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  2. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    you still have 1 change today. I hope you get luck bro. Back with the thread yeah i read from reddit that there is a chances that the big changes were announced the day before (or atleast the explanation for the lack of changes).
  3. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    I didn't get there, turn 4 awakened abomination drop and instant hand fill two games in a row stopped me
  4. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    Hahahahahaha how much of your soul sell to get the final stage?
  5. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    I've had enough of dark rituals from playing grand prix
  6. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    there is actual a chances that they announced balanced changes the day before (or the lack of these changes). Lets hope a miracle happens oooor lets actually do rituals to the dark gods in order to nerf cards.
  7. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    Huh. Either they have confidence enough in those cards to leave the meta sword infested for 2 entire months of the expansion or they simply don't care. I've started playing unlimited, the BS is real, but everyone has it there is so much more variety. Guess I'll just keep playing there next month since I don't feel like seeing the same 2 decks every single game. PS: Alexiel makes concede roach funny.
  8. Talk About Whatever

    Im around 9.3k master point right now . I swear to god , if i reach grand master this month , i will craft 3 giant chimera and 3 runie as respect for rune , and begin to playing meme in ranked , wish me luck guys ( if i cant reach GM this month , well i think i will quit this game for good)
  9. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    I know that but that probably is their plan. Maybe this could be ending for good. I mean the will have a LOT of time to see how fix this mess for good. But in that time...we can scream and go panic right? i will craft all blood craft cards from EdgyBreak now. I swear to the gods that i will i need to play something that isnt AS LIGHTNING I STRIKE or i will become crazy. Madatory Judas Priest reference:
  10. The salt mega thread.

    NOT NERFS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT PLEASE (i really suspect this will happens) I DONT WANT TO PLAY MORE MIDSWORD NEITHER HAVEN D; PLIZ @Othello KILL THE BAD QUEENS DONT LET THEM GET ME. First Fangore returns, now the tempo meta survives one more month the armaggedon is coming !!!!
  11. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    Its still a long wait for those 17 cards to be released , its at end of may which is 1 month . And after that , we got another expact in 1 month after that .
  12. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    First go, nothing but power neutral decks and ambush vagabond decks (on curve of course with endless buffs) Got wrecked. Couple wins that ultimately didn't matter. Second go for the day, 3 straight easy wins... then two straight losses, as per my usual. Both were the same deck, runecraft which I almost always win against. Both times they dropped Abomination awakened on turn 4, filled hand in exact same turn, blew up field and started swinging at my face. Had to use turn 5 to attempt to recover, then it was levi 3 times in a row earth rited every time. The first one I had highrolled into good attacks and still had him at 1 hp but... Why does this happen to me...I've gone through those two matches and don't feel there is anything I could have done... Tomorrow is my last day to try it and I feel I am going to put all this effort and salt into this and walk out with nothing I really don't like this format. On average I have easily won more than I have lost despite my salt, but it has just never "happened" to be 4 in a row so I will get nothing.
  13. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    Oh man this is soooooooooooo wait not. I actually need to admit they will do this. I suspect there will be not changes until the new cards were show. For all the stuff about "change the meta with the new cards" refresh the meta or whatever. They really are so confident in the quality of the last cards? that actuallys scares me a LOT either if they fail or they actually have cards that strong to change this tempo meta.
  14. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    Wait what??? No nerfs to the top decks?. GJ Cygames, gonna enjoy this game.
  15. Got cheated out of a 5-0 with Spellboost Rune from computer crashing the turn I was guaranteed to win. But got Yggdrasil from the reward packs so I guess it balances out l0l.
  16. Black queen - text adjustments. Everdark Stryx will be changed to Everdark Strix. WTF patch is this?
  17. Today
  18. The salt mega thread.

    I cant wait for neutral to rotate out so bad, I'm so sick of "because deck/hand is neutral this card is massively overvalued!"
