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    For one, I want to be able to chat with people on my friendlist. Right now, you can forget about making friends with people in game, you hvae no way to communicate with them to set up games. You basically have to have some outside source of communication. I'd like to be able to see when a friend is actually online, right now it just says when they last played. if it says last played 10 minutes ago, maybe theyre still online but maybe not, if you wanna play with them, you have to send htem a match invite and hope for the best. I'd like to be able to spectate friends and for friends to spectate me outside of private matches, if you dont want friends spectating you, you can disable it in the settings menu. Some of my friends are still quite new and I'd like them to be able to spectate me to learn. It'd be nice if it were more obvious when you receive a match invite, a message appears in the middle of the screen accompanied by a sound giving you a button to click on to accept or decline the match invite when someone challenges you in hearthstone. That would be convenient to have here
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    Sorry, forgot that anyone who disagrees with you is a idiot or a crybaby. Or even worse a Sword main lol
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    It's too tiring to try maintaining a list of all the notable decks out there like I used to, but I figured I could make a thread where I have the decks that I am currently working on. I won't claim they're the best decks out there, but if I'm putting it up then it at least has a positive win rate for me. Feel free to leave feedback if you feel like it. [mary blood] [lion aegis haven] [neutral control rune] [ramp dragon] [neutral aggro sword]
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    ...He is beauty. He is grace.
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    Bringing out the big guns...
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    So, this finally happened , a couple minutes ago. It's not Masters, but it's still all of the ~3500 points in A3 ... with only 50 games or so, which works out to a very neat 75% winrate, over a quick week of Ranked. And yep, 100% of it was with Control Nephthys Shadow, because someone didn't get the memo that board control decks were dead in Aggroverse . List does really well against Neutral Sword, Neutral Rune, Mid Shadow (!), B&B/Roach Forest, even Carabosse Aggro if you draw well (DShift levels of removal ), almost everything that's not Burn Rune or DShift. Thanks everyone ( @midgardsormr @Othello@AAA @fangore @Morrigan @Greevilz @Chappie et al.) for dropping by on the thread from time to time, it was a lot of very necessary encouragement after the entire month of Alice Blood where we were really stuck eternally bouncing around the A2-A3 boundary. The Ledgers are incredible tempo actually, because if you count cards (just 3 x Corpse, 3 x Attendant to watch for), you can know when to remove and when to flood based on an almost ~75% certainty what the Ledger will pull next. The last card clipped on the end is just 3 x Nephy. Really glad to see everyone joining Team Nephy over the last couple of days .
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    Why don't we just give every craft a version of Eachy: Forest - Treehugger Elftar - same but summons 2/2 squirrels Rune - Censorlord Boobtar - Summons 2/2 Black Censor Bars Haven - Angellord Graudtar - Summons 2/2 Serious Eyebrows Blood - Bloodlord Battar - Summons 2/2 Bat Turds Dragon - Dragonlord Rowentar - Summons 2/2 Whelps Sword - Swordlord Laphamtar - Summons 2/2 Lapham's Banana Guards
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    Too argumented. Don't have time to read all of your comment
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    Others already explained Affinity decks, so I'll just explain the other metas. Rebels were a type of White creatures, usually cheap, that had the ability to summon other more costly Rebels as an "action" directly from the deck, usually paying one mana more than the actual cost of the Rebel you were summoning. So, for example, if you had a 2pp Rebel in play, that Rebel had the ability "pay 4pp: put a 3pp Rebel from your deck to play". If you consider that White had a lot of "buff all creatures" stuff, you already see that a Rebel deck could be kinda strong, because you could choose exactly the creatures you needed to aggro against specific opponents. Also, as long as you had at least one Rebel in hand, you couldn't run out of fuel, as all the other creatures were summoned from the deck, not from your hand. In fact, it was the most played deck at the time. But the real problem was that there was a 3pp Legendary Rebel, Lin Sivvi, that could summon Rebels as well ("pay X: put a Rebel that costs X from your deck into play", so better than