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  1. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    What? You are saying it feels good to lose to a SINGLE card, but feels sooooo bad to lose to an entire deck, committed to combo? Evo Albert was the most bulls**t way to lose. Even Eichtar wasn't so bad.
  2. Talk About Whatever

    @Huck now you are Gwent adept?))
  3. So What Did You Open In Your Packs?

    1 Forest legendary, that fills hand with fairies - but what's the meaning without roach and rose queen? For silver bolt? Will think about possible bolt deck
  4. Discuss Eternal here

    I'm not a fan of Nightfall. If I understood correctly this mechanic, then weapons ( and Auric Runehammer most of them lolololol ) will become so bad. And chalice got nightfall healer ( heal for 4 if nightfall ). Of course, all can change with next reveal of cards.
  5. The anime thread

    Hmmm, and you play Forest. Can it be... you are my alter ego? On the second glance - nope, you haven't included Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Serial Experiments Lain and Bakemonogatari.
  6. You skipped part about "If you are one of the few people that are not trapped into the illusion, do you have a plan to defeat Nexus in the modern world? " lol
  7. ITT: Weizi expected a highly educational moral talk about problems of choice and etc. but got
  8. November Nerf Hitlist

    It's almost as if they were following "as few nerfs as possible and backed up by precise numbers" philosophy in beginning of game.
  9. November Nerf Hitlist

    I think, that 1 thing went unnoticed So they can nerf cards anytime now)))
  10. Discuss Eternal here

    Yeah, forgot 100 dust at pack opening. Will try draft. Ok, will wait for expansion. Right now I'd say, that deck with consistent draw is very good ( chalice seems strong ), because it can negate top-decking mana. Wanted poster seems good.
  11. Discuss Eternal here

    Tried eternal. 1. Mana flood or 2 mana throughout first 6 turns - harsh reality. 2. Decks are huge, which introduces big RNG - match against aggro without early cards happens too. 3. Legendary cards are very damn expensive. 3200 dust? While average pack gives you 1 blue, 3 green and 8 white cards = 200 + 30 + 8 = 238 dust omg. And they are very powerful ( like Icaria Liberator ). You can acquire them in forge / draft, but you need so much luck for this)) I've played 7 forges ( up to master ) and seen 3 legendaries ( not what I wanted of course ). So after completing all puzzles and playing forges + ranked I'm sitthing on 4k dust and 4k gold. How do you have enough dust for crafting 1 good deck? ( I'd say ~30k dust )
  12. November Nerf Hitlist

    Psssst, play ER Rune. CYGames doesn't notice it.
  13. November Nerf Hitlist

    I'd say Combo. Either you make OTK - kill opponent in one turn with busted chimera or it's removed with DoD and you concede. There is no win-condition with slowly building board via trades and spells and then goind face with this board. That's why we see DShift and Aggro)))
  14. November Nerf Hitlist

    Combo - win in 1 turn playing several cards ( DShift + some minions, screee Roach OTK combo, double SilverBolt for 18hp, exception Seraph - you need 2 turns ) Aegis, Neph, Ramp Baha won't win games - they can be stopped by wards, etc. So they Control ( in my opinion ) Edit: with Control you just kill minions and then go face, no fancy effects
  15. November Nerf Hitlist

    Yes, I can even accept the fact, that DShift became too fast, and agree with nerf if it was followed by some buffs to bring other decks back. The meta ( as I see it ) pre-nerf: we have control killer ( Dshift ) and aggro, that kills control killer. You play them, because they yield a very good winrate ( some statistics says near 90% ) against their target. But you don't touch control, because you will still horribly lose to DShift, but don't win against aggro in the same manner. Post-nerf meta ( as I predict ): we will still have control killer ( DShift or Seraph - don't know what will be faster ) and slightly more greedy aggro, because it now will have additional turn for winning against control killer. But situation for control haven't changed - it will still horribly lose to control killer and have like 60% wr against aggro. That's my main issue with this nerf - this nerf just delays combo by 1 turn ( probably 2 ), maybe even changes the main control killer ( from DShift to Seraph ), but doesn't do a thing to help control vs aggro. The same thing was with Shadow Dragon meta in Tog - we had very fast Aggro deck and Control deck, that was killing all other Control / Combo decks.