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  2. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    There is that Bots Mini exp legendary He can reduce the cost
  3. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Just because I missed the sword discussion...sword was my first main class, and the thing I loved most about it was alwidas command. Something about summoning followers by a spell is really fun to me , dragon knights is one of my most favourite cards to use and I loved council and clash. That paired with sword having some great art in those cards is what I liked most about it. Now I play portal mainly , sword loses most match ups and I loved puppets ever since portal was released. That new pirate package looks great as that's again generated cards with nice theme. If that jiraya leak is acurate tho I'm gonna be sad, why would sword need a 9 mana follower that changes others to 1/1 that's WAY too late.
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  5. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Don't worry, the format Mid Shadow will **** up the most will be Rotation. Why? Because there are triple the chances of Gremory coming down on turn 6 xd. Hopefully they have to make an emergency nerf like they did on January with Mysterian Knowledge.
  6. Unofficial Official Forum Closing Contact Thread

    As far as I know Derg isn't associated with any of the big 3 localization companies, so he doesn't get paid.
  7. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    I think I'll just stop this game again for a moment until Shadowcraft drop to decent winrate in Unlimited. When I think about how much time it was dominating because of Echturd, and now they think it is a good idea to print a 5pp card worth roughtly 7pp... for Shadow, I start to understand why this game had very scarce interesting meta. They're a bloody bunch of incapable devs when it comes to balance. To think they had to do an emergency rework on Jabber and print such a stupid card for a class which had already too many months of domination, I can't even. They'd almost make HS look like a balanced game even if it never was. How the hell can you create this : and this : I'm virtually speechless. They're so flawed.
  8. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    I should craft the 3rd Zooey asap, because Roost will be the only thing that will make Dragon nearly playable this next expansion. Ramp is dead, PDK cannot compete, even Aggro is dead.
  9. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    it's playable (as a meme): play roost--> start praying
  10. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Looking forward to Haven and GChimera in the expansion, still fairly wallet-ish though, Omen... Another Garuda so I have 3.... Seraph.... but at least we got some decent cheap cards, well....Unicorn Knight.... and Realm of Repose, but so far the legendaries and the Golds seem to be must crafts. Apostle of Repose being a continual effect is so nice, Love ended with Lorena though, you stay in Tenko... that now doesn’t have Tenko, boo.... need legendary Tenko reprint. I sense Chimera is gonna be busted though, it’s hard not looking forward to it... lol. I want me some Adjudication and Apostle, Raio is gonna go in a deck of his own me thinks.
  11. Ik, but since he said he's going to be a full time translator I thought that he already have a team. I 'd really want to read Reminiscence and its sequel Re: Collect
  12. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Now that all cards have been revealed, I'll do a small recap of what to craft. I'll talk only about legendaries, because everyone will get 3+ copies of all bronzes, 3 copies of nearly all silvers and most of the golds. Forest: unless you are really a diehard Forest main, I wouldn't expect that much. Tia can be used for SDH decks or maybe Control Forest (a deck I don't expect to be any good). Izudia is arguably the worst Omen. Sword: Octrice is not a 3-copy-must-have, but a very good tech option. If you are really willing to play an innovative Sqord playstyle in the form of Usurpation Sword, you will need 3 copies of her. Jiraiya in the other hand is very bad, I wouldn't craft it. Rune: Raio might not be a key card now, but he will be used FOR SURE in the future. Don't dust it him you get some copies. Prophetess in the other hand depends of you wanting to make a deck with her or not. It is not mandatory, totally optional as she makes her own deck. Dragon: Galmieux can give any Dragon deck huge value, but I don't know if she is that important or not. Jabber in the other hand is like Prophetess, you can make it or not (I like when legendaries make their own decks). Shadow: JUST CRAFT 3 COPIES OF BOTH OF THEM. Ok, Rulenye is not an insta-craft but still a big tech card. Meanwhiel Cerberus...op af, also probably Mid Shadow will reign in both formats so... Blood: Valnareik is not a mandatory adition to DB decks, but such a good one that any competitive decklist will want 3 copies of her. Also DB has potential to be tier 2 at least. Calamity Bringer...don't craft it. Haven: Marwynn...I don't know, he is too niche for me to evaluate him. Seraph is also another "optional craft", for people (like me) that don't have Garuda or Tzekibaba or any of the "amulet wincons" she is a good alternative for playing Control Haven. Portal: Lishena is probably one of the most fun Omens, I wouldn't be surprised if a deck built around her rises up to