all the other Rebels, because you didn't have to pay an extra pp and you could choose the cost), and that could also shuffle your Rebels from your graveyard into your deck. The problem was that, at that time, MtG rules stated that only the first Legendary with a certain name could stay in play, the other ones that were summoned later were destroyed. So, in a Rebel decks mirror, the first player was going to win 100% of the times, because he was able to summon Lin Sivvi from his deck first, blocking the second player from doing the same. After that meta, the Legendary rule was changed (if you play a Legendary with the same name as another one in play, the one in play is destroyed). Tolarian Academy was a land. In MtG, unlike SV and HS, you produce mana from lands, so your pp don't increase automatically each turn. Usually, lands produce 1 mana, and you can play 1 land per turn, so the mana progression is similar to SV, provided that you have a land to play each turn. Tolarian Academy was a land that said "produce 1 blue mana for each artifact you control"... and I'm sure you already see the issue. Players played decks filled with cheap artifacts (0-1 mana cost) that also produced extra mana, spells and artifacts capable to untap lands (so that you could get mana from them again and again), then a plethora of card draw and counterspells. There was a card, Stroke of Genius, that said "pay X mana: target player draws X cards". So, Tolarian Academy decks stalled the game with counterspells, drew a lot of cards, and when you had Tolarian Academy + Stroke of Genius you won: thanks to all your artifacts, your untap cards and mana production you were usually able to produce 40-60 mana (!!) by turn 4. You then played Stroke of Genius on your opponent, and made him draw his whole deck (and MtG works like SV, if you run out of cards you lose). It was a terrible meta, because Tolarian Academy decks could only be beaten by other Tolarian Academies: they were able to draw so many cards that they always had counterspells, other blue decks might have had some counterspells in hand, but never as many as Academy decks. And they were able to kill reliably on turn 4, many times on turn 3, sometimes earlier. I remember I once lost without even playing, going second. My opponent played Academy, + 4x 0 mana artifacts, + 1x 1 mana artifact. 4 mana on turn 1. He used those mana, untapped the land, got 4 more mana, then drew something like 10 cards, untapped the land again, vomited something like 8 other artifacts, untapped Academy again, drew ~20 cards, played them all, made a bit of math, then threw at me a "draw 62 cards" Stroke of Genius. I had 60 cards in my deck, so I lost. Without even playing a single card. It was a friendly match, luckily for me. So when people say that this meta is "the worst meta ever for a CCG" I usually laugh at them. I must say that the Academy craze lasted very little, maybe 2 weeks. WotC banned that card almost immediately.
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    Holy crap, so that means the unreleased art that was posted on sv bagoum is the new alternative cards? Look at this Nephthys! AHHH, I NEED THIS! I NEED THIS NOW!
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    Firstly shadow has always been about building a field and making it as sticky/unkillable as possible. This is part of the reason why prior to Nep and Eacthar people joked that Shadow was just a jank version of swordcraft. Anyway, Eachtar is not an autoplay on turn 7 because there are many factors that need to be considered such as current field state, shadow count, life totals etc. You CAN play him when you are behind but sometimes warding up with deaths breath or pacing yourself in general is better. You CAN play him when you are ahead but unless you have leathal you put yourself in a position where if the opponent can answer your board you could be screwed since you burned your eachtar. Seriously, its like you never played the deck before and are just blinded by the salt. Its not an exaggeration its an outright lie. The reason we are in an aggro meta is because of how cygames has been designing their cards which blatantly favors that playstyle. All the good control cards can easily be slipped into aggro and midrange while losing NOTHING. (plus we have dshift ever lurking and waiting for that mythical Control meta) Anyway the most amusing thing about all of this is that not only are people crying for nerfs for a deck that is tier 1 but not dominating but the reasoning is basically "the card is too strong for its cost" which is the exact same reason cards like snow white and oro were hit but NOBODY accepted that reason then. I wonder why it is that things are suddenly different just because its eachtar? Are people really confusing tier 1 with "broken" or are they a bunch of hypocrites that cannot apply the same standards they use to condemn one card to another?
