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    Oops you spilled it Would have given constructive responses had you not posted with such negative tone
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    I'm surprised nobody's posted this yet, so I guess I might as well. https://shadowverse.com/news/important/news-0115 Until 6/14 it looks like the daily missions will give double gold. 6/13-6/27 will have 10 extra daily bonuses, which seems to add up to 40 packs and 6 take 2 tickets.
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    No. We need complete nudity. Just toss Shadowverse into DMM 18+ and market alternate art nude cards. Instant profit. Instant.
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    Right making a thread for this. But basically next expansion is called Wonderland Dreams. Will have 104 cards and have a theme of fairy tales. 90 out of 104 cards revealed. Neutral : Wonder Seeker Alice 4pp 3/4. Fanfare : Give all neutral followers in hand and on board +1/+1. Legendary World Mirror : 2pp spell. Turn all Cards on board in your hand and on your board that cost 7 or less into neutrals. Silver Angel Knight. 3pp 3/2. Fanfare : Give an allied follower +1/0. Bronze Ephemera Angelic Slacker. 4pp 1/3. Ambush, whenever another allied follower attacks, give it +1/0 until the end of turn. Egg Bomb. 7pp spell, deal 3 damage to all followers. Bronze WItch of the demonic sea. 10pp 7/7. Turn the cost of 1 neutral card and 1 class card in your hand to 0, discard the rest. Legendary. Goblin Leader. 3pp 1/2 Summon a goblin at the end of your turn. Bronze Rapunzel. 3pp 2/5. When this follower enters play or at the start of your turn, it gains "Can't attack." Whenever an allied follower attacks, remove the "Can't attack." restriction on this follower. Gold. Mountain Guard. 5pp 3/5 When this follower attacks, if the enemy follower has 5 or more attack this follower takes 0 damage until the end of turn. Silver Hector. 5pp 4/4. If you have 3 or mroe neutral cards in your hand, deal 3 damage to an enemy follower. Gold Feria 2pp 2/2 : Give +1/+1 to all neutral followers when evolved. Silver Snow, whitecat sage. 5pp 3/4. Fanfare : Draw a Card and give +1/+1 to an allied follower. Gold Forestcraft : Elf Music Corps 3pp Amulet If you have 4 different followers in play at the end of your turn, destroy this amulet and give them all +2/+2. Bronze Elf Twins Assault : 2pp Spell, deal x damage to 2 random enemy followers, x being the number of neutral cards in your hand. Gold Axe Girl Abbie : 2pp 2/2. Clash, gain +2/0 until the end of Turn. Silver Fairy Mage Lila : 3pp 1/4 : Clash destroy enemy follower, then remove clash. Gold Kindly Treant. 3pp 2/3 : Fanfare gain +1/+1 and ward if you have 3 or more neutral cards in your hand. Bronze Fairy .. Employer ? 4pp 3/3. Whenever a fairy enters the field, give it +1/0 and Storm until the end of turn. Gold Beauty and the Beast. 6pp 5/6. If you have 5 or more cards in your hand gain +2/+2. If you have 3 or more neutral cards in your hand, gain protection from ability effects. Legendary Forset of Ibara. 2pp Amulet. Fanfare Add 2 fairies to your hand. As long as this amulet is in play, all your followers in play and all followers put into play gain Clash : Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower. Silver Fairy Dragon 2pp 0/4. Ward, Gain attack equal to the number of allied fairies destroyed this match. Legendary. Forest Princess.. 4pp 2/4. Fanfare : If you have 2 or less neutral cards in hand, put 2 faeries into your hand. If you have 3 or more neutral cards in your hand, put 1 thorn burst and 2 faeries into your hand. Bronze Sylvan Elder. 6pp 4/5, Ward. Fanfare. Give all other allied followers +1/+1 if you have 3 or more neutral cards in hand. Silver Swordcraft Blade Mouse 2pp 1/3 Every time an enemy follower is destroyed, gain +1/0. Silver Old man and old Woman 3pp 1/4 Can attack Twice Per Turn. Evolved 2/5, bane and can attack twice per turn. Silver Three Knights of Cards. 5pp spell. Summon 3 1/3s, one with Ward, One with Bane and one with Storm. They count as Neutrals. Gold. Red Hood : 2pp 2/2. Evolved : If you have a neutral follower on board, destroy an enemy follower. Gold Demon Hunter Momo. 3pp 2/2. Rush. Clash if the enemy follower has 5 or more attack, gain bane until end of turn. Silver Cindarella. 3pp 4/4. Whenever an allied sword follower is played, return this card to hand. Legendary Hero of Antiquity. 8pp 6/10. Rush, (can't be destroyed by spells or effects, can only be destroyed by damage via effects and attacks). Legendary Princess's kiss. 3pp Give a neutral follower +2/+4 and Commander. Bronze Silver Swordsman. 5pp 3/4. Ward, Bane. When attacking an enemy follower, destroy it before it can deal any damage. Gold. The White Rabbit. 3pp 2/3. Fanfare : Draw as many cards as you have neutral followers on your field. Bronze Axe Destroyer. 6pp 6/5. Evolve 7/6. Destroy an enemy follower or amulet. Fire Shield. 2pp spell. Deal 3 damage to an enemy shield, deal 6 instead if you have an ambushed follower. Silver Runecraft Sweets witch 2pp 2/2 Fanfare : If you have less runecraft cards in your hand than neutral cards, draw a card. Bronze Arch Witch of Oz : 5pp 4/5 : Fanfare Draw until you have 5 cards and reduce the cost of all non-spellboostable spells to 1. Last Words : Banish all spells in your hand. Legendary Mysteria Carbuncle. 2pp 2/1. Last Words : Spellboost your cards. Bronze Mysteria Grimoire. 3pp 1/2. Draw two cards, at the end of your turn, discard all spells. Silver Gingerbread house. 