  19. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    i love to people talk about Ben Brode cause he actually shared one of my nerf politics. "how the decks feels" - to lose to that deck - to play the deck - to play against the deck. This is a point he uses to talk about "Cubelock" a deck that is pretty much as DS. A deck that dont with a lot in bad hands but people that actually play the deck a lot wins more than the average. Talking about the Aegis here too. @fangore aggro decks feels bad to lose but in fact still let you a chance. There is this situation when he is out of cards and you still have 7-11 HP and you clear the board but your opponent is still at 15-20 and you said "okay he top decks albers and the last card in his han is quick blader i lose...but if he not he will concede, cause is and aggro deck so he actually right now just only wins with 2 cards exactly and i win almost secure next turn. But when you play agains this...combo decks that wins agains you with a lot of card advantage, they just never going under 4 cards in hand, also have powerfull answers. There isnt "what is he..." he wins, you lose, beat by the "meme" beat by the combo beat by the weird finisher that everyone told you that you will ever out race cause "the card is too slow". Sometimes, not every time, you need to evalue over the numbers and take feed back. This also means that you need to take actions agains aggro deck and they actually take care of Blood aggro in unlimited when limited the storm wolf to 1 card and new aria to 1 for roach. Aggro Blood was ever stronger than sword storm after RoB. Is actually one of the most played decks in unlimited with Forest neutral, atomy, aggro dragon, DS, daria. Vegeance is also one of the strongest and most played decks in unlimited. The wolfs and also the 1/2 deal 1 both players were one limited and the other nerfed to 1/1 body. Is a fact that they are worse experiences than lose to albert. Like lose for 18 with a board, to one player that has literally nothing but hand size and just OTK you without any iteration for example and a lot of old decks fits in this category and most of them are untouched just because they are not good for not "pro" players, casual players dont play those decks or they do and lose so hard.
  20. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Did they not have a single deck with positive win rate? That would be a first. Note that every other class has had times where they had no decks with positive win rate. DE was not Haven evolved. Seraph Elana Haven was tier 1, but both tempo forest and mid sword were better. However yeah that was the golden era for haven. Garuda, plain Elana, plain Seraph, and the hybrid were all viable good decks. Standard was Forest and Sword, DE was the only time haven was tier 1 even if outshone by the two former classes besides that 1 month of Wonderland. Haven got screwed plenty considering how mediocre it has been throughout the game's cycle. The lion nerf was an assassination not a nerf, and snow white was when haven didn't even have a positive win rate deck. Yet they pre emptively nerfed snow white cause sword players were terrified that dragon or haven would become the new 'neutral blood'. So for these peoples paranoia they nerfed dragon and haven. Let's not forget that test of strength was directed towards Aegis specifically, and Mr. Moon was a big middle finger to Aegis and the first card shown for SFL. Like here you go, Aegis haters, your counter! As if an 8/8 do nothing turn 9 on a class doesn't have a bunch of broken rush/storm and ways to cheat evolve like sword does, often doesn't have an evo point to spare at that point in game. Dragon has been screwed over the most I'd agree, cause people hate the class the most it seems. Rune has been hit more than it should too, and Haven has been screwed as well. Blood was garbage for much of the game's lifespan, so considering all the nerfs it got is pretty ridiculous. The strongest classes in the game's history are forest and sword. However forest has been hit multiple times, sword hardly at all. The double standard is pretty obvious and will likely be on display again with the next monthly assessment.
  21. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    But the point was not the Lind but any card that can return you value after you playe it. Chronos, another example. What would happens when you make a late game card that actually you can combo with the Queen and get a lot of value and a good board?. That is just atrocius to thinking. Like Arthur with a Enhance (10): All followers you control gain storm // or "draw one card for each follower that you pull"
  22. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    it works just 1 turn later and i said NEXT TURN exactly for that. You have a 0 card neutral and the lind for 10, you can still play both. What not works is the new Queen cause make the neutral card cost 5 the lind still 10.
