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  1. I think Blood is better as aggressive deck. Most of the time the player who gets ahead in the early game wins. I would play 6x 1 drop (Goblin + Mermain) and reduce the 7 slot to either 2x Alucard or 2x Esmeralda.
  2. The 6 changes remind me of LoL patch-notes where buffs are quite common. I think most of them will be nerfs, but why not use this oppurtunity to make a unplayable deck viable?
  3. On the official side. They are cards with wrong wording.
  4. Oh man, there we have our first three cards: Woodland, ToS and Grimoire . @Imperial Dane I think you should correct the title of the thread.
  5. Looks like they want to rebalanced the game. Let's see how it turns out after the CHANGES (it's CHANGES not NERFS). It's likely most of them are nerfs, but a buff to cards like Corpse order of Woe are changes as well. I don't really care what gets nerfed or buffed, I just hope we get a vertisale Meta with more than 1 or 2 tier 1 decks.
  6. And don't forget Naoise! And the Lion for Neutral Haven!
  7. You...don't play Haven right?
  8. Looks like Haven is the 2nd most popular with the 4th best winrate. I would prefer to find out how strong the other classes actually are after the blood nerf before nerfing any of them. Right now lategame ends up in a clown-fiesta where anti Alice-blood techs fight anti Alice blood techs and some of them are useless in other matchups.
  9. It's hard to say how strong Haven actually is because a lot of lategame choices are made to beat Abyss. For example Forest could beat Aegis with the Roach package, but many Forest decks run Pixie Mischief and no Roach package.
  10. Hmm... I thought we want 7 viable crafts? Blood is one of them, we want a nerf, so the other crafts can catch up, but we don't want Alice blood in the dumpster. And pls no random Haven nerf for...honestly I don't know why someone wants a Haven nerf. Maybe he just lost a game against Haven???
  11. Looks fine overall. Have you tried it with more Boardclears (Conflag, Saha combos, Wrath Drake) and less storm? Against Alice decks the more important part is to survive to 10pp storm isn't useful.
  12. Thanks Most of the time Ramp Dragon, sometimes Aegis Haven and C- Sword. And everytime I had a bad day against blood I used my own blood, otherwise I would tilt after a 0-5 against 5x blood.
  13. T4 Sibyl, pray for a good topdeck and you got nothing to play? I don't think you can afford to not play Sibyl and take 9 dmg face...
  14. Oh man I didn't expect the goblin Mage in Haven and no 1 drops in shadow .