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  1. Discuss Eternal here

    I'm not a fan of Nightfall. If I understood correctly this mechanic, then weapons ( and Auric Runehammer most of them lolololol ) will become so bad. And chalice got nightfall healer ( heal for 4 if nightfall ). Of course, all can change with next reveal of cards.
  2. The anime thread

    Hmmm, and you play Forest. Can it be... you are my alter ego? On the second glance - nope, you haven't included Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Serial Experiments Lain and Bakemonogatari.
  3. You skipped part about "If you are one of the few people that are not trapped into the illusion, do you have a plan to defeat Nexus in the modern world? " lol
  4. ITT: Weizi expected a highly educational moral talk about problems of choice and etc. but got
  5. November Nerf Hitlist

    It's almost as if they were following "as few nerfs as possible and backed up by precise numbers" philosophy in beginning of game.
  6. November Nerf Hitlist

    I think, that 1 thing went unnoticed So they can nerf cards anytime now)))
  7. Discuss Eternal here

    Yeah, forgot 100 dust at pack opening. Will try draft. Ok, will wait for expansion. Right now I'd say, that deck with consistent draw is very good ( chalice seems strong ), because it can negate top-decking mana. Wanted poster seems good.
  8. Discuss Eternal here

    Tried eternal. 1. Mana flood or 2 mana throughout first 6 turns - harsh reality. 2. Decks are huge, which introduces big RNG - match against aggro without early cards happens too. 3. Legendary cards are very damn expensive. 3200 dust? While average pack gives you 1 blue, 3 green and 8 white cards = 200 + 30 + 8 = 238 dust omg. And they are very powerful ( like Icaria Liberator ). You can acquire them in forge / draft, but you need so much luck for this)) I've played 7 forges ( up to master ) and seen 3 legendaries ( not what I wanted of course ). So after completing all puzzles and playing forges + ranked I'm sitthing on 4k dust and 4k gold. How do you have enough dust for crafting 1 good deck? ( I'd say ~30k dust )
  9. November Nerf Hitlist

    Psssst, play ER Rune. CYGames doesn't notice it.
  10. November Nerf Hitlist

    I'd say Combo. Either you make OTK - kill opponent in one turn with busted chimera or it's removed with DoD and you concede. There is no win-condition with slowly building board via trades and spells and then goind face with this board. That's why we see DShift and Aggro)))
  11. November Nerf Hitlist

    Combo - win in 1 turn playing several cards ( DShift + some minions, screee Roach OTK combo, double SilverBolt for 18hp, exception Seraph - you need 2 turns ) Aegis, Neph, Ramp Baha won't win games - they can be stopped by wards, etc. So they Control ( in my opinion ) Edit: with Control you just kill minions and then go face, no fancy effects
  12. November Nerf Hitlist

    Yes, I can even accept the fact, that DShift became too fast, and agree with nerf if it was followed by some buffs to bring other decks back. The meta ( as I see it ) pre-nerf: we have control killer ( Dshift ) and aggro, that kills control killer. You play them, because they yield a very good winrate ( some statistics says near 90% ) against their target. But you don't touch control, because you will still horribly lose to DShift, but don't win against aggro in the same manner. Post-nerf meta ( as I predict ): we will still have control killer ( DShift or Seraph - don't know what will be faster ) and slightly more greedy aggro, because it now will have additional turn for winning against control killer. But situation for control haven't changed - it will still horribly lose to control killer and have like 60% wr against aggro. That's my main issue with this nerf - this nerf just delays combo by 1 turn ( probably 2 ), maybe even changes the main control killer ( from DShift to Seraph ), but doesn't do a thing to help control vs aggro. The same thing was with Shadow Dragon meta in Tog - we had very fast Aggro deck and Control deck, that was killing all other Control / Combo decks.
  13. November Nerf Hitlist

    I used "free win" as a word for match up with 70 / 30 in your favor. That's the most interesting point: - in DE situation was like this DShift into Control - 70% wr DShift; Control into Aggro 70% wr Control; Aggro into DShift 70% wr Aggro. - now situation like this DShift into Control - 70% wr DShift; Control into Aggro 55% wr Control; Aggro into DShift 70% wr Aggro. Do you see the problem? Game became so fast, that control tools aren't good enough. So you play DShift or Aggro, because Control overall yields worse wr. I've already listed statistics of AggroBlood ( https://forums.shadowverse.com/index.php?/topic/6765-shadowlog-report-november-19th/&page=6&tab=comments#comment-70165 ). Note the 50% wr AggroBlood vs ControlSword and 48.2% wr against ControlDragon with 3x Baha Edit: grammar
  14. November Nerf Hitlist

