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  2. Rush thematic , no moon , no valk general , no sarissa . Well maybe this deck is still something
  3. And dont forget , atomy is 9
  4. Pre-nerf Alice Blood mirror matches went to the first player more than 60% of the time. Against the rest of the field, Alice Blood had an overall positive winrate going second. The most popular deck that had a positive winrate against pre-nerf Alice Blood after winning the coinflip was Alice Rune - with a whopping 1.98% of the meta and 51.8% chance of victory if Alice Blood went second. The extent of complete dominance of Alice Blood is hard to even conceptualize. Most of the time when you thought you saw any kind of weakness at all it was just an artifact caused by the fact that when Alice Blood fought itself the only possible outcome was one deck winning and the other deck losing.
  5. I would pay money for bunny ears on Erika.
  6. Well okay , gonna edit it , and i still using cards you mention lel
  7. That is true, but I suspect it may just be a case of it being a noteworthy character (a leader and therefore one of the faces of the game). There are many cards that are more likely to trigger prudes than JP Isabelle. Also swimwear might get a pass because of the context...but that's just me trying to justify it so I can get my Summer Forte
  8. Void I said to not put basic cards inside as it's not something you got by luck from some pack but you automatically get them as a reward when you level up the various classes, if you can plz edit your post & check the Standard + all the expansions & let Basic cards out, after watching what you have some cards I would like to have from your animated cards for my Neutral Rune deck is your Levi, Hector & Grimoire also that Salamander for my Ramp Dragon, give them to me
  9. Well kay then , well its hurt that how long i play this game since standard but only had 7 animated legends
  10. True, but Cygames seems very interested in making Shadowverse a global hit rather than just local, which is why we've had the various censorships already. The big indicator is covering up Isabelle, if that was considered too risque I doubt they would release bikini costumes. Lol, hey i have no problem with bikini alternate costumes, bunny alt costumes, maid alt costumes, whatever. It's a great way for Cygames to rake in a lot of money, allowing them to be even more generous in their giveaways and such. (Whisper if you look, there are many summer Rage of Bahamut cards that feature girls also in Shadowverse) I'm wondering if a card game could be completely free to play, as in everyone has max copies of every card from the start, if they just pushed trying to make money off of various cosmetics. Would be an interesting experiment, though of course risky.
  11. Makes sense, though Summertime Art was a stroke of brilliance for GBF. I'm sorry , now I desperately need to see this. I'd just run Summertime Elf Knight Cynth, Cindy, Israfil, Reina, Tsubaki and Kaguya all day, every day, 3 x copies, viability be damned. And I'll gladly mulligan all my 1-drops until waifu pops into the hand, because I'd much like to lose staring at waifu's art at least. Sorry if you (all) don't agree , just my humble opinion in good spirits.
  12. For the vast majority of my losses there could've been an alternate line of play that either wins me the game, or at least prolongs it, even if that line was theoretically worse in terms of probability. Hence, I think that piloting any deck requires skill, despite the aggro hate circlejerk.
  13. I find a very nice idea to share all the non-basic animated cards (excluding Bronze) I have amass till now with everyone else, I would love to see everyone's else collection also if someone want to share, actually that's the reason I'm doing this because I'm curious to see what other people have so here we go: Silver Gold Legendary That's everything I have till now 19/8/2017 have in mind I have sacrifice over 10 animated Legendaries in the past in order to complete various decks I was interested to play since I start playing, animated Legendaries are after all the best way to get mass amount of vials So if anyone wanna share go ahead I would like to see your collection also just don't forget to exclude Basic & Bronze cards.
  14. "And so, our prayers become victory!"
  15. I understand your point, but I feel like it's too far gone at this stage, and that Shadowverse already has the "hentaistone" stigma attached, so Cygames might as well just go all out.
  16. I already stated the obvious weaknesses of Snow white. She had a weakness pre nerf, which is plain for anyone to see. So the claim she has no weakness is factually false.
  17. Except you gain much more leverage using these removals against Snow White particularly compared to other 2 drops. For instance you wouldn't glow a Shadow's Demon Eater. And nobody said Snow White was trash tier, we were just questioning your claim of "basically no weaknesses". Get off your high horse.
  18. You mean the removals that also remove ALL other 2 drops? Oh boy what a huge weakness definitely trash tier.
  19. Well there is a lot they could do, however some of it might turn off groups of people so you have to be careful. For example putting the most popular girls in string bikinis as a 'summer' look would probably rake in tons of money, at the same time that might turn off many people who already think shadowverse has too much fan service and women wear too little.
  20. Oh snap. Morrigan you going to put up with that? I love Cerberus too, but I feel you are the one who deserves to defend her. Ginger now a thing? Did this just happen today? Is there some new awesome Ginger deck that came out or something?
  21. Got BM'd viciously around ... 50% of my 20 games in the past 2 days ... that's higher than Sword's winrate ... It was entirely DShift, Cara Bat Blood, Burn Rune ... yep, all 10 of them. For the classes of Rune/Blood, I actually get BM'd around 1 in every 8 games or so, usually for Aggro/Shift/Spawn decks (not really Daria, or Ginger Rune). For every other class, it's roughly 1 in 15-20, can't be too sure. Think it's clear that despite what everyone says, it takes a certain sick personality to play some archetypes. Or maybe it's my bias kicking in, and it's just that I've run into a lot of jerks lately.
  22. not only that, it's also weak to Blackened Scripture and Kaleidoscopic Glow. while the former is from the same craft, glow comes from rune which can very easily trample over haven.
  23. D shift is the most impressive card design of them all, and I'm being serious. The "extra turn" concept is absolutely awesome and if it didn't exist the game would be way more mundane. Lots of potential? D shift isn't potential, it is perfection. I want as much variety in the game as possible, and the 'extra turn' D shift adds a ton to that. Removing it would just make the game much more mundane. Exactly, it sucks at face damage, that is a huge weakness. It is a goblin before you trade it into something, against slow decks that don't play many followers it can be ignored completely while taking a tiny 1 damage to the face rather than 2. Evolved it will deal 2, while most other cards deal 4. Much bigger weakness than Albert.
  24. Btw there was a guy around here who study Japanese when you see that at some point plz translate if you can the Japanese voice lines from Ginger because I'm pretty sure the English ones are not accurate translation, for example at some point it says a word that sound like no-ro-i which I think means curse I have heard that word many times before in anime that's why I know, btw the voice line she says when you evolve her I'm pretty sure is "just die.." or something similar
  25. Well to me having to design around it is a bit of a problem in itself. Imagine all the cool Spellboost stuff we could have if Dshift didn't exist? But then again it's not ruining anybody's life it just feels like it's wasting a lot of potential.
  26. wat.
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