tier 2; again, an "optional craft". Enervating Armor is not mandatory, I would prioritize other legendaries. Neutral: if you are a memelord, go for Mjerrabaine. Gilnelise in the other hand is a 3-copies-must-have for pretty much any player. She will enable midrange decks by herself. About the meta, I'll make some raw guesses: Rotation: -Forest goes down a lot, relegated to slow decks and outperformed by most of the classes. -Sword rises due to new playstyle, Latham shenanigans become stronger thanks to Rapier Master. Still out of tier 1. -Chimera Rune becomes the meta-definer of how long matches are due to added consistency from Apostle of Truth, any other Rune decks are left for garbage or meme tier. -Dragon has a new deck in Disdain Dragon, but cannot fight for tier 1. Falls in winrate, but keeps it playrate for some time. -Shadow becomes tier 1 out of nowhere thanks to Cerberus and the best usage of Gilnelise in the form of classic Mid Shadow. Arcus and all other decks dissappear. -Blood becomes meta again but only with 1 deck: DB Blood. Vengeance dies and Aggro Bats cannot keep. -Haven rises as the anti-meta class thanks to some of the amazing Repose cards that will be run in kost of the decks. Combo decks cannot take Haven down, but midrange decks keep it in hard check. -Portal loses its tier 1 spot due to the huge nerf to Puppet Portal. Artifacts rise in popularity and Lishena Portal appears as another solid otk deck. Unlimited: -Forest doesn't change that much, Roach keeps being the deck-to-go for the whole class. Some meme decks try to shine without result. -Sword goes down even further, I only expect some meme Spartacus decks to act like "Sword D-Shifts" as a new barrier to control decks. -D-Shift becomes even more cancer thanks to Apostle of Truth bs. Some experimentation with Prophetess. -Dragon goes to the unplayable tier due to no buffs from Cy and lack of cards to improve its gameplan. -Shadow keeps being tier 1, even if it will be a bit slower due to Gremory being limited its winrate will be more polarized: it will start losing against D-Shift and win harder against everything else. -Blood keeps being a solid class with both Vengeance (which be less played due to no new cards) and DB. This last one will be another "counter" to Mid Shadow as now it has more time to play DB. -Haven might have a rise in popularity due to Realm of Repose, becoming the only control deck nearly viable with decklists full of banish, aoe and damage reduction. -Portal will still have low popularity, even worse now that Puppets are nerfed, and Lishena Portal might be the new go-to deck in Unlimited for Portal players thanks to Basileus banishing Mid Shadow's board and having a slightly slow (turn 8 Destruction in Black) but strong combo.
  13. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Charon is 6pp lol, you cannot play her turn 5.
  14. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    I don’t know, i still think even all that, a t5 11/11 spread can be fairly oppressive to anything, not Haven really lol. At least the Cheron translation is this turn only, but it’s any Shadowcraft Card, thought of a 2pp Eachtar is frightening
  15. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    I don't think Cerby will break Unlimited as much she will break Rotation. In Unlimited there are already Catacomb shenanigans, Corpse reanimations via Lady Grey madness, etc. At turn 5 you don't have any problems and most likely have already a board. Meanwhile in Rotation nor Corpse or Catacomb are present, so Cerberus' impact is WAY higher. Now everyone will enjoy turn 6 Gremory into turn 7 "Eachtar" whenever they go. Fantastic. Gg Cy, you managed to make TotG 2.0 perfectly.
  16. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Well reveals are starting for the last lot, seems the leaks are correct (at least for shadowcraft anyway so far) so err... RIP unlimited?
  17. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    If you feel offended because I say that the majority of the playerbase will tell you that the most boring class is Sword then you are free to do so, after all getting offended is also subjective. I'm not saying everyone thinks it is the most boring class, I said the majority. I explained why it is objectively the most boring class, at least in terms of variety (lack of class identity, lack of mechanics, ignorance of their only mechanic that is Officer-Commander traits). Even some Sword mains admit that the class lacks mechanics and is too straightforward (I remember Dane entering one of this discussions in Reddit and admiting that, even if he likes the class the most, he would like more innovative cards, more Commander-Officer interactions that were relevant and new mechanics and that overall the class is too simple compared with any other class). Sword needs more identity, more variety, because as it is right now it has the same depth than Neutralcraft back in WD. Many people have Slice of Life as their favorite anime genre, and that's fine, but doesn't take the fact that is the least exciting genre (and exciting's antonym is, but maybe that people like slow-paced stories, maybe they like just seeing people do things, maybe they prefer realistic drama...and that's why Clannad is that popular, even if for pretty much everyone else it is a pain to go through the first season. Anyway, you didn't explain me why this happened: I want to know, seriously.
  18. Unofficial Official Forum Closing Contact Thread