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    Yeah, I also feel like the game still requires quite a lot of skill. For example, for most decks that I start playing, my winrates are usually around 50%, but as time goes on, almost every single one of the decks that I use increases in win rate due to better mulliganing and evo timing. Both of those elements I feel are often overlooked. With some decks, you may not simply be looking for all low cost cards. If you have one two drop already, you may opt to keep a high cost card also because that certain card is very central to your deck and your deck curve makes it likely you will still be able to play on curve even while keeping that high cost card. Also, knowing when you can afford to not evolve to clear your opponent's board and take risks with your life total is often the difference I find between my wins and losses. Finding the right balance between going Face and trading is also very important. Knowing the reach of your opponent's deck and being able to identify a deck archetype early on by key differing early game cards and adjusting your aggressiveness and conservativeness accordingly are also reliant on experience and skill. I could keep going with these examples forever because there are so many aspects of the game that are skill-based. I just think we as gamers who are prone to being salty due to being invested in this game tend to overreact to the "never lucky" aspects of the game and downplay the actual skill we display throughout a match. While I do agree netdecking does take some of the skill out of the game, I know for sure a powerhouse deck like Midrange Shadow would still lose most of the time to Tier 3 decks if it was piloted by someone lacking skill. The only decks which may be an exception to this are hyper aggressive Face decks but very few have been good as of late. And the only hyper aggressive decks that have existed imo were Face Sword and Dragon and Vania Blood. And having experience with 2 of those 3 decks, I can definitely say even those decks do require skill in the form of knowing your reach damage, and becoming very familiar with your top deck percentages of Lethal outs when you're about to run out of gas. Yes, your top deck is part luck, but capitalizing on whatever line of play puts you in the best position to win the match whether it be evolving an on board follower for that extra push of face damage, or knowing you can afford to clear your opponent's board knowing they have a low chance of clearing your post-evo board with their deck's removal options, is still a display of skill. I'm not trying to invalidate what other's have said about luck feeling like it overshadow's skill at times. Of course I myself even feel that way sometimes. But when I actually get over my salt and take the time to observe my performance, I can tell that experience and fine-tuning my decisions have definitely taken me a long way even from just a few expansions ago.
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    This thread seems like an appropriate place to leave this, thought a few people would appreciate it, @Unryuu and @Morrigan especially. Lol.
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    You can talk about aggro, you can talk about control, but Forest never gets mentioned.
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    The recent update basically ruined the game for me. So before I used a mix of like Japanese and english voices because some cards I liked better and english and some I like better in Japanese. That doesn't seem possible anymore. You can no longer uncensor isabelle in the english version. I hate censorship. I don't deserve the uncensored content just because I'm not japanese? Cygames seems to think so. I'm pretty ocd, I can't just play the game and ignore the censorship, I can't just ignore Alice's really terrible english voice. I can't do it, I regret ever spending money on this game. I'm against spending money on censored games usually but I figured since they game was easy to uncensor and they didnt' do anything about it, I thought they were ok with us uncensoring it ourselves. Turns out that's not the case since they updated the game in a way we can no longer do this. It's funny cause steam has access to the uncensored content. You change the game to japanese in the properties and cygames is "oh, part of the japanese master race? Guess you get the content the way it's intended" But I'm not part of the master race, I'm just subhuman trash. It might seem weird to people that this is what makes me quit and not the terrible balance we had to go through, that's just how I am. I hate being treated different just because I'm not Japanese. I want the same artwork the Japanese gets. If isabelle was like this in the japanese version as well, I'd be fine with it, but she's not.
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    Earth Nectar? Are we trying to get rid of honey bees now?
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    No you are right, I've been a jerk in that regard. I should only confront the individuals that say things, but never should I label an entire group like that. Cause there are many people who don't fit that label and it is really wrong to them. I could also make my points without throwing out insults. Anyone feeling insulted is automatically going to disregard or at the very least have a hard time accepting what is being said. So I apologize and will refrain from such conduct in the future. I loved this game, and my faith in the company was so high in the beginning. This patch has completely shattered my faith in the game, balance team in particular, in a way that can't ever be repaired. So yeah I was genuinely outraged with this latest announcement.
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    Can we change the effect on Golem Assault's enhance effect to "Enhance(6): Instead, put 3 Conjure Guardians into your hand". This has the same effect as the current Golem Assault, but it improves the animation of the card by reducing the amount of time it takes to put it into your hand. Right now, it puts the first Conjure Guardian into your hand, then it puts the other two into your hand, resulting in two separate animations. After this change, it would put all 3 Conjure Guardians into your hand at once, meaning it no longer needs to play additional animations for extra Conjure Guardians.
