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  2. TFW your Phantom Dragon deck is faster than Albert at full sprint ... and out-bursts an Aggro Ephemera Dragon by days ...
  3. There's a good chance that if people had the certainty that they'd get both leaders after ~500 packs, the ones that opened 200+ would feel motivated to get up on that threshold, which I imagine would bring in more profit than singular whales. The thing that demotivates people the most is the fact that they could spend a fortune and not get what they wanted, or even make any progress whatsoever.
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  5. What a fun day today was! /s gave up playing after going 0-3, one match was PDK, and well, PDK is gonna br PDK, next match was vengeance blood, couldn’t drop Seraph and clear, and heal, so, ended up losing that to wolves, yay fun, nd last match was a support cannon where I was on 15 health going into my turn 8, all they had was support cannon and a Juliet, so, was like meh, play it, and of course, Albert, so... 15 points of unavoidable damage, how fun this game is! I can lose 75% total health in one turn now, yaaaay.
  6. I suspect it's an experiment on their part. This is the very first time they have ever done leaders in sets. They released this within a very short time frame to the release of the fate leaders for sale. I'm guessing they wanted to release both and test to see which one sales better: 1. the total income of the fate leaders. 2. the "additional amount of crystals people use to buy new pack" minus "crystals people spent on previous pack(Alice)" Whichever item comes out to be "more crystals sold", Cygame will probably release more of the same type of sales in the future. Of course, if players don't like the new leader in pack, the best way to stop this is: 1. Buy fate leaders if one haven't. or 2. Forget about leaders like Daria and do not spend excess gold and "especially crystals" on this new pack. The moment you have enough of the new expansion cards, just stop buying the pack.... It sucks to not have the leader you want, but if you can't resist it, you play into their game, but in the end, customer's vote with their wallet. It is determined by whether or not one can defer short term gratification for long term gain. If not, more will come and they'll understand the real way to make money. Since, to be honest, it doesn't matter if customers feel bad, at the end of the day, you spent more money anyway right? Deal with it. Also, on the topic of "decency", the leaders from pack aren't really "needs", those are "wants". They don't affect gameplay. So, technically, it is not "entirely immoral". In terms of "wants" it's about voting with your wallet.
  7. Whaaaaat ? You're not considering Will of the ****tiest worth 5/5.5 PP right ?
  8. At this point, I’m wanting them just to drop everything, and start over fresh, cause this is just, unbearable, yeah, I’m playing Seraph so it’s a tier 4 deck, but at this point it’s like, if I go second, I’m basically screwed against everything, and honestly, it’s just getting dull to go backwards all the ****ing time. Like seriously, i know support cannon is a friggin meme, but why the hell, should I be worried about being on 15 health come turn 9? I’m on 15 sodding health, even if I leave something they. Should. Not. Be. Able. To. Do. That. Much. Damage. So okay, just punish me more for going second then. It’s beyond a joke now. Know, bit of a salty rant, but they got to nerf something, because buffs are unlikely, (4pp Seraph, can I have it?) this is just bull crap though, like, I can understand I can lose, but, for reasons purely cause I went second, seem like crap. If I stall a fairly aggressive deck out, long enough, to reach turn 8, and I’m still at 75% health, I shouldn’t be worried regardless if I go first or second.
  9. Dragonclaw Pendant gets immediate value the turn it is played. Aggressive PDK synergizes with it fairly well. My PDK Dragonclaw pendant almost always gets immediate value and more value in future turns. Support Cannon is definitely value lost, but value gained from it is huge. If you get lucky, your Support Cannon gains immediate value the next turn. Aka, you play Support turn 5, Round Table turn 6 to get Mars + White Paladin and that shot down PDK. You pretty much have the game won if that happens. All of these is an exercise in deck building and what the current meta consists. It isn't that they don't work, it is just that you need to know when they can and cannot be used. For example, in the case of Elena's Prayer, it is almost never good to drop it against Aggro Sword (There just isn't a safe turn), just play your heal game, shuffle your Elena's away and win normally. Normal Ramp PDK beats you because of Bahamut. And in the case of Support Cannon. You need to make sure your turn 4 going into 5 let's you play Support Cannon with a calculated risk. You can drop it on turn 5 against Aggro Sword's perfect curve and win, assuming you have the correct cards in your hand. Primarily, you need White Paladin evolve to make sure you have enough fodder for the turn 5 calculated risk drop. You also need to have a follow up turn on 6, otherwise, that drop was a waste of time and you killed yourself.