    That's not how translations work my friend. VN's take months to years depending on the length and team involved. Not something to be done at the drop of a hat at the request of a stranger online. Though I will say you have good taste... On topic: Discord Chinadude101 #9991. Reddit: Hylus9029
  19. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Hope the leak is a fake, or **** you CY.
  20. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    @Eclipse/Zer0 lol, it’s more than 6/6, if you take into account Cheron.... draw 5pp cost card (unless it’s a mistranslation, and it’s 5 or more.) Which is basically only Cerberus... 5pp 11/11... hmmmm. Not oppressive at alll.... also more Cerb? Wtf, isn’t this like the 4th card art? Also for anyone wondering Zoe’s City is officially translated as whenever you play an allied amulet, so.... turn 2, 2 drop, turn 3, Globe -> tutor City, turn 4, double countdown 1 turtles...? I guess? But god damn it, why you no work for new seraph!? Now I has a sad.
  21. "Skull" Screen Counter

    Its your Shadow count (Discard pile basically) whenever a minion is destroyed or spell is cast, you gain a shadow. In rotation, the only class using them is Shadowcraft, in unlimited there is Path to Purgatory, which requires you to get 30 shadows
  22. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    This is what i was fckin afraid of, cy stop. Dont print more mid shadow support, print more deck defining cards, like Atomy or Nepthys, or cards with fun effects like LORD OF THE FREAKIN FLIES!!!! But noooo, lets crapshoot the hell out of Mid shadow cuz cy dum dum and cant balance their game. Like hell, I would have taken a 3rd Morde or ceridwen as long as it meant I could play something that is not Mid shadow (it becomes a bit boring from time to time playing only into mirrors)
  23. When playing a game, there are three counters at the lower-left corner of the screen. One counter tracks the number of cards remaining in your deck, another counter records the number of cards in your hand. What does the remaining “skull” counter track? Thank you for your help.
  24. Talk About Whatever

    Dallas plays Seattle this weekend, so unless something changes it is going to be yet another rough week for Russel lul. How did you do in the Muspell banner? I ended up with Laev(+atk/-hp). I didnt care about her, but she is a beast, the definition of a nuke.
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  26. Talk About Whatever

    Trubisky just looks like he has a lot of growing to do, I'm hoping it work out and we can see more to be hopeful in by the end of the season. Yeah Howard is underrated, he is really solid and his receiving skills have improved a lot this season. Paired with Tarik Cohen it is a really good backfield, receivers are also a huge upgrade from last year, so if Trubisky makes his reads better, stops moving his feet all over the place when throwing at times, it looks like it has potential to be a good offense. Seahawks O-line is awful too, so that did make Bears D look better. It looked good against Packers too, well except for the secondary particularly in the 2nd half. Rodgers is IMO the best QB in the league so he is quite a tall order. Cowboys are in the East so they will have to face Superbowl champion Eagles twice a year, and Carson Wentz is apparently healthy and ready to return. That will certainly a great team to measure one's defense against. The fiend/hero rate up trial summon is here for SMT Dx2. I did the 10x pull, all I got was a bunch of 3 stars and a red Skadi. Hope your luck is better.
  27. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    It seems like the remaining cards have been leaked? They are called by their art in the leaked arts. Anyway, a few comments: Forest: the follower is meh, but the opponent cannot ignore it. The amulet is nice Forest of Dreams but draws cards. Sword: Aegis counter lulz. Turn 9 make the enemy board useless? Welp, idk, the accelerate is knida a removal for 2pp. The silver one is vanilla overstated, wow. Rune: both spells are kinda bad tho... Shadow: OMFG THEY REALLY WANT TO DESTROY BOTH UNLIMITED AND ROTATION. The bronze? Ok. Orthrus? Ok. Charon? Has highroll potential, but ok. Cerberus? NO, I DON'T WANT THAT. BOARD FLOOD 6/6 TOTAL FOR 5PP WITH LAST WORDS DEAL 2 TO FACE AND RESTORE YOURSELF 2 BEFORE GREMORY??? I'm sorry Cerberus, but I don't want you. No unless this is not truth. This makes Gremory limitation worthless and Mid Shadow instantly tier 1 in Rotation with the fastest and strongest deck in the format thanks to turn 5 Cerberus into turn 6 Gremory into turn 7 Gilnelise. Cy REALLY needs to nerf Mid Shadow properly asap. Blood: Serpent support? Is this real world? Haven: wtf, budget HK. Portal: too expensive, not gonna be used. Neutral: Feena is just too situational. The bronze can be very annoying, seeing a tiny 1/1 stopping you from going face is one of the most infuriating things in this game.
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