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    I think the real problem here is this is getting a routine for every new exp: new t3 snowballing card designed by a donkey which skyrockets a random craft Me_go_first aggro deck, followed by 1-2 months of unplayable ladder and consequents rants, followed by nerfs that seems more clownesque time after time.. Cygames needs to understand that even if u want fast games u can't just toss in powercreeped bullsh*t in turns where it can't be "fairly" countered: don't wanna introduce low costed efficient aoe's? Fine with that. Then don't give neither t2-3 impossible-to-answer-if-going-2nd plays to aggro decks. Every Freaking Expansion. Make the real power plays start from t4. Goblin leader is an even clearer example of this than catacomb has been imo. drama edit: neutral package vs eggbomb? megalulz?
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    A moment of silence for our fallen friend, Baphomet. You will forever be remembered as an enabler for fun memes and interesting tech.
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    So basicaly: Tove nerf - good. GoblinL nerf - nierly unplaybale Grimnnir nerf - FINALY! He should,ve been printed like this from the begginnings. ORO nerf - nice, fu free heal. Snow nerf - understandble. Spawn - what ever, could've hit harder. Baphomet - what? Why? You just killed a bunch of cool decks, for no reason! You don't just cut his unchence, you just killed the card. The **** I need random blood follower???? ALL MASTEMA, SNEK and CARABOSS decks wents into oblivion for NO REAL REASON!!!! To resolve these issues, we’re going to change three types of cards:1.Cards that typically occupy three slots in a Neutral Blood deck.2.Cards that give a big advantage to the first player.3.Cards that are strong for the cost of their abilities. You can see that this all BS, b/c BKB isn't touched. Over all, we have much balanced unvironment. Blood is now true control deck, heaven, dragon and neutral checked. Wich leaves us with a bunch of dead cool blood decks and Hectar meta once again. Not happy with Baphomet nerf. It was not deserved. Now I must delete all my blood decks and what? Dont play blood? I wish I could unsee Bapho nerf... Good changes with a bad aftertaste..
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    I made it to Grand Master a few days ago. I won the final 2 games in the trial with Blood Mary blood, but I had to use other decks (Lion Haven and Ramp Dragon) to climb to 10,000 points. I feel like ladder may have become more difficult recently due to a lot of people putting on their try-hard caps for the new rank before the month ends. In the past I was able to climb casually with Bloody Mary Blood, but recently it hasn't had such a good win rate. I think I went on a 6 game losing streak in trials before winning 2 in a row to finally enter Grand Master. Maybe it's just RNG messing with me l0l.
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    Other crafts have difficulties playing Control. Yet I don't see other crafts' players complaining. "Control Forest should get more AoE and card draw!" "Control ER Rune should get a viable win condition!" At this rate, then we could see players opening complaint threads like: "Haven has no true aggro tools!" (bc you know, Storm Haven is not a true aggro). "I am a Sword player and I want to play combo! Why Cygames doesn't give Sword combo cards like Roach and DShift?!"
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    I'm going to say something here; honestly, this is one of the fastest response times I have seen with nerfs in any card game, real or digital. Within thirty days after a release of a new expansion they announced and are making changes. That's actually pretty good. I lived through Magic the Gathering during Urza's Saga, and Affinity, and Caw Blade. This was a lot faster than any of that (with the exception of memory jar, which was banned after one pre-release.) as well as Yugioh, Hearthstone and a lot of other games. They actually took preventive steps at the beginning as well, announcing legit nerf times for the first time ever. They probably had an inkling that this might happen. They gambled that it wouldn't and they were wrong. Now, to the rest, we all know this meta blows. It's not the worst meta I've seen in card games (that honor went to mono blue fairies or any of the other three blocks I mentioned above here in magic) but it's not great. . Every card game makes this mistake sooner or later. It's part of the growth of the game. They are handling it better than most. Will it be the last time they make mistakes with cards? Probably not. Power Creep and experimentation with new mechanics will probably create more problems down the road. Again, part of the process. But will they learn from this? Hopefully. Time will tell. But they are trying. Let them try.