3pp. Amuletm, Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower. Restore 2 defence to your leader. Silver Forbidden Elemental. 3pp 6/6. Can't attack, if you have 9 cards in your hand evolve this card. Evolved 6/6. Deal 3 damage to all enemy followers, can attack. Legendary. Apprentice Sword Mage. 4pp 3/4 , Gain +1/+1 if you have more neutral cards than rune cards in your hand. Bronze Phantom User 5pp 4/4 Put one follower with the same name as your biggest destroyed follower this battle into the field, give it rush and "at the start of your next turn, this follower is destroyed" . Silver Pyromancer. 5pp 3/6. Deal X damage to an enemy follower., x being the number of neutral cards in your hand . Enhance 7 : After that evolve this follower. Evolve 4/7, Storm. Gold Golem Assault. 2pp spell. Put a shield guardian into your hand. Enhance 6. Put 2 more. Earth Rite : Reduce the cost of all shield guardians in your hand by 1. Gold Heinlein the Dark Magic Expert. 6pp 5/6. Ward. Fanfare Spellboost all spellboost cards in your hand not spellboosted into 5 yet, into 5. Silver Master Mage Levi: 6pp 4/4. Fanfare deal 3 damage to an enemy, earth rite. Deal 3 damage to all enemies instead. Gold Dragoncraft Dragon Lance ? 6pp Destroy a follower, if you have played a follower that costs 5 or more, this spell costs 4. Silver Elder Sea Turtle. 4pp 2/4 Fanfare : If in overflow, gain an evolution point. Bronze Master of Draconic Arts. 3pp 1/4. Ward. If in overflow clash +4/0. Silver Dragon Summoner. 2pp 1/2. Fanfare : Add a random dragon from your deck to your hand. Bronze Reckless Fight. 7pp Amulet. Whenever a neutral follower comes into play give it storm and then destroy it at the end of the turn. Gold Dragon Goddess 9pp 5/6. Last Words, during your next turn, whenever a dragon follower enters your field, double it's attack and defence. Legendary Red Ragewyrm. 3pp 0/5. Can't attack. Evolved 10/10. Can attack, at the end of your turn, destroy this follower. Hippogryff rider. 5pp 2/4 , Storm. Gain +1/0 for every allied follower attack. Silver Fortress Cancer 9pp 6/8 Ward. When evolved last word : Add 1 Fortress Cancer to your hand. Silver Jabberywock. 8pp 7/7. Fanfare : Destroy all other allied followers, for each allied follower destroyed, put a follower from your deck that costs more than the destroyed follower into play. Legendary. Shadowcraft Black Swan Odile 5/4.. no pp cost Evolution, Fanfare summon a white swan odette for your opponent, then evolve this follower. Evolved : at the end of your turn, deal 2 damage to all enemy characters. Gold Haunted Castle : 1pp Spell. Countdown 3 : During your turn if a non-ghost follower dies. Summon a ghost. Bronze Dark Alice. 7pp 5/5. Last Words Banish all shadowcraft cards on your field then summon Dark Alice, at the start of your next turn, banish all shadowcraft cards in your hand and in your deck. Legendary Guide of the River Styx. 2pp Fanfare: Necromancy 6: Add a copy of your highest cost follower which has died this battle to your hand. (If there are multiple highest cost, one is chosen randomly.) Silver Caterpillar of Riddles. 4pp 4/3. Give all allied neutral followers +1/+1. Deal 2 damage to all allied shadowcraft followers. Silver. Ded Moroz. 5pp 5/7. Destroy all allied shadowcraft followers, restore x defence to your leader, x being the number of shadowcraft followers destroyed. Gold. Corpselord of Woe. 4pp 4/4. Can't attack. At the start of your turn use Necromancy 6 : Evolve this follower. Evolved 4/4. Can attack, last words, summon a corpselord of woe. Legendary. Nightmare executioner. 4pp 0/3. Bane, clash draw a card. Silver Mad Hatter Shadowcraft 7 PP 4/5 Fanfare : If there are other allied followers on the field, destroy 1 other allied followers and summons 1 "Tin Soldier" Bronze Poisoned apple of regeneration. 2pp spell. Turn an allied neutral follower into a shadowcraft follower and give it last words : Summon this follower. Gold Skeleton ogre. 2pp 1/4. Whenever this follower attacks use necromancy 4 : Give this follower +2/0 Bloodcraft Australian Fist Bouncer Bar (No idea) 4pp 3/4 Fanfare : Destroy an enemy follower with less than 3 defence or less, if not in vengeance mode, deal 2 damage to your leader. Bronze Wicked Fairy Carbosse. 6pp 6/6 : Fanfare give your leader : When the turn starts your maximum pp does not increase by 1 and "When the turn starts, deal 1 damage to the enemy leader and draw 1 card" This effect stacks. Legendary Murder Knife : 3pp spell : Give a follower "If this follower attacks, deal 3 damage to it" If in vengeance, apply this to all enemy followers. Gold Wolf boy. 2pp 3/1. Can't be attacked by followers with 1 attack. Silver Tove. 2pp 3/3. Can't attack. When an allied neutral follower comes into play, this follower can attack and gains rush. Bronze. Demon Officer Emarada. 7pp 4/5. Destroy an enemy follower or amulet. Gain Storm if Vengeance is active. Gold Fang of Disguise Bloodcraft 1 PP Until the end of your turn, give an allied Neutral Follower "If you attack a follower, destroy that follower before damage dealt." Silver Bandersnatch. 5pp 4/5. Rush. Enhance 7. Give Last words : At the start of your next turn, put a followet that costs at least 6 play points into play. Silver Scarlet Swordsman. 5pp 2/4. Bane. Fanfare Deal 2 damage to an enemy character, then restore 2 health to your leader. Silver Spawn of the abyss. 