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  1. Why won't you play 2 mana card? You need to maximize played cards. Field have 5 places. Let's say 3 of them will be for roaches. So only 2 left. In this 1 card we've got 2 fairies, that are packed in 1 place instead of 2. It makes a difference when you already have something on the field in the beginning of your turn and can't just kill it against enemy minions. I've lost games, when I had combo-pieces and mana to play them, but haven't had free space. And storm bug played mainly in Aggro and OTK Roach.
  2. Both blood cards looks good ( card-draw and grimnir ). Shadow got another card-draw. Forest got a card for OTK Roach ( I doubt it will be played anywhere else ). Storm Heaven got another pinion prayer hmmmm Other cards don't stand out so much ( ER card is good, but not on the level of blood cards ))) We've got all cards, time to rate them
  3. Lol, I aim to try this full-spell control deck))) RNG will always be in card game. I hope, that they will do something about dominance of SK. And there is no arena, so acquiring cards isn't easy.
  4. I don't think, that it will be just a meme deck - this new legendary is quite good.
  5. Tried Gwent yesterday, completed all tutorials - so far so good. No aggro decks because there is no face lol, so little rng. Will definitely play it for a while.
  6. Yeah, maybe I've mixed those two.
  7. Looked through new cards: - Furtive Fangs doesn't have "if vengeance - all followers get ability instead of only one" ( or am I remembering incorrectly previous translation? ). That's bad for blood, good for all others; - Fairy Dragon... If remaining 25 cards won't be able to give him storm, then he is probably bad; - Falise, Leonardian Mage. Neutral, that deals damage on fanfare and evo storm for 4. Or you can just enchance for storm. Seems very good for neutralcraft, but who knows; - Naoise, Red Branch Knight. I already was thinking about crafting Seraph, but AOE banish was strong)) And dying to Forest isn't fun either. But with this card... Just think about it - you survive Azazel OTK, 2 Bolts and roaches, single DShift ( double DShift with 3 8/8 will deal 3 * 3 * 2 = 18 damage, so it's pretty close ), Aegis, even Deepwood Anomaly ( omg broken! ). But I probably just over hype this card. Will wait for the rest of cards.
  8. It's easy - I'm trying to think about all possibilities. Why not have early game from forest with fairies and AE, middle game with Beauty / neutrals and some neutral finishers?
  9. Oh, you've discarded fairy generators too. Then how you will use Fairy Employer? And Elf Twins Assault looks like a card for control Forest.
  10. Why do you think about neutralcraft Forest as midrange only?
  11. WolfBolt needs to have 8 cards by t8 ( and 1 of them Wolf, other is Bolt, so you kill Wolf and get 2 Bolts on t9 for 18 damage ). So no, it's okay to have a non-empty hand in the middle of the game. There is a difference between "have 3 or more neutral cards in your hand on t3" and "have 3 or more neutral cards in your hand on t6". And you can actually play EPM on t4 ( ok, it's not great for neutral Forest ) and Warden t5 ( you can't rely only on Beauty and Beast, you need another finisher in deck, so you can choose which one use now for tempo and which one will be actually finisher ). But I think, that you are too hyped for Beauty and Beast. It's 7/8 ( without evo ) on t6. You can kill it with your board. You can transform it into snowman. Maybe you can even banish it. Edit: another translation of ability is here https://www.reddit.com/r/Shadowverse/comments/6gzm4b/beauty_and_beast_effect_revealed/
  12. You have 3 ( 4 if going 2nd ) cards from beginning. + 4 cards from 1 - 4 turns. Minus one for playing elemental. Total 6 ( 7 ) cards. Fate's Hand makes your hand grow by 1 card. So you need to play two Fate's Hands on turn 4 going 2nd ( no way for going 1st ). So your win-condition: - go 2nd; - draw 2 Fate's Hand in the beginning and 2 Insights; - play Insight on turn 1 ( both FH now 4pp ); - get 1 more Insight and play them both on turn 2 ( both FH now 2pp ); - get elemental on turn 3 and play it; - play on turn 4 both 2pp FH. Sounds like a challenge. Edit: and you will burn card on turn 5.
  13. You can't play elemental and have 9 cards on turn 4 ( as far as I see, maybe there will be more card draw later ). If you evolve manually - aoe won't be activated.
  14. Midrange Shadow 56.6% Aggro Shadow 56.4% ))))) http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/22/4/4 It's a consequence of "10 turn" rule, mentioned by @JuicyPop Right now Midrange Shadow is the best deck and it relies on synergy. Are you so tired of DShift and WolfBolt, that you want to bury them even deeper? What I hope for: - creation of new complex Forest deck like PtP Forest ( right now the only viable deck is Wolf, it's getting old ); - make ER viable ( but not 25 turn grind fiesta deck ); - some interesting cards for non-aggro Blood ( can't evaluate legendary yet, but it's interesting for Aggro ). In general: BALANCE. 2 expansions in row ( half of year ) it was dominance of 2 decks ( Forest + Rune, then Sword, then Shadow + Dragon ). Please, no more "evo 10+ dmg storm ZOMG" cards. P. S. I've checked revealed cards - don't see those cards yet ( or maybe I've missed already some bomb like catacombs ).
  15. Forest loses to shadow very hard. 3x 2/3 wards is a pain. You can't roach, you can't kill Wolf - he will remain 4/2 and will be ignored by Shadow, your evo'ed ward 6/6 will be removed for 4 shadow. @Kharaxx as you can see, number of shadow players increased. It's not a rocket science - first week discover best deck, starting from week 2 play it. I expect number of shadow players will continue to increase.