  10. I think we all get that, but they still can't go full greed mode or they won't have any business. Treating customers with decency is also a part of running a company. Every cash grabbing decision they make is a tiny amount of people leaving, they keep this up and it's gonna snowball. It would take an absurd amount of money to get the full set already, they can stop there and just give people what they paid for.
  11. I know there are a lot of cheap removal that can do 3. The entire point is to make her not so easily removed. That is why I specified 4 instead of 3. There are more cheap removal at 4 than at 5 and their cost is the same as PDK's cost. The point is to make you work for it.
  12. Keyboard shortcuts would be very nice. Most importantly is a key dedicated to ending your turn (generally the space bar). Being able to select a card and have a key to pull up the additional information for the card would be nice, too. Heck, even being able to select cards with the arrow keys and have keys to play, evolve, and attack would be even more that certain players out there could benefit from. All of this would be nice, but I was forced to pick one thing it would be ending the turn with space bar. It's particularly annoying when information is covering the 'end turn' button and I have to click away first, and then click the button to end turn. Hope suggestions on this forum are taken seriously! Thank you.
  13. All this talk about roaches, does that game also goes SKRREEEEEEE?
  14. like this guy throwing ?50k yen? for cosmetic...
  15. Yes. Rune was nerfed for having a playrate that was too high, but it didn't have a winrate that was too high. Daria Rune had a master's winrate of 52.4%. And really that was 53% against the field because it was overplayed so much that the fact that it definitionally had to win and lose against itself 50% of the time was statistically significant. Not as significant as it was for Alice Blood in the WD Bloodcopalypse, but still significant. The thing is: that's not unreasonable. I understand Cygames panicking because the Daria mirror was settled by the coin flip more than one game in five (the Daria player going second won that match more than 60% of the time). But the reality is that the deck wasn't overall overpowered. People played it a lot because they liked it a lot. I think it's clear that Daria decks in Tempest were underpowered. Rarely played, and with a winrate less than 44%. Some of that was just that the only Daria support in Tempest was Chimera while Midrange Shadow and Ramp Dragon got all those cool toys. But a big part of it was the Piercing Rune nerf. Nerfed Piercing Rune looks pretty bad compared to Orthus. Would Daria have remained competitive in Tempest? Possibly not. But it certainly would have been closer, and a lot more people would have been willing to experiment with lists. But I don't think Cygames had much of a choice in moving against Goblin Mage. OTK Forest had a winrate north of 55% and its playrate was climbing every week. It had a losing record against Daria and Control Sword but was just too good against pretty much everything else.
  16. topic-black-swan-shadow/ - no black swain in a list Well over all pure tyrant lists are weak curently, not enough meat in a deck. Troth curse is pretty good, I play it in nep shadow.
  17. Well the decks I'd consider as sucker punchers would be my ol' blood conceedcraft (heal & trade until opponent give up and conceed) and my current lunatic blood (mix between zoo and KYS, sometimes I heal myself' sometimes I hurt myself so they can't guess what I'll do). The closest definition of what you said however, would definitely be Hare of illusions decks, which IS the brain twister and the ultimate troll (I lost to it with a PDK....)