8pp 6/8. Ambush. If ambush is active when this follower attacks, deal 6 damage to the enemy leader. Last Words. If Ambush is active deal 6 damage to the enemy leader. Evolved. Change the damage dealt to 8. Legendary. Demon key. 3pp amulet. Countdown 5. Whenever you take damage during your turn reduce the countdown by 1. Last words, put the highest cost follower in your hand into play. Bronze Havencraft: White Swan Odette 6pp 4/5 Fanfare : Summon a black swan odile for your enemy, then evolve this follower. Evolved : Heal all friendly characters. Gold White Tiger. 3pp 3/2. Can't be targeted by enemy spells or effects. Alice's Adventure. 2pp Amulet. Whenever you play a neutral follower, lower the countdown of your followers by 1. Gold. Lion of El Dorado. 7pp 5/5. Fanfare: Put an amulet costing 5 pp or less onto your board and destroy it. Every time a neutral follower is played on your board, reduce the cost of this card by 1. Legendary Snow White. 2pp 1/2. Last Words, summon a snow white, then evolve it and make it lose all of it's abilities. Legendary. Hatti. 6pp 3/7. Gain rush and bane if there is an evolved enemy follower in play. Silver. Red Paladin Naoisse Havencraft 2 PP 2/2 Fanfare : Until the beginning of your next turn, all 4 or more damage to your leader becomes 3. Gold Monk of Purification. 6pp 4/6. Fanfare : Put two monastic waters into your hand. Bronze. Guillotine : 2pp Amulet. Countdown 5. Lower the countdown by 1 for every enemy follower destroyed. Last words : Draw 3 cards. Bronze Eagleman : 6pp 4/5 Ward. Reduce the cost of this follower by 1 whenever a neutral follower comes into play. Silver March Hare's teatime : 5pp amulet. Countdown 4. Fanfare Summon a tin soldier. Last words, summon a tin soldier. Silver.
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    Frogbat Frogbat Frogbat Frogbat
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    Maybe if I kiss them they turn into legendaries.
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    How will the format be diverse when there are one or two decks that are much stronger than the others, i.e. when the game is unbalanced? IMO balance should be one of the highest priorities, since unbalance leads to stale metas. I'm not talking about perfect balance, because that's virtually impossible.
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    In case you haven't noticed: Council of Card Knights has a rather ... interesting ... abbreviation. I am pretty sure the name of the card will change before release, once enough people have realised it
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    So the new meta report is out for the May 29th to June 4th on Shadow Log. Headlines: Shadow 28.7% Blood 15.2% Haven 15.1% Dragon 13.8% Sword 10.8% Rune 10.1% Forest 6.2% The "average" play ratio is 14.3%. That makes Shadow very overplayed, Blood and Haven slightly overplayed, Dragon slightly underplayed, Sword and Rune underplayed, and Forest very underplayed. Just from that you can probably infer that the nerfs on Dragon went too far and the nerfs on Shadow didn't go far enough. Probably what a lot of people were predicting based on the fact that the stronger of the two behemoths got one card nerfed and the weaker of the two got two cards nerfed. Anyway, time to go deeper: winrates. Shadow 54.1% Blood 50.8% Dragon 50.3% Haven 48.6% Sword 47.6% Forest 46.9% Rune 43.2% Always odd when the most-played decks and the most-winning decks don't match up. The evolutionary tendency would be for people to play decks that win more often more and decks that lose more often less. A couple of things are throwing that off. The most obvious is deck costs - Rune usage doesn't fall as low as its abyssmal winrate would suggest because D-Shift is a very cheap deck, while Wolf Bolt is a very expensive deck where the default 3-drop is a Legendary and there are no replacements for a the signature gold cards. The second thing throwing things off is Aegis: it posts positive winrates against Midrange Shadow, Aggro Shadow, and Ramp Dragon - that's 3 decks out of the top five, and Aegis is itself one of the other top decks. The only top five deck that Aegis is actually bad against is Vengeance Blood, which probably makes Aegis players feel like they are a bit more favored than they actually are. Anyway, time to go deeper: top decks. Midrange Shadow: 14% of the Meta, 56.5% Winrate Vengeance Blood: 8.7% of the Meta, 50.7% Winrate Ramp Dragon: 8.5% of the Meta, 51.3% Winrate Aggro Shadow: 6.3% of the Meta, 56.1% Winrate Aegis Bishop: 5.6% of the Meta, 49.8% Winrate Storm Haven: 4.8% of the Meta, 52.7% Winrate Midrange Sword: 4.2% of the Meta, 49.3% Winrate D-Shift: 4.0% of the Meta, 40.1% Winrate Aggro Blood: 3.5% of the Meta, 53.6% Winrate Off Meta Decks: 40.4% of the meta. As always, Shadowlog is hardest to parse when it comes to Dragon, because Ramp Dragons are divided out in Stormramp and Satan Ramp and such if they produce such things, and called Ramp when they don't play their headline win condition cards. So they report several decks with bizarrely high winrates and another deck with bizarrely low winrates, but it's really just a couple of different builds of the same Ramp deck. Another thing to notice is that the meta is in fact extremely diverse. We're nowhere near the level of crazy town where midway through RoB Daria Rune was 17% of the meta by itself. But I suppose it's time to go even deeper: good matchups. Midrange Shadow: Very Favored against Vengeance Blood, Favored against Ramp Dragon and Aggro Shadow, Unfavored against Aegis and Storm Haven Vengeance Blood: Very Favored againts Aegis, Favored against Ramp Dragon and Storm Haven, Very Unfavored against Aggro and Midrange Shadow Ramp Dragon: Unfavored against all top decks. Aggro Shadow: Very Favored