  23. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    You are still forgoting that any option from Lindworm doesn't work with Queen lol. Pretty much the best you could do with Queen in Rotation was Azi+Arriet for 12-16 damage or Azi+Zeus for 11-13 damage. And thats a 3 card combo, and once played you have 0 cards. Was it highrolling? Yes, but is a combo like many other. Combos are intended to be like that. But oh well, hated cards must be nerfed! Also, thanks to @fangore, I remembered that also Vagabond Frog and Shield of Flame were nerfed, so actually Haven are the least nerfed classes with just 2 cards, followed by Sword with 3 cards (and both classes' nerfs were pretty soft). That's being UNFAIR, considering how Classic-RoB was pretty much Sword at tier 1 all day, and how Darkness Evolved was more like "Haven Evolved".
  24. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    You quit this game in Chronogesis right gore? you should really bad in time and play Chronogenesis cause sword sucks a lot in that. In WD sword was just worse that the other broken stuff and in SFL they nerfed sword when they become the strong deck (sadly was and the end cause yeah other 56% decks were nerfed as any deck that have more than 52% winrate as you call, should be). But in Chronogesis sword was tier 3 just by a little, only very expensive sword build get to tier 2 and those were not even that good, just good enough to not be bad. Midsword? crappy, Ambus/Aggro Sword? HighRoll that most of the times loses. and they actually do nothing to change that in all Chronogenesis. I think you lose the best expansion to you
  25. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    -Card council should have been nerfed the last month of wonderland, it was a month too late. I also remember the stealth buff to shield of flame, where in stealth decks it was worse but in every other sword deck it was strictly better. After the first month of SFL, round table should have been nerfed. However if sword for once was actually bad even for a short moment well the game might financially fail. It was too great a risk for a game bringing in so much money. -Ben brode team, well they've made mistakes but other than the Call of the wild nerf (hunter at the time was tier 2, and that nerf moved it too tier 4, and was solely cause of complaints by the community), it hasn't done too much favoritism towards classes. With shadowverse it clearly favors sword always. Not necessarily in design of expansions but in terms of their monthly nerfs. One wonders then, well what about people who play other classes? How to keep them interested? Well if they kill your class/deck with some nonsense nerf, don't worry expansions are every 3 months, there will be something to look forward to then! So here is how they design expansions. At this point they always make sure to give sword players something and test to make sure they will always have a deck that performs well even if not top tier. This is always priority one. Besides that they look at data and try to help the least played lowest performing classes, and in general try to design interesting things for all the classes. This is to bring people in regardless of what class you play. Then if a non sword deck is tier one, it will be nerfed. They won't be cautious either, they will nerf it so hard to assure it is no longer top tier, often this leads to it being low tier and completely unviable however the sword populace is happy and that what matters most. If a sword deck is tier one, or hands down the best deck atm, well they have a tough decision. How to appear that they are playing fair? Well with neutral sword that last month of wonderland, which was stronger and more played than ambush sword, they hit ambush sword hard. What this did is make people believe, see they hit sword too! However really they didn't touch sword's strongest deck at the time, so sword players could still have a great performing deck in fact their best performing deck at that moment in time. When aggro sword had the highest winrate the next month, to nerf it they hit a neutral. Now this is key, cause when you hit a class card you might in essence nerf a bunch of that class's decks cause often multiple archetypes will have some substantial overlap in use of class cards. So instead of hitting beloved and fair Albert or Round table which hard tutors from your deck 2 Juliette, thus thinning your deck and providing 6 storm damage all for 5pp (Ah yes but Baphomet was broken!) they hit Ephemera. Which of course hurt other non sword aggro decks who used her. That's fine though other classes don't matter. It is the removal buff to 'nerf' Otohime all over again, in a different way. I'm kind of covering some of the same ground but hopefully clarifying the thinking process behind the nerfs. Are their neutrals run in current mid sword? If there aren't they may have to actually nerf a class card in sword's top performing deck, something that has happened multiple times to every class but of course never happened to sword. Maybe they'll say well we are introducing new cards in a month so we will wait.
  26. Forum issues

    Taking a stick and poking @Mouse to see, if he's dead or just hibernate...
  27. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Sometimes the hate and the salty for one card makes miracles
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