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  2. Since you're likely to have several puppets and want to save the bane'd puppet for later, how about making it more clear which puppet has been gifted bane, perhaps by putting a purple highlight around the newly buffed puppet?
  3. 3? I have 2 and 2 White fang temple for 8 damage..
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  5. Favourite moments?

    Now that's a fatty Adra.
  6. "Support cannon is bugged and noone noticed" it since the Tempest of the Gods. Sounds like "people are dumb and i'm the blessed one here" to me.
  7. The salt mega thread.

    Hmmm. Maybe I ought to use some Take Two ticket, haven't been doing it since ages, got 30 spare. *3 win then suddently BAM. Lion Haven* Ooooh right. That's why I gave up on it. ****in ****.
  8. This being said, if you had time to play 3 freakin cannon, your opponent is bricking hard
  9. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    I thought Adra wouldn't fit the meta but oh boy was I wrong. The card is godlike. Drawing with it is good. Past turn 6 it's a remove anything (expect BnB), and even having low spell count it's a fine play to kill a small follower and trading another. EDIT : Oh, I managed to do it again against another Rune. You need to chill the fack out Sanic.
  10. well yeah that's why I used to complaint bout this late DBNE Meta before Tenko became cancer.. I mean with how limited trigger back then missing 4 face damage due to how ****ty the cannon script is doesn't feels good at all because you have limited number of trigger at any moment..
  11. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    Oh the super fast Lind build, now I understand. Maybe I'll tweak a bit my decklist now that I have 2 Adra and 2 Zooey.
  12. That doesn't sound like a correct behaviour to me. It means that they all analyse board before the first trigger. That is weird and not the behaviour I'd expect at all.
  13. It's how all cannon design are intended,, basically IF there's follower on the board they will target board and only board. IF there's no board then the script would be over, meaning it won't hit face. IF there's no follower BY THE TIME of the first Valid trigger then they will target Face and ONLY FACE. For example if I use that 0pp | 2pp Enhance summon Bat at the end of your opponent turns and you have any healing for example DLF then it will happen in this sequence > You declare turn ends > DLF/Whitefang/Al Miraj/etc heal - > Tenko Shrine script started, no Valid target, hit face - > Blood Amulet script started, Summon a bat. Thus because the bat appeared AFTER Tenko script initiated the bat would be ignored while the Shrine would target your face. Similarly if we use the Casket amulet from Shadow it'll target the newly spawned minion even tho it's a new minion. >Heal trigger -> Tenko script started, there's follower, proceed to hit board -> Hit follower it dies -> Golden Casket effect summon Lich and Zombie -> If there's leftover Tenko ammo then the shrine would proceed to hit the Zombie and Lich -> if both follower gone too and there's still some ammo left the script would be over normally due to absence of target
  14. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    Well I don't remember exactly the turns but I did played : Somniferous x2, Oracle, Fervor, Salamander breath (simple effect), Filene. Deck list : The deck has lethal usually at turn 9-10, don't expect turn 7 often at all. I'm not yet sure of bad matchups, I don't play Lind that much honestly. I'd say best OTK decks should counter it fairly easily (Roach, Chimera), Aggro decks going first as well. Good matchups would be PDK unless they abuse Forte, Dirt Rune, Res Shadow, Tenko. Sanctum is debatable, but I prefer it slightly over Roy (only on Lindworm case, in any other deck it's terrible). Zooey should be okay at 2 exemplary. Most others cards are mandatory to me.
  15. Talk About Whatever

    I’m feeling kinda happy. We had a small, (okay, verrrrry small) FFTCG at the local hobby/toy store we have, only 7 of us, but it was fun getting to meet n make friends with some other local, (and some not so local, Least for my neck of the woods ) people, as expected, I brought my Ice/Water control deck, I ended up losing to a Lightning/Wind combo deck. >.> bleeeeh. But for those interested, and wanted to see the deck, (and some FFTCG card designs) not in any particular order cost wise. Forwards: 22. Kuja 3-030L x2 Ice Kuja 6-027L x2 Ice Steiner 3-137R x3 Water Beatrix 4-135R x3 Water Ultimecia 1-152L x2 Ice Garnet 3-152S x3 Water. Aymeric 6-106H x3 Water Viking 4-133C x2 Water The Emperor 2-147L x2 Darkness. Back-ups: 20 Eiko 3-127R x3 Water Ysayle 6-022R x3 Ice Arcanist 5-028C x2 Ice Summoner 4-136C x3 Water Bard 2-032C x3 Ice Minwu - 1-171H x3 Water Jihl Nabaat 1-193S x3 Ice Summons: 5 Mateus, The Corrupt 5-044C x3 Ice Fairy 1-170C x2 Monsters: 3 Buccaboo 5-046R x3 hopefully all the links work, overall, I came Second, but meh, I still had a blast id recommend anyone to give it a go, regardless of card game, it’s a hell of a lot of fun meeting your fellow players, whether it’s a large get together or not.
  16. Yes, that is what it was doing. The first two cannons removed the follower, then the third cannont did not fire to the leader. This is working as intended, all cannons setting aim to followers when officer comes into play?
  17. Support cannon is bugged and no one noticed