against Vengeance Blood, Favored against Ramp Dragon, Unfavored against Midrange Shadow and Storm Haven, Very Unfavored against Aegis Aegis: Very Favored against Aggro Shadow, Favored against Midrange Shadow, Ramp Dragon, and Storm Haven. Very Unfavored against Vengeance Blood. A bit odd for Ramp Dragon to be the third most played archetype and have a net positive win percentage while being bad against literally all of the top played decks. The deal here is that Ramp Dragon isn't unfavored by very much in any of the top matchups and it's still good against off-meta decks. We're seeing that a lot of top decks have teched themselves out to fight Dragon and Shadow, and in the case of Dragon these decks haven't pushed it very far down. Dragon can still win a game against any deck - if you run out of steam before they run out of Ouroboros, that's a win for them. But it's easy to see why Dragon's play rate has fallen like a rock since the nerfs - it just isn't that good of a deck and has no real easy matchups anymore. Midrange Shadow is still the best deck, and even Haven decks fully teched against the Midrange Shadow menace (Aegis and Storm Haven as currently played) are only Favored, not Very Favored. Midrange Shadow is Favored to Very Favored against the entire rest of the field. Literally the entire rest of the field. Cygames is presumably looking at ways to hurt Midrange Shadow in the next expansion. That is what I would be doing after looking at this data. Vengeance Blood has the most polarized matchups, and is highly meta dependent. Being very unfavored against both top decks of the most played craft means that it would be very easy for the meta to become more even more Luna infested than it is now and stop being playable. It pretty much lives to prey on Haven decks that were looking to pick a fight with Shadow decks.
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    Well, there's still a reason to use Acolyte's Light, because if Haven didn't have Shadow to kick around they couldn't justify existing as a class. But when was the last time you saw someone cast Onslaught, Crimson Purge, or even Call of the Void? I don't think anyone is suggesting thatmaking a cycle of 2/3 wards would be a bad thing. Such a thing would almost certainly put a huge dent in the number of Grimnir's played because it's difficult to imagine making such a card cycle without many of the cards having an ability more relevant than an enhance effect that only does anything at all on 10 PP. Decks which intend to win the game or die trying before getting to 10 PP would rather get any ability they could use. Any ability at all. Which is why Roach and Wolfbolt use 3 copies of Ancient Elf before they play any Grimnirs at all. The only decks that would still run Grimnir if they had an in-class 2/3 Ward would be ones where the deck intended to still be playing the game on 10 PP. Because then and only then is the enhance worth anything at all. Right now that's pretty much just Aegis and Ramp Dragon, but I could imagine there being other control decks for which the fact that Grimnir can be a bad 3 PP play or a bad 10 PP play might actually matter enough that you'd pack the card for the versatility. But you'd certainly stop seeing the card in aggro shadow if you got a 2/3 Ward in Shadow with any rules text.
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    Everyone seems to think dark alice is for lategame heavy neutral follower, but it could also be for the obvious advantage be used with: Midnight hunt - 13 shadows: Dark alice - Banish midnight hunt - no shadow lost, remove all shadowcards in deck Path to Purgatory - Neutral follower who uses the easy gained shadows between some uriels, defence cards, and shadowgain cards. Probably doesn't work because dark alice is a little bit too expensive and you need a lot of card luck to get the midnight hunts, but else this seems like the only natural usage of dark alice.
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    If you struggling with a 3pp 2/3 Ward: Don't worry, next expansion we get a 2pp 2/4 Ward, a 3pp 3/4 Ward, a 3pp 2/5 and Dragon can play a 2/5 ward right now, Forest a 4/5 AE Have fun dealing with them.
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    When you realise that a gold card is 10 times better than 30% of the legendary pool.
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    I think Cygames should introduce a new kind of card tickets called Rainbow tickets. What they do is they are regular card tickets, but work for all expansions, so you can choose, on which packs to use them on. These tickets should replace the standart ones in quests and Take 2, so you wouldn't be stuck with just standart ones
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    Ehh.. The cards that get over-used do not represent the balance ? How does that even make sense ? Grimnir, Albert, Salamander's breath, zombie party and so on. All represent the balance of Enhance because they are busted. Most of the other enhance card see no real usage in comparison to these. I'd say that is more than representative of the balance of Enhance. And well, swordcraft is not necessarily that dependent on those traits, i mean hell the current midrange sword doesn't use it. Buff aggro does and Token sword does to an extent but with the way board buffs work, you could easily fit neutral tokens into it. As it stands right now the core mechanics of swordcraft, tokens and commander/officer are not that utilized at all due to really poor support these last few expansions.