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    > OP explains his idea > someone brings counter-evidence > OP starts insulting. That's what's called "constructive approach".
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    I kind of want to have a willing suspension of disbelief that Cygames intentionally did this with WD so that whiners and doomlords will go away and leave the rest of us in peace.
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    Well, if you want more things highlighting something is wrong, take a look at the Japanese streamers. Normally at this time of the day you'd have a dozen or so streamers on Openrec.tv with thousands of viewers.. Now ? Maybe 7 or 8 along with hundreds. Most of the big streamers have moved on to other CCGs or other games in general or just stopped streaming. I mean Wonderland Dreams is a disaster i think by every conceivable metric, @FrankTrollman seems to think there is no salvation, i think there is personally.. But it requires that the devs get their bloody act together and stop this clown show of only supporting one class at a time while leaving the rest out to dry. Diversity should be their goal, not providing cheap thrills to bandwagoners who will abandon the game once things get stale anyways. If they can achieve that will providing an interesting gameplay experience for all classes, then they should be able to turn this around. But if the next expansion is another Wonderland Dreams, then shadowverse will be pretty much dead. So if they can't learn from Wonderland dreams, they'll never learn and Wonderland Dreams will have been a very expensive and painful lesson for them at that. Though it shouldn't have had to come this far, even Tempest of the gods should have told them that something was wrong with their design approach.
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    I don't think I have seen a single person say that WD on rollout was perfectly fine and/or defending Cygames regarding it. There isn't a Black and White line where on one side everyone is white-knuckles, rage-quiting, Mad Online™ posting, and the other side is Julie Andrews Praising Cygames. Everyone is pretty much in the same boat and wants this to be fixed at the core. Not fully sure why, if this is such a recurring issue that bothers you and your confidence in Cygames across the span of two expansions, you are posting the same things everyone has been discussing at length for two weeks now. Got to be a bit of confidence in Cygames to stick it out, no?
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    Suggested Nerfs to WD et al. on 29th July. Goblin 1PP 1/2 At the start of your game, put this card in your hand. This card can't be damaged or destroyed by spells and effects. Tove 2PP 4/4 Can't attack. Whenever an allied follower comes into play, this follower gains +1/+1, can attack and has Storm. Goblin Leader 3PP 1/2 Whenever your opponent plays a card, summon a Goblin. At the end of your turn, summon X Goblins, where X is equal to your number of play point orbs. Alice 4PP 3/4 At the end of your turn, give +1/+1 to all allied followers in your deck. Scarlet Sabreur 5PP 2/4 Fanfare: Destroy all enemy followers. BKB 4PP 3/4 Fanfare: Destroy an enemy Grimnir, War Cyclone. Spawn of the Abyss 8PP 6/8 Ambush. Fanfare: Draw cards until you have 7 in your hand. Then place two Silver Bolts in your hand and change their cost to 0. Actress Feria 2PP 2/2 Evolve: Place an Alice, Wonderland Explorer in your hand and change its cost to 0. Lion of the Golden City 4PP 5/5 If a Neutral card was played before Turn 4, place this card in your hand. Fanfare: Summon a Servant of Darkness. Then destroy all enemy followers with Ward. Cinderella 3PP 4/4 Fanfare: Banish all Swordcraft cards in play. Last Words: At the start of your next turn, banish all Swordcraft cards in play, in your deck and in your hand. Phantom Cat 5PP 5/5 Fanfare: Deal damage to the enemy leader until their defense drops to 0. Tilting at Windmills 7PP amulet Fanfare: Give your opponent an additional turn after their next turn. Imperial Dragoon 9PP 7/7 Fanfare: Discard your hand. Deal X damage to your leader, where X equals the number of cards discarded. Jabberwocky 8PP 7/7 Fanfare: Destroy all allied copies of Dark Dragoon Forte in play. Shadow Reaper 3PP 1/1 Fanfare: Summon a Heavy Knight. Urias If this is your leader, summon an Enstatued Seraph on your first turn.