    I'm not sure as I don't see the replay, but I think it is the same issue many people had with Tenko Shrine: When triggered, Support Cannon first checks if there are enemy followers in play. If there are it will do damage to a random enemy follower. If all enemy followers are destroyed in that same instant (due to other Support Cannons destroying them for example), then it would still be targeting followers, so it would try to deal damage to enemy followers but as no enemy follower is alive it would do nothing. This also applies to Tenko Shrine and Crystal Cannon. It could happen that every single time you played a Commander with the 3 Cannons in play it was a bit "overkill" and you removed everything the opponent had in play before the 3rd Support Cannon could do nothing.
  18. I had 3 support cannons in play. Only two triggered when a new commander came into play. The third one stayed silent all the match. I was playing against haven with amulets in play.
  19. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    Decklist? I mean, to play Lindworm on turn 6... Now I'm interested.
  20. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    5 - 0 Run with Lindworm 1st - Rune Earthrite : Long time I didn't have such a quick go on Lindworm. Turn 6 Lind, turn 7 Lind lethal. Sorry not sorry Rune player. (won) 2nd - Lindworm Dragon : He's going slower than me, I'm afraid. His deck was featuring too clunky cards you can't afford as Lind on Unlimited (Canyon, Galua). But well the main thing is that I had ramp quicker, that's prolly the main reason it was a easy go. (won) 3rd - Weird Resurrect Shadow : I'm slower than two previous games and raise Spell counter slowly. He's playing a weird deck and he's bricking as well so it's kinda a dull game. Well double Lind at turn, erh, like 10-11, do it. (won) 4th - Weird Mid Shadow : He's playing fairly slowly and I don't quite get the point of his deck, but it does look like a exotic version of Echtar (he played none so not sure), with Khawy, Immortal Thane. Got several AOE packed and despite being fairly slow, Zooey (before Khawy) & Lind will make it easy. (won) 5th - Weird Resurrect Shadow : Kinda the same kind of weird deck that 3rd. Dunno if it's a competitive netlisted dekc or what, but it's clunky af. The game was long but I was quietly removing everything until Lind > Zooey. (won) Kinda surprised to do a 5-0 going second 4 times, but my opponents obviously played half assed, prolly already A group by now.
  21. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    I was playing Eachtar vs that.
  22. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    you are 2 expantion late. Everybody playing Hectar now.
  23. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    In todays GP adventures: 50 shades of Rune AKA Chimera, Shift, Burn, Ginger and Daria
  24. Favourite moments?

    Meme with my favorite forest deck
  25. Last week
  26. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    5-0 with eachtar deck 1st match weird lion deck havencraft 2nd mirror eachtar shadowcraft 3rd bat swarm bloodcraft 4th roach forestcraft The last match with dragoncraft is hilarious.. He uses a phoenix roost on turn 5 while i have a full board with eachtar on hand hahahaha....
  27. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    List for the ones doing the GP for freebies: Aggro Sword, fast, strong, good against Mid Shadow, Dragon and Blood in general,Spellboost-based Rune, Roach Forest and some Haven decks.
  28. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    Bro that's bad luck chill out. People will stop playing Mid Shadow on GP as soon as more people play D-Shift. I've encountered more variety than in Rotation GP, where it was Mid Sword, Tenko or Lion Haven, Aggro Forest and Puppet Portal 90% of the times, with 4 classes nearly extinct (well, Spellboost Rune appeared once in a while, but Dragon, Shadow and Blood were (and still are) totally dead. I've done 3 runs + 2 matches and I've encountered each class but Sword or Forest (surprisingly).
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