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    We’ve opened a special web page for Shadowverse’s 5th card pack, Wonderland Dreams. Catch a sneak peek of some upcoming cards! More information about specific card abilities can be found here; https://shadowverse.com/cardpack/wonderlanddreams/
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    This is the best way to be a complete *** while ensuring no one will use the thread. Specifically to piss you off. Seriously. Couldn't you have made the thread without being as aggressively offensive as possible?
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    True, but again you are looking at year dev. Blood has never really shined ever. Bat Blood? Eh. Cygames has to "edge" crafts or else the top meta will stay at the top and no one will bother with playing the other crafts. Forest shot to the top out of the gates, and 90% of those cards are still being played regularly. Creeping up the other classes is the only reason Forest isn't Tip Top right now.
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    Okay, now this is getting absurd.
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    I am really sick and tired of Grimnir i'd probably have to rate him as one of the worst designed cards in the game atm. He is a card that can just fit in anywhere with EXTREME RANGE and that range makes him.. just waay too much of a no-brainer. And that is actually a problem and why i think he is one of the worst designed cards in this expansion. I mean he is a 3pp 2/3 with ward.. that can also double as a board clear that can damage face, i mean what complete and utter clown thought that was a good idea ? It means that while he is already a good follower to play at any turn holding on to him to turn 10, which is also easy for dragoncraft. Incurs absolutely no penalty but a big benefit. Effectively what grimnir does is he lowers the skillcap for the game. Because when you have a card that is really really good when played on curve, but then on top of that has another condition where he is EVEN Better. You're just actively lowering the amount of skill needed in the game when players can have a card that can just massively increase in powerlevel while being extremely flexible. It means that pretty much almost all deck types just run Grimnir, he is a card you do not have to think about adding to your deck, he is just that good. Aggro, midrange, control. They do not care, he is just that good. He can serve as an extra finisher, board clear.. You name it, Grimnir has TOO MUCH RANGE. I am sick and tired of having to play against decks, doing my best and then boom. He just plays down grimnirs just completely ruining everything. So yeah. I am sick and tired of Grimnir. He is one of the worst designed cards this expansion and i sincerely think that whoever thought he was a good idea should strongly reconsider what on earth he is doing. Because Grimnir is symptomatic of some of the worst design issues that shadowverse has. Cards with too much enhance range while also just being really good when played straight away. So please nerf grimnir. Remove his enhance, there is absolutely zero reason that in a game that has bahamut and a ton of powerful board clears that an already good 3pp ward needs to be one as well that can damage face. Because i am sick and tired having fought for board through all manner of board clears and wards.. And then just getting screwed over by Grimnir. And if i have to go through another 3 bloody months of Grimnir while there is clearly being done nothing to provide token sword with a sensible counter-play or even just something to at least be able to push through. I am not going to be happy... In fact i am more likely to just take a big fat break from the game. Because while i can tolerate a lot of things, absolutely lazy and terrible design like Grimnir is not one of them. Not in a game with a ton of board clear and pretty much no realistic counterplay to any of those things,not in a game where i already have to deal with the fact that shadowcraft just does what swordcraft does.. but better , adding it to a card that also doubles as a strong ward is downright insulting, especially when you are already doing a terrible job of supporting the main synergies of several classes and are now pushing neutral synergies very hard thus further neglecting the class synergies.. Especially the ones i enjoy. So if you are going to be pushing neutral synergies while in many cases neglect or downright sabotage class synergies. Please nerf Grimnir. If cygames as it claims care about a competetive environment, nerf Grimnir. Because right now he is a stain on an otherwise fun game.
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    And I'm glad of that. It's already disgusting seeing Dragon dropping Baha on turn 6, I don't want him to come out on turn 4.
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    I've read worse. But I respect that you tried.
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    @FrankTrollman I don't think that anyone is necessarily arguing that Grim, before Enhance zone is an outright problem. It is a solid card for that alone. It is also nothing out of place for anything any craft has available for early wards already (stats jumbled around). It is the enhance portion, mainly because Grim is a great aggro stopper, we can all agree. BUT, with his enhance he is pretty much a hard counter to all aggro archetypes. None of those decks are reliant on tanks in their decks. Hell, that enhance alone will wipe out an Oto board, Storm Haven boards, most Blood and Eachtar Shadow boards AND still hit face. Ramp Dragon is maybe one of the few that could shrug it off as a mild tempo loss (If they haven't already won by then) Most of my issue with his Enhance. It reeks of early Shadowverse Satan decks. The "I am going to go ahead and most likely wipe most of your board, hit you for 4, drop a Ward out AND still keep my board" is a bit much.
