win. We play Dragon to have fun. No srsly if you want to make daylies focus either on storm or on anti aggro tools and hope you get the right matchup. If you want to climb dont play Dragoncraft.
  11. Is the Dragoncraft a reverse powercreep for Orb Dragon???
  12. No I hate it because I cant enjoy playing it. I play since standard, I have over 400 ranked wins with every onr of the other 6 crafts and still below 100 with Forest.
  13. Albert has a different usage, I think you can play both in the same deck. Lumi is the big contender, both of them are 5 drops with rush, I dont think you need 6 of them and if you dont use evo Lumi is better t5.
  14. Oh right, we have sword forest now Next is Haven, afterwards Rune, then finally Dragon + shadow.
  15. That's the question. 1st: against control blood, yesterday. The issue is why not play Ouro in the first place if you want value? Maybe because a 3pp deal 2-4 is still better than a 8pp dead card??? I dont think that's good enough. I would also play Ouro, but maybe I am wrong. 2nd: I hope in 5 months, right now I dont see a reason to play no neutrals. This card will not change this.