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  1. TIL that your messages will be blocked, if they have too much formatting or too much hieroglyphs ( I have 3 pending messages in this thread before I figured it out ) My message without formatting: @fangore Which states that the nerfs influenced a rise, but sword was still great before the nerfs. Midrange sword, which was the dominant archetype before nerfs Now I understand, why some members don't want to discuss with you. 1 number in 2 messages)) 2017/02/06 ~ 2017/02/12 Sword Control 7849 50.9% Midrange 2886 48.9% Aggro 2351 51.2% Let's compare this "great" "domination" to forest. OTK 20998 55.8% can't translate deck 3331 57.5% Do you even understand, that deck with under 3k matches can't be "dominant", while there are decks with 20k+ matches?? Week before nerf 2017/02/13 ~ 2017/02/19 Sword Control 7662 49.4% Midrange 3102 52.6% Forest OTK 20998 55.8% can't translate deck 3331 57.5% Will be waiting for your 3rd message without proofs
  2. @Ellezard you are interested in "how-to become famous mangaka and get $$$" ? )))
  3. You make equal 52.6% winrate deck with 3000 games pre-nerf and 55.4% winrate deck with 7200 games post-nerf ( and Aggro Sword went from 49.4% with 7600 games to 55.2% with 5300 games )? Oh, you are so thoughtful, much statictics.
  4. Pre-nerf sword http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/6/4/2 http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/7/4/2 ( look at winrates and usage ) Post-nerf sword http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/8/4/2 ( the week, on which nerf happened - forest and rune still have high winrates from beginning of week ) http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/9/4/2 It was sub50% deck with 10.8% usage before nerfs, then "suddenly" it's 53% winrate deck with 18.5% usage. Of course, nerfs haven't influenced this "sudden" rise.
  5. Why do you think, that you can't draw same cards again during redraw? I think, that I've redrawed DShifts often.
  6. You can toss 3 Aegis in this deck))
  7. I doubt, that players missed answers to Midrange Shadow. When developers hinted, that we "missed one powerful legendary", I was thinking about Dark Jeanne ( some board clear to kill zombies ), but it's only 1 class. Just check winrates ( http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/16/4/41 ) and think about them: - forest doesn't have boardclear, so they are so dead ( even developers admitted, that Control Forest will be bad, and you can't OTK roach shadow through wards ); - sword doesn't have good boardclear ( after blade there comes eachtar while sword have only 1 follower on board ) - so they have 2nd worst winrate; - dragon with insane ramp and LB best "counter" right now ( shadow have negative winrate, when going 2nd!! ); - rune with calamitous... It looks good on paper, but it's so slow; - blood is outraced ( if vengeance ) / outvalued ( if bats ); - heaven. There can be our counter to shadow with forbidden ritual, themis, dark jeanne and lions, but it just falls apart somehow. I don't have cards to test deck, so can't elaborate on this topic. So this phrase sounds questionable. You ( + developers ) somehow think, that people are brain-damaged and can't analyze cards after month have passed ( while in reality those topdecks were discovered in fisrt few days - just check this thread https://forums.shadowverse.com/index.php?/topic/5388-cygames-design-philosophy-last-two-expacs you can start from page 2 with @Ellezard analysis ). This attitude, that Shadowverse players can't comprehend cards after playing them for month is staggering.
  8. After some thinking I conclude, that there probably won't be any changes until end of May ( remember https://forums.shadowverse.com/index.php?/topic/4986-changes-to-cards-in-the-february-release/ ), so enjoy Shadow and Dragon reign.
  9. I've edited picture. And it became just worse, Dragon have better winrates in Master. The problem is that right now Dragon have only 1 predator - Shadow. If only Shadow nerfed - no one will be hunting Dragon. 50% winrate against Blood and others in 52%+ - that's not healthy. You again ignores whole picture and focuses on "Dragon vs Blood", when I've said about other classes too. This conversation doesn't go anywhere.
  10. You rip out single winrates ignoring that all classes except Shadow loses against Dragon. vsエルフ 52.6% 53.5% 51.6% vsロイヤル 55.5% 60.9% 49.9% vsドラゴン -- 49.5% 50.5% vsネクロマンサー 46.3% 51.9% 40.7% vsウィッチ 60.6% 59.5% 61.8% vsヴァンパイア 50.4% 54.6% 46.3% vsビショップ 56.2% 56.4% 56.1% Blood is the only class, that have near ~50% winrate against Dragon. Nice winrates vs Haven, Sword and Rune.
  11. It's 51% while there is a monster top1 in meta and all other classes in 48 - 40% winrate. Look at match-ups vs other classes, not numbers. When you have meta as "top1 class, that wins all other classes and top2 class, that loses only to top1" - you have 2 problems, not just one. Rock - paper - scissors meta doesn't work because there is 2 classes, that dominates all others.
  12. You are wrong. Dragon is the only class, which have positive winrate in this SHADOWverse. Compare 51% winrate and 48.8% of blood or better compare to 46.6% forest. It's second best class. If Shadow will be nerfed - Dragon will be new deck with 60% winrate, because right now it only loses to Shadow.
  13. Hello! Hello! Hello! I'm your weekly reminder about broken Mid Shadow http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/16/4/