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    Mortal kombat x, CS:GO, LoL, Binding of Isaac.(you didn't specify the game type)
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    Haven gets another countdown amulet, that is actually playable. Nice how they aren't giving up on countdown despite it not having much success. This plus the Ancient Lion, can a traditional non Garuda Countdown deck actually be viable for once? Maybe? It at least looks like a possibility at this point. Jabberwocky is a deckbuilder's dream, and these are my favorite types of cards as I've said many times before. There are a lot of possibilties here. However the key is like all dream cards, the other cards to achieve the dream have to be at least solid on their own. Throwing in bad cards that will be terrible plays, just cause they would be great with Jabberwocky, won't lead to a successful deck. That sword removal is OP in an ambush deck, Blood has to pay 2 life and 1pp more to get 6 damage. Nice how it is pushing ambush sword, though I think he is going into everyone favorite frog based deck most likely. Large wards? NP, and for only 2 cost as well. I also think it will be run in control sword. 3 damage is a big upgrade from 2, aggro sword may still want 2 damage get a token though. Skeleton Ogre is overstatted, he does cost you 4 necromancy when it attacks, gaining +2 atk. Can be used freely early game as you won't have the shadows to trigger its necro anyways. Can curve nicely into Minthe maybe. Well catgirls are great so this white sage is fitting. Draw a card and +1/+1 buff? Real good. Demon key. Oh yes another deckbuildling card! This expansion was made for creative folk! Razor claws, bloodfen raptor, spider imp, many ways to self damage......then bring out a monster follower like Calabrosse, Abyss, Lucifer, Zeus, whatever. Golem assault. Double spell boost, enhance quad spell boost. Definitely some possibilities here beyond earth rite. Sylvan Elder: Would only see play in a neutral forest deck, and even in that...don't think so. It has a condition, has 1 less health than Sage Commander. It does have ward, that is something.
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    You are legendary enough, Old Man Yue
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    Now 32! (~2.09% chance) Not sure why I'm even keeping track l0l.
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    Sorry, that's an English idiom. "We'll always have Paris" is a famous line from Cassablanca meaning that fond memories of the past can remain even when the present changes unrecognizably. In this case the reference was that despite the changes in the metagame there are still viable old decks. And thus if you don't like playing the new Tier 1 decks you can still get a positive winrate by digging up Aggro Blood and beating face with Vania's Forest Bats. This will still probably be true after Wonderland Dreams comes out. If you blow all your vials on whatever the new Tier 1 decks are and it turns out you don't like playing them, it's still very likley that there will be some old decks you have lying around that are still good or some budget options that still post positive winrates. My apologies if that was a bit too literary for people whose first language isn't English.
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    Beast Dominator for Leader!!! Now seriously the vote is limited to cell phones is practically this restricting the vote for Japan Why Cygames...
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    Aegis has a 48.7% overall rate at master rank, so can't even break even. That is with shadow being everywhere, and Aegis being the only counter to it. It has a 37.8% win rate against Vengeance blood, a 36% win rate against storm dragon, a 24.2% win rate against D shift, a 37.3% win rate against aggro blood, a 40% win rate against mid range sword, a 39.5% win rate against OTK forest, a 38.1% win rate against Seraph. Worrying about Aegis is just as ridiculous as worrying about Atomeme, maybe even more so. I know people get scared about about 'immortality' even when it can be stopped by a bellringer, and is slow as molasses. The game would be better if people focused on what is actually strong, Aegis has zero chance of ever being broken. It is too slow for many decks.
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    Judgement for Heretics like you!!! Khawy is the only true Shadow leader!!!
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    Into the Looking Glass combos are starting to look a lot more interesting.
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    I still think it's a healthy nerf for the game in the long term. Yes, it hurts to lose an AoE banish against Shadow, but performance against an absolutely broken craft should not be used as a justification for maintaining the power of a card that would have seriously limited design space. An AoE banish is a Pandora's Box sort of card that undermines so many core mechanics and playstyles that it's toxic for the game.
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    We're calling top classes before the whole expansion has been announced now? Makes zero sense. Just keep it in mind until we can assess the whole thing. People love jumping to early conclusions.
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    Well one thing i find funny is that they have actually shown so few neutral cards, normally they just toss out the neutral cards, but with this expansion featuring them, it seems like they are keeping some of them a bit in reserve along with Forest and Rune. But so far one thing i am liking besides Council of Card Knights.. No enhance cards, not a single one. I mean if i don't have to stare down at another bloody Grimnir or Zombie Party i can at least accept some boring swordcraft legendaries.. Though i still think they are damn boring and they need to up themselves on swordcraft card design there.
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    RAGE tournament currently streaming. https://www.openrec.tv/live/h79S99LaGlR (currently Elana Haven vs Aggro Vengeance Blood)
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    Notice combo players never complain about other decks for 'not fun!', but non combo players complain about them constantly regardless of how weak they are. Quite annoying and extremely selfish. Why don't we make on curve decks unplayable and only combo decks viable? It's not like I enjoy playing against every shadowverse deck/card ever, but I only complain about ones that are too strong as evidenced by win rate and matchup data. I play the decks I enjoy (which aren't all combo decks or close to it, I just defend them cause people are idiots and someone has to), and I don't try to take away decks that other people enjoy cause that is being a douche.
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    If decks are supposed to be built around synergies and not specific cards then you take away the design space for every combo deck since those decks are built around a single card. That also kills every control deck except for ramp Dragoncraft variants (which have multiple win conditions) and grinder-oriented control decks (which are cancer and should not exist). That leaves aggro decks, midrange decks, ramp Dragoncraft variants, and grinder control decks, and that's not a healthy meta. There's room for both decks built around synergies and around single cards, and while saying only one of these types should exist is a perfectly valid opinion it loses the bigger picture of what card game design actually should be.
