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  1. Sword on top as usual, but what's with dragon? I was thinking ( when cards were revealed ), that playing 3-pp cards for pdk isn't good at 5+ turns. Was I wrong? Oh, and aggro-forest still not good. Sad, that with each set forest will be only worse.
  2. By your logic Baha now immune to sooo many things.
  3. Alice nerfed, so will switch to Mars - neutral sword probably won't be so strong anymore
  4. Title. What card will engrave terror in hearts of players? What will be nerfed? I can't see obvious culprit ( like it was with the Abyss ), but will take a shot - Pollux. P. S. No 10+ list of cards, 1 only, max 2)))
  5. I'd say, that the only hope for forest - aggro variant. And it probably won't be so oppressive. I expect sword and heaven dominate next set. If meta will be slow, then shadow too.
  6. Ooooh, I've checked new cards - add Will Of Forest to 3 / 3 body for 1pp and call this legendary - seems creative lol.
  7. Yes, and I'm saying, that those AE, etc won't shine in next month, so you will waste vials))
  8. Don't make this mistake. Forest will be good after next wave of nerfs lololol. For now it's Shadow and Sword time.
  9. Yeah, I've missed it. Ok, 255422 prev week => 189848 now))
  10. You can stop checking shadowlog. Last week it was 255422 games, now only 113590. Next week it will be ~70k lol.
  11. So changes can be only proposed by Blood mains? And others players are all stupid? You again think so little of players. You was like "Meta can't be settled after first week!". After RoB, ToTG and WD you understood ( I hope, you haven't spammed this in WD threads ), that meta actually can settle this fast, you need only a week with ~50k playerbase to bruteforce all good combinations of cards. But you again make the same mistake. "Players are stupid, devs are geniuses". Oh, wait, devs aren't good anymore too, because they now cater to those crybabes...
  12. Yeah, they killed OTK Roach, because sadly there was no middle ground. Either you have 9 Roaches in your deck ( 3 feena + 3 goblin mage + 3 roach ), either you don't. I was trying to come up with different nerf, but nothing can beat consistency of pulling roaches. About combo-decks in general - the problem is: SV now is so fast, that there is no time to assemble your combo. DShift is so slow, WolfBolt is a bit slow ( late for 1 - 2 turns ). Thus combo-decks disappeared ( maybe Seraph is alive? ).
  13. If your non-meta deck doesn't have positive winrate after 15 ranked games - drop it in ranked, play it only in casual.
  14. Then how can it be changed in other way? "Can't pull Roach from deck"? I think, that if goblin mage nerf was reverted in ToTG, Forest will be ToTG king and 2nd best in current meta. I've literally had ~80% winrate with Roach + Wolf + Homecoming ( in RoB many had faith in CSword wards lol ). So I support this nerf. Even with 3pp 1/1 "Pull 2pp follower from deck" goblin mage will be in most forest decks.
  15. I'm just saying my opinion - what's good for the deck and why, the choice always belongs to creator ))