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    Well many players think that Vania and Veight are brothers of blood... but not well and well (at least in the past) Vania really is the daughter of the Queen of Vampires, successor to the throne, plus she and the type that is more important to her interests than the bummer of being princess, irresponsible and immature (this will cost you later...) always Fleeing the castle to see the world outside The Vampire Queen then decides to bring Veight to stay "Eye" in it (here I do not know to tell you for sure if he was transformed into a vampire by the Queen or if he was somebody of the vampire nobility) more and factor that Veight has a A great admiration for the Queen of the Vampires (many of her art have reference to Queen) and a certain hatred for Vania, at least in the beginning, because she shows no respect for the Queen nor her responsibilities, Veight demonstrates the typical arrogance of the nobility what Vania hates at the beginning Well Veight becomes Vania's coast guard (so that's why they gave Ward's ability to him ) Vania treats him more like a pet talking about it Vania has another pet a Dragon named Malinda the one she met in a Of her escapes from the castle, because she has taken care of her since she is a cub, she considers Vania as her mother (will we have her in the future...) Due to her position and her, she does not get along very well with the other vampire nobles Vania so te two close friends Spinaria and Sapphira (this last one and the daughter of the Soul Dealer ... ok and joke forget that ok...) Leave their story and how they met for another time... Vania and Veight after some time together began to be "close" here was never very explicit but I think we better keep it secret, do not tell the Queen!!! Due to some "tragedies" that can not be avoided, since Vania and Veight was not around (I said Vania's fleeting ones were going to cost them dearly) Vania was forced to Succeed the throne, but it was not easy, many persecutions , Struggles, manipulations, she finally got her "responsibility" back along with Veight who stayed by her side all this time But Vania has become somewhat "bitter" even as Veight tries to cheer her up in an attempt to bring her brightness back, now they have to rebuild their destroyed reign... To finish here is one of the art of "adult" Vania Unfortunately I do not have the adult Veight, many arts have been lost the long years even the very sites of Range of Bahamut are Incomplete missing many arts (I call them Lost Arts)
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    This isnt even a defense because NOBODY KNOWS. These were nerfs that had no data to support them and we are left in an awkward position where we dont know if they really did kill potential tier 0 decks or if they kicked a tier 2 deck down even lower. They should not have hit snow and oro until next month when there was actual data to support it. One month of a heaven/dragon meta would not have killed us after surviving Neutral blood and that is ASSUMING they were correct with their predictions. And you know what? After a month of data we could find out that neither snow or oro were the problem but something else entirely. Waiting a month would have improved cygames accuracy with determining problematic cards so that they can hit only those and nothing else. Still, this is only a weeks worth of data which is a bit too soon for any definitive conclusions either. Hopefully things improve but while the meta is infinitely better the performance of heaven and dragon have made cygames look both incredibly incompetent and foolish.
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    A few cards from my expansion...
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    Balance patch image repreentation
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    Vialling Ouroboros is a sign of the incoming Ragnarok.
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    I'm not sure they were targeting nerfs at Dragon because they thought it'd be overpowered. The Ouroboros nerf is probably more about game length than balance. Grimnir affects all classes, admittedly Dragon more than others. I think it may have been related to nerfing Tove and Snow White, two of the most efficient counters to the card. Snow White is another one that I don't necessarily think they nerfed because they thought Haven was OP. Rather, they may have thought that it was a bad idea to make cards like Snow White and Tove, 2PP followers that trade well with other 2PP followers, and even 3PP ones like Grimnir.
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    Let me hit you once ~
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    The state of the game is just so bad right now and I'm worried about the future as well since cygame's design philosophy is to make even more insanely powerful cards than last time. It's only been a year and the game is already like this. It makes sense why they can afford to give away so many free packs since they pay 5 year olds an allowance of 5 dollars a week to design their cards for them and then don't bother to have anyone play test them.
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    Hey man, Sword is one of my main classes and I haven't even complained once about it's state. I kindly request you to retract your statement as I feel personally attacked *sobs incessantly*. Why don't you understand that Sword players just want to return to the glory days when Otohime would crush people's souls? Is that too much to ask for?!?!