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    So double legendaries confirmed. As for these legendaries. Honestly, they're all.. Kinda rubbish. I mean Cindarella can work in a fully neutral deck, but she's otherwise just *another* dumb Swordcraft card that doesn't actually work with swordcraft mechanics. The Sky dragon goddess could see play.. Maybe ? I dunno, just not sure if anyone wants to play her. And the second havencraft legendary is snow white. Essentially can get a load of value out of her as a 2 drop, also the first legendary 2 drop in the game i think. Probably the closest to playable out of the 3. As for Ephemera she is basically a hidden lower cost elf knight cynthia. So basically she is token support, so wondering where all the tokens are, in fact her and that Angel Knight certainly seems to indicate something happening there as long as they also give out the actual token generators.
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    Dude you can just do this:
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    An issue I've noticed is that once I finish my dailies there just doesn't seem to be much point to playing the game if I'm not playing Arena. I don't want to climb too high on the ladder because that will make completely dailies in unranked harder. So I'm not trying to go too high there. I've played unranked just for the fun and experience and trying out new decks but it just feels like I'm "wasting" my time because there are no rewards. Now, to be frank, I don't like Arena. It's not very fun and that's just that. I've read Arena guides and all that, it's just not something I'll ever enjoy even though I'm slowly getting better at it. I mainly don't enjoy it because randomness is too important. Building a deck is tough enough and now I'm supposed to build a deck with random cards with a class I don't know well? I just built a Take Two Swordcraft deck (I main Sword) that I knew before I ever took it into a match that it was just a terrible, terrible deck. Yet I spent time not having fun and hating the game because I had to at least try? I lost 3 out of 4 and didn't even bother with number 5 so I just wasted a ticket. It wasn't a matter of skill, it was just a terrible deck. So, why can't we have some small rewards for just playing through unranked? I'm not saying to shower us in rupees but a few rupees every few matches, and feel free to have a daily or weekly cap, would make me feel less like I'm wasting my time when I'm not playing Arena; which again I have to emphasize is just not fun. Overall, I would think you want your players to be having fun because if they stop having fun then they'll stop playing. I know that is a huge reason why I quit playing Hearthstone, I just wasn't enjoying myself anymore. Thanks for your time.
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    Good god, that is quite the anniversary, 40 free packs plus 6 take two tickets and twice as much gold. But will it ever be able to compete with blizzards fight promoter for free ?
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    Swordcraft's "class mechanics" are just that things have or reference the traits of Officer or Commander. That's pretty weak tea. Swordcraft's actual feel is that it gets aggressively costed followers with combat related abilities and don't get any healing. For a Swordcraft card to feel Swordcrafty, it needs to be good at fighting and not give any healing. Albert does all that. His enhance ability of multiattack is something that only appears on Dragons and Sword Commanders. His unenhanced self is just a solid turn 5 storm follower. I would say it's a problem that Sword's "class mechanics" are so poorly defined. But given that reality, Albert is about as solidly drawn in to the class feel as it is possible to have.
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    1. Hulking giant gains 1/1 for each earth sigil in hand. However change so it doesn't destroy those sigils. It is such garbage to gamble the whole game on a single card. In addition if 2 sigils on board give it rush, 3 sigils on board give it storm. 2. Guardian golems are now 2/4s instead of 3/3s. 3 health sucks, everyone has 2 cost 3 damage spells now, plus so vulnerable to banish and evo effects. 3. New spell card, song of the earth. 2 cost, draw a card plus one for every earth sigil on board. 4. Gem golem now gains +2/+2 in addition to can't be targeted by spells/effects earth rite.
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    Sword only has 2 "free" amulets: Durendal and Leonidas' Resolve. Now, let's take a look at "how" they come into play to understand if they are really "free". Durendal comes into play with Roland... which is a do-nothing 4/5 Ward follower that costs 7pp. Just to make a comparison, Dragon has Sybil who is a 4/5 ramp + heal for 5pp. So, Durendal isn't free at all. Resolve comes into play when Leonidas is killed. And he's a 9pp 7/8 do-nothing. He can be banished to negate Last Words. To make another comparison, Dragon has a terrible card, Inferno Dragon, which is a 8pp 8/8 do-nothing... better statted than Leonidas and cheaper. So, Resolve isn't "free" either. And for the fact that you have no extra Baha, as I said, it's not Cygames' fault. Just after the second TotG week I starred 10 cards because I expected some of them to be nerfed: Soulsquasher, Catacomb, Orthrus, Zombie Party, Zell, Sybil, Eachtar, Rahab, Grimnir and LB. The nerf arrived, and I was prepared. I'm sorry you weren't, but saving vials and not relying too much on possible nerf targets is up to you, not to Cygames.
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    Did you seriously just type that Dragon has no early or mid game.. I guess face dragon didn't exist in DE and I imagined the whole thing 😳
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    Cause hearthstone is the first digital card game to make a big splash, to be mainstream. Thus for many people who play digital CCGs, Hearthstone was their first. Just like a first serious girlfriend, one can't help but compare later ones to the first. There is something special about a first experience.
