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  1. There are decks out there using CoC to get a cheap 13/13 in their hand
  2. Dshift last meta Report Dragon wasn't the biggest problem for Dshift. The problem was the terrible winrate against Shadow and it lost to everything exept Haven. At the moment you can play everything, right now it is meme vs bad Deck. I don't think it will be a good Deck next week, a nerf to Zell doesn't help against Sword, blood or Forest.
  3. At the moment it feels like many people stopped playing Dragon and Shadow and play meme or bad constructed decks right now. I mean the winrate of my Ramp Dragon is much much higher now, I doubt Unica is such an upgrade to pre-nerf Zell. Usually the strongest Decks are the most played decks, at the moment no one knows what is the strongest Deck, that's why the meta is so vertisale. We will see in a 1 or 2 weeks if the balance is fine now or if people just need time to find the new OP.
  4. Pls I went something like 15 - 4 in Master I know at the moment most people play tier 3 deck, it's definitely alive.
  5. Ever seen 2x PtP on the field? Don't worry, the control decks Aegis kills are already dead because of otk blood, PtP Forest, DShift, Otk Roach, otk-newt, Tyrant, even Haven can otk now with Kel. What's the difference between getting beaten by otk or an immortal 10/10? Honestly I prefer the immortal 10/10 you just have to swarm the board and they can't play Aegis.
  6. At the moment I play super greed with 3x Baha 3x Saha 2x Israfiel, 2x Odin, 2x Genesis and 12x Ramp. It isn't , but I have a weak early game and no Fortes so I have no chance against Nep, DShift and Aegis. Most other decks are fine, I think with Fortes (instead of Odin???) it's possible to get some wins against Dshift and Aegis. No idea how to beat Nep, Deaths Breath blocks Forte, if you ever play a big guy they heal with Khawy, it's something like 20 - 80 or worse like in RoB.
  7. Lol I played 10 games and only faced shadow and Decks doing well against shadow aka Haven. Well I play a Nephtys Deathledger hybrid myself so Karma I guess?
  8. Kill yourself
  9. Last Meta report Forest had a better performance against kys blood than Dragon. Forest should be fine with a Blood meta, they are fine with dragon, they only hate Shadow.
  10. You can play Chimera and it's fine. The question is not if I should change, the question is what can I do against this. Beat them in 9 turns? Hope they aren't smart? Hope they don't draw Eachtar? Keep health above 9? Or find a card to save me in this situations. And this happens. A lot. At the moment I play midrange shadow to find out how to beat them. Easy wins
  11. Following scenaro: It's t10. You have 9 health and Bahamut on the board, Opponent has nothing on board and 3 cards in hand. Opponent plays Deaths Breath + Catacomb. What are you doing if his last card is Eachtar? I always used LB there, now I can't.
  12. I thought about trying a few things out instead of LB: Odin for the banish, Wrath Drake for the boardclear, Scyther for the single target removal or add additiomal storm. I think running Odin and LB is overkill, you can't banish Alberts or Roaches in hand, you can't banish Aegis and if you use it against Nep they still have a Lich a Nep and the board.
  13. Do you run 3x Belphegor in your Deck?
  14. Blood deserve tier 1. They have never been tier 1. I hope it's not midrange sword + Forest...again
  15. I think midrange shadow is still fine. Cata nerf hurts, its harder to build a giant Shadow Reaper, getting the shadows for Deaths Breath into Eachtar is also more difficult. However the other 3 drops are not bad at all and Eachtar is still broken, even with 3 Zombies a 9/8 for 7pp is still great. And if Reaper is only a 2pp 3/3 that's fine. Not so sure what will happen with Ramp Dragon, Rahab, Sibyl and Grimnir are still there, but their wincon against Aegis and Dshift their boardclear against Seraph and Nep and Cataboards is gone. It's kinda funny that the Dragon nerfs have the most impact in the mirror itself, the only matchup where I used both nerfed cards frequently.