  18. This is a very myopic way of looking at things. There are several things wrong with it. When it comes to costs, 5 + 5 does not equal 10. You don't start at 10 PP, you start at 1 PP. A card that costs more doesn't just use up more PP on the turn you use it, it also can't be played at all until a later turn in the game. Being a dead card on earlier turns is a real cost that higher PP cost cards have and if they don't get something for that cost they are real bad. The presumption that Will of the Forest is worth 5 PP because it costs 5 PP is unsupported. The truth is that Will of the Forest is a quite marginal card that is often not worth playing. Back when Alice decks were more than half the meta and Alice gave defense bonuses, Will of the Forest was just plain unplayable. Even now it looks extremely foolish to follow an opponent's CoCKs with WotF. That's 9 defense and immediate storm value to your 8 or less damage reply with no rider. Attempting to figure out what each piece of a card is worth and then adding them together to figure out how much they should cost is an endeavor that is doomed to failure. that kind of activity cannot help but give you the wrong answer every single time. You evaluate a card by asking what they do for the decks that can actually play them in the matches those decks actually face. Anything else is worse than wasting your time. Deepwoods Anomaly has 8/8 of stats and an ability that makes you literally win the game if it is not answered. How much is that "worth?" The correct answer is "nothing." That card is hot garbage, because it's too slow, too easy to counter, and has too little effect on the board the turn it comes down. There are no Forestcraft decks that want to play Anomaly. It's a very bad card, despite being overstatted and having a very powerful ability. If you put the same ability on a 1/1 that cost 3 PP, obviously it would be broken beyond belief. But that ability on an "overstatted" 8 cost follower is actually worthless.
  19. Guess your GPU was barely making it before and well, often game updates make it, at best, the same, otherwise heavier.
  20. Don't you get it? That's the whole point I'm talking makes people spend more to try to get the leaders. More net money for them. It's not about us, it's about the company. If people are spending more trying to get it, they make more money.
  21. This costs upwards of $500-$600 from scratch, and unless you saved up for an entire expansion or are an arena god the absolute lowest amount you would spend is probably $350 - $450. Something like 60+% of that will be you just trying to finish off the legendaries. The problem is that it's not guaranteed, and the odds are extremely poor. If you spend $640 on packs you only have a roughly two-thirds shot of getting a Daria leader. If you spent twice that amount you would only have a ~86.75% chance of opening up that Daria leader. Guaranteeing opening one up if you get super unlucky can be thousands of dollars, which most people absolutely will not have or be willing to spend on this game. Right now these are more like the animation orbs, where only whales can afford to spend the kind of money required to guarantee getting them.
  22. Off topic, that new profile pic ~ I approve. The animation is too cyclical to stare at for more than 10s, but I'll tolerate it because Unicorn Destroy is fairly good mecha design ... at least compared to the rest of the franchise, and the parts of that we do not speak of.
  23. I think I only faced that deck once, but I repressed the memory. Yeah that was insane and at that time I didn't really understand what was going on. I don't have any roaches yet, so I guess I'll have to wait on that one.
  24. So i just play ranked with my ramp dragon against pdk . After struggle to taking board control , I blow enemy board with my bahamut and i only had 7hp left , meanwhile they still had 13 hp left , i barely got removal but i have 2 scyther left , the rest card is goblinmount demon , lucifer , and sibyl . I think this game is in my favor until they drop 2 pdk...... %@%&8^67%&%^& (**7^#2/3@!!!*& .... srsly ...... !!!! I cant destroy them with my scyther freakin **** .. so i just hoping i draw salamender breath but instead its an aiela , so i just put goblinmount demon , and sibyl hoping for next turn i could draw avow strike or salamender breath but ...... theres no next turn . Now heres the question , how they clear my board that consist a 13/7 bahamut , a 5/6 evolved goblinmount demon , and 4/5 sibly and also i had 10 hp and they manage to kill me that turn also with only 2 pdk and 10pp. You not believe ?! Its up to you because its my real experience .(psst they also didnt use a single scyther that turn, you m8 dont believe me maybe but its up to you lel) .
  25. Shadowverse is in the worst state it's ever been in, despite being the best meta in theory since DE. There's simply no there there anymore. People have completely lost the will to innovate and try to counter-deck the meta, simply because 3 months with a monthly nerf cycle isn't enough time to do jack **** and everyone knows it. There is literally no discussion or innovation to be had because all people want to do is speculate about how Aggro Shadow and PDK Dragon are going to get nuked at the end of the month. And because WD has been mostly erased from the game people are still playing the same damn thing for the most part that they were playing for the last four or five expansions in a row. They really need to do an expansion something like 3 or 4 times the size of current expansions every 5 or so months, rather than all these weenie expansions four times a year, and they need to do a significantly better job of balancing the game without micromanaging it to death.
  26. I was wondering if Khawy would be the dealbreaker for your dragon. Luckilly there is a bigger dragon in your hand.
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