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    The best counter for Bahamut
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    Let's remove Control Sword from the game. Seriously, I don't care how viable it is or isn't, it's just anti-fun. You're playing your best and even get close to winning and then "Sky Knights, prepare for battle". It's some of the stupidest stuff I've ever seen in a card game. There's absolutely zero you can do about it. /s
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    I think the key here is understanding that there are different kinds of intelligence and expertise. When it comes to designing Shadowverse, devs are a lot better than players. When players suggest designs, their personal preferences can block their view on providing a diverse array of flavors. Because the popularity of suggestions is a subjective metric, the small percentage of capable designers in the community can have their suggestions ignored while the community fawns over sophisms and ideas that sound good but play horribly. When it comes to playing Shadowverse, players are a lot better than devs. When devs make mistakes, their awareness of intent can block their view on actualities. Players are far more numerous than devs, and because winning games is an objective metric the small percentage (but large number) of deckbuilding geniuses are recognized. This allows players to leverage their numerical advantage and function like a problem-solving Borg. The amount of man-hours and/or specialized metagaming skill a developer would need to pay salaries for is simply not feasible if one expects anything remotely close to the performance of the community's weaponized autists. I've noticed @fangore and @Yue advocating for more/better playtesting but I think this only makes sense from the perspective that a developer cannot reasonably have the resources to hire people for this and must depend on the community somehow. I've seen another F2P game leverage a particular model that I think is rather effective: * Big expansions are preceded by a rather long closed beta period, 4-6 weeks * There are two ways into closed beta: random free lottery, or cash payment. * Within the beta balance changes can occur rapidly and with little warning. * After the beta period ends, all beta content is cleared; outside of experience, closed beta participation provides no advantage on the main servers. Such a system provides many advantages: large-scale playtesting, playtesters are revenue gain instead of other way around, balance caters to paying audience more than F2P moochers, and a hard release instead of an open beta soft release. So yeah. Cygames should probably do paid closed beta for a month (1-30/31) prior to expansion, on a test server that has your main collection and rupies + 0-vial expansion crafting + expansion Take Two, then on 1st of the month after all beta expansion cards are wiped and set releases proper. In the month prior to beta, tickets for a free-beta-entry lottery (with fixed slots) could by bought with rupies.
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    A crash bug blocks you. Wanna play? You can't. Alice Blood doesn't block you. Wanna play? You can. I agree it's not the best user experience, but there's nothing that prevents you from using the app. It's the same difference that lies between a poor Windows desktop that freezes from time to time and a Blue Screen of Death that appears every time you power up your PC. Both of them must be addressed. But in my developer experience, the first issue is marked as Major (priority 3), the latter is Blocking (which is the highest priority, 1). A company could solve a Blocking issue in hours, if needed. But it won't solve a Major issue until a release is planned. And this takes weeks. Depending on how big was the company you've worked in, you should know.
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    This is true. To be honest, Control Sword is the only Swordcraft archetype other than Alice Sword to get more than a single card in Wonderland Dreams. It isn't that they didn't receive any support, it's that that support wasn't nearly enough and honestly not that relevant to the way the game is often played at the moment. Axe Destroyer and White Ridge are both quite impressive in their way. They both let you spend a card, a turn's worth of PP, and an Evo point into a 2-for-1 trade or even a 3-for-1 trade, depending on what your opponent has. That's a really good deal. But it's also a thing you can often only do twice in a whole game and doesn't come online until turn 5. And draining down evo points makes it hard to push through a win when your most potent finisher is an Evolved Albert and your only in-craft means of extending your evo points is Luminous Mage who doesn't work on Officers (both Axe Destroyer and White Ridge Swordsman are Officers). The play pattern of White Ridge Evo into Axe Destroyer Evo gets you to Turn 7 with board control. At that point... what? You're out of evo points and you don't have a finisher. Actually converting solid midgame board control to a victory is quite hard. Also none of these things do much when your enemy is spamming the board with Goblins.
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    There was one viable Hunter deck archetype in that meta. If Storm, Elena, and Seraph Haven didn't exist for whatever reason, Aegis would be the perfect analogy; as it is, it's merely a very good one. You're basically blaming the one viable Hunter deck for there not being other viable Hunter decks, and in so doing reduce that number from one to zero.
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    Fangore bait Control Sword is actually quite good right now, it's obviously inferior to Blood but who isn't? I still agree with you on the point that i wish they gave Midrange and Aggro Sword some more support as well.
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