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    So Rune has three established archetypes: Daria, D-Shift, and Dirt Rune. These decks all have their plusses and minuses, but what they all share in common is that none of them care very much about the majority of cards that Rune technically has access to. Daria and D-Shift are only really interested in (cheap) spells or spellboostable cards, and Dirt Rune is laser focused on cards that put Dirt Sigils into play or their hand so they can get value off the Hulking Giant or the Taboo Meister. But did you know that Rune decks can technically have other cards in them? It's true! Ginger Rune is an interesting place to experiment with that fact, because the deck's victory condition isn't based on acquiring Dirt Runes or Spellboosts - just on getting to Turn 9 with a hand full of fatties. We have some new deck constraints though. First of all, Ginger herself negates Fanfares, which means that our finishers can't be dependent on fanfares to be good. They can have fanfares that aren't required for them to be major threats - like Israfil or Bahamut, but they cannot have fanfares that are required for function like Rune Blade Summoner or Dark Angel Olivia. Secondly, the victory condition doesn't go live until Turn 9, and requires a lot of cards left in your hand at that point. You can't spend a lot of cards defending yourself, and a lot of staples of decks like D-Shift like Angelic Snipe won't work. So to theory craft what we want in a Ginger deck, let's work backwards from Turn 9 and see what ideally we'd want to have in our hand. TURN 9: On turn 9 you want to play Ginger and at least 2 big dudes. Preferably 3, but 2 is enough to make playing Ginger better than just playing a big dude. Also you need to actually have Ginger or you aren't playing Ginger Rune. Clearly you need 3 Gingers, and the chance of drawing one cold by Turn 9 is about 66%. That's not enough, so we need to put in some card draw. If we draw three additional cards, the chance of drawing Ginger is above 88%, which is pretty good. Assuming we've drawn 3 extra cards then, we average 0.375 big dudes in our hand on Ginger Turn for every copy in our deck. If we set our target for an average of 3 Big Dudes, we are looking at a target of 8 big dudes. The best dudes are Zeus and Lucifer, with Israfil and Bahamut being "also good." If you want to sub in Reina or Erasmus, I am not going to tell you that you are wrong to do so. Bottom line: the constraints of the Ginger turn are that we need 8 fatties and 3 Gingers, which leaves us 29 cards to make the rest of the deck. TURN 8: The only thing we have to do on turn 8 is stay alive. Ideally we'd want to do so in a way that doesn't leave our side of the board clogged up and doesn't use up any evolution points. So what we mostly want here is a removal spell. Call of Cocytos is particularly exciting because it gives us an extra 13/13 on Ginger Turn and also can be played as a weak DoD on turn 5. Alternately if you need healing you can jolly well play Lucifer from your hand. And you may need to wipe out several followers in one turn, so it would be nice to be able to play some sort of sweepers, such as Flame Witch plus some draw spells. In any case, you should probably run 3 Call of Cocytus, but there's no particular call to run any additional 8 cost cards. TURN 7: The hand's down best Turn 7 play is to play Sahaquiel and then . Therefore you want 3x Sahaquiel. You have 8 hits for Sahaquiel, and the best one is Lucifer (which you therefore also want 3 of) for healing or Zeus for the choice of board control or face damage. But Sahaquiel into Israfil is also very impressive because it does both board control and face damage. There is no need or benefit to running any other 7 cost cards, but we note how greedy the deck already is: 14 cards that can't be played before turn 7. That's basically a third of your deck, so the early plays need to be high impact. TURN 6: Turn 6, like Turn 8 is a reactive turn. This is a turn where you want to play out whatever 2 and 3 cost cards you have lying around, because your next turns are scripted and you won't get any value out of them for the rest of the game. TURN 5: The ideal Turn 5 play when going first is to play and evolve Levi. That much has not changed from D-Shift and even Dirt Rune. That turn is simply too good. The difference is that your ideal followup is Witch Bolt rather than Piercing Rune. You don't much care about 2 points of face damage on turn 5, and you really need the card draw. Failing that, casting a Call of Cocytus without enhance is perfectly acceptable. TURN 4: The ideal Turn 4 while you are on the draw is to play Levi and evolve him. Same as it ever was. Failing that, removal or wards (or pseudo-wards like Timeless Witch) is the way to go. TURN 3: The best turn 3 play is to play a removal spell or a War Cyclone. This is where Daria starts trying to cast 2 spells a turn, but Ginger wants to keep her hand full. The best turn 3 removal for Ginger is stuff like First Curse or Witch Bolt because that keeps utility for later turns. TURN 2: Even though the deck is geared towards later plays (and intends to play three or more 8+ cost effects in one turn), you still need more 2-cost effects than 9 cost effects. On turn 9 you'll have had 9 draw steps plus whatever cycling you've managed to do. On turn 2 you'll just have 2 draw steps. Even with Mulligans you only see 8 cards or less to try to get your turn 2 play. Your chance of seeing a particular 2 cost card that you have 3 copies of in the first five cards is about one in three. That's why even control decks usually run a dozen or more two cost effects. Now the best 2 cost effect on the draw is Kaleidescopic Glow, because it digs for Ginger pieces and makes the game take longer. On the play, your opponent often doesn't have anything in play yet, which makes it dead. On the play the best turn 2 play is Unica. Freshman Lou is OK because the only spell boost cards in your deck are Fate's Hands and Fiery Embrace. Magic Missile is only good if your opponent has 1 defense followers in play because you don't care about the chip damage and aren't heavily invested in spellboosting. Sammy is better here, because everyone having a bigger hand at the end of the game is pure gravy for you. TURN 1: Since you're a combo deck at heart, drawing a turn 1 Insight is still better than mulliganing into a random card. It's a lot like playing a 37 card deck, plus it makes your Fate Hands cheaper. It's not as great as it is in D-Shift, but you'll still play it.