    "And the same reason why only a few player use Seraph is the same reason why people don't use white wolf. And the reason is...... D-shift. Again. " WhiteWolf wins against DShift, because AE + Roach was easy lethal pre turn 8. "First of all, Seraph is still a deck with good winrates (use the link i postet)" Wrong stats, your site takes statistics from total games in all ranks ( from D to Masters ) http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/46/0/7 Yes, if you sum all games from D rank, then Seraph is kinda ok 577 games 296 wins 51% wr But in Masters only http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/46/4/7 it's worse 163 games 80 wins 49% wr It have 18.8% wr against DShift AND 21.4% wr against AggroBlood http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/46/4/77 ( 27% and 36% respectively if sum D rank too ) So good luck with it. Simple rule: if deck have > 50% wr, it's usage will rise with passing time. @jpants Ok, I will be interested in your results. "You exclaim on the one side that you find it not good that they nerf d-shift and on the other side you miss other combodecks." Yes, I miss combo-decks in general - but WhiteWolf and PtP weren't killed by DShift. Seraph maybe, but I doubt, that DShift is main killer here. "That bring to the second point: one deck (d-shift) kill a lot of other decktypes." That's the main point. In previous sets we had good control decks. but DShift already existed. What's changed? Speed of game. If you've skipped 1st, 2nd and 3rd turn in DE - you still can catch up with control tools. Now - you already lost the game. That's why WhiteWolf decks are gone - the game became so fast, that turn 8 4/4 rush is death sentence. That's why Control Blood isn't a thing - skipping 1, 2 and playing Dire Bond on 3 is lost game. The only combo-deck, that matched that power-creep speed - surprise, DShift. Because DShift doesn't have a fixed mana ( like 9pp Seraph, 9pp SilverBolt ). So I don't think, that suddenly Control will rise. We will see just return of Midrange like it was with Midrange Shadow - slightly upgraded Aggro. But, of course, I can be wrong. "In SV is it not possible to stop the combo." Yeah, things like Ice Block will help to deal with DShift, Roach, etc.
  15. November Nerf Hitlist

    "But a lot of people like to play it". Because it was the last viable combo deck out there. You can't play OTK Roach ( it's bad now ), you can't play Seraph ( it's really bad now ) , you can't play PtP decks ( they SUPER bad now ) and you can't play DShift ( it's nerfed now ). Tell me, where are all combo decks? "And if i face 6 d-shift opponents in 20 games than i rather play aggro to increase my overall winrate in ranking than play midrange/control and risk to loose 4 to 6 games." Wait a minute. All ladder consists of Aggro and Dshift + Dragon. So when you play Control - you lose to DShift 6 games of 20, but other 10 games are free points, because you play Control against Aggro ( and 4 games against Dragon - which is coin-toss for Control ). Right? But you say "I will play 6 games of free points against DShift and 10 games of Aggro vs Aggro". Why? Last week in Masters DShift 3rd in usage - top 1, 2 are aggro-decks ( http://shadowlog.com/trend/2017/47/4/ ). "I see it in this way; d-shift should'n't be played on ranking but possible in unranked." That's pure gold. You don't like deck - remove it from game. "So i guess i can say here: d-shift is problematic for a diverse and heahlty meta." The same was said multiple times about Seraph and others combo-decks. They all gone. And now we have aggro-fiesta. DE remains the best meta of all time lol. The cycle of "combo > control > aggro > combo" have been discussed numerous times here, that's why "There's a vocal group on this forum who seem to be against any and all nerfs. The subreddit for SV I generally find to be a bit more reasonable when it comes to nerfs as well as more in tune with the majority of the SV community". You see nerfs in light of current meta "oh, that's good nerfs!". But when you look back - you understand, that entire kind ( not just one archetype of one class ) of decks are gone. Because Cygames prints a ton of aggro / control cards and 1-2 combo cards per set. Last time they printed good combo-card - WhiteWolf for Forest. Their other attempts at combo ( Minthe of the Underworld, Queen of the Dread Sea ) failed. So I'm very skeptical when there are nerfs to combo-deck. Because they all are gone. But I can be wrong, and meta will be better. We will see. I'm skeptical and predict MonoControl or MonoMidrange meta. Edit: grammar Edit2: we had another Control hard-counter ( but not combo-deck ) - Aegis. But it's actually can be countered now by 1 card, so I'm not sure, that it will be good anymore in Control meta