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  2. So much want, so little money.
  3. Borrowed from the [Shadowverse 101] Proccing Order explained #1 Thread 1. Atomy's Fanfare triggers first, Destroying your side of the field. 2. No Clash. 3. Frozen Mammoth effect would trigger, if it was still on the field. This can't happen anymore for obvious reasons and is thus no longer our concern. 4. No Combat Damage to calculate. 5. Last Word of Frozen Mammoth triggers: you get a 6/7 Mammoth. I'm not sure if that will be that big of an problem. It's strong for sure, but you could always have had Lord Atomeme on board T2. I will just see how it works out. I don't have any experience in Atomeme to make a prediction, but I think Wandering Bard Elta willl be a bigger problem if it allows you to keep the board. You could rather reliable have a board on T4 or T5 (that consists of actual Threats and not some pesky 1/1s and Amulets) and keep it, along to some 8/8 you get for free. However, this late in the game the opponent is more likely to have an answer to your board.
  4. Added Blaze Phoenix
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  6. really? as an ER player i think it's one of the fun decks. it has alot of versatility with lots of choices, also need a good management to play. DON'T complain about one deck and try playing it. it's not as easy and boring as you think ALSO stop, stop, stop, STOP COMPLAINING about everything. it's a game you are bound to lose How do you win without going face you say? you have seraph. everything has a counter, legendary and win conditions included. you complain how seraph got countered? Don't play seraph then. ez pz
  7. UNDER CONSTRUCTION In this topic, i will try to Avenge Vengence, whos dignity was thrown into the mud. and show the world of Shadowverse, the true nature of Vengence and what should/could have been. and why the new fake Vengence ,MUST be seperated from the old Vengence. This is Vengence/Urias Warcry.. using me as a medium. this topic is more feedback than a suggestion...its more of a message. What it was... Vengence was a Cursed Sword...Vengence was like MURASAME! This is greately the nature of Vengence. Self sacrifice ,Suicide and Vengence. the highest forms of Nobility, pride and even Justice. Vengence also had gambling related aspects to it... See 10:21 to 10:60 the translation is not very accurate ,but what the guy says is that Akagi understands when to dump his "advantages", when he realizes that they are gona drag him down. in Vengence case... Vengence itself was the "advantage", that so many players didnt want to let go of. this is partly the reason i have said so many times ,that Vengence is not for everyone ,and that "you dont understand Vengence". and i could tell just by looking at their decks/statements ,that they were failing to understand this. they wanted to remain in Vengence forever ,and tried to ofcorse impossibly defend the 10 life. right from the start you were suppose to leave Vengence and come back to it. meaning that Vengence was always about complex calculating of your own down fall and very importantely "Balance". players failed to grasp all this, and so they failed at Vengence. What Should/Could Have been... UNDER CONSTRUCTION Amulet: Red Eyes Can see your next draw(more if possible), and your oponents. Spell: Full Moon Drain X life from random enemy followers. where X is the amount of life your missing. Drain Double if your life is 2- Spell: Cursed Sword Rarity:Silver Receive 13 damage upon drawing(can kill you). give a follower +10/-5 evolve it , and give it "deal this followers damage to all followers ,until the end of turn". This card will be destroyed/removed from your collection upon usage, unless your life was 2- at the end of your turn. Follower: Rookie Vampire Bane Cant Be the target of spells. Cant Atack Cant Evolve Directed 1 damage that would be dealt your leader ,to this follower instead. Everytime you gain life from draining, give this follower +0/+3. once this follower reaches 13+ defence evolve him. Evolution: Unleash of the Prodigy "Can Atack" "Cant Be the Target of Spells" gets +7 atack and drain. this drain works on himself as well as the Leader. if your life is 3- upon evolving, give him Clash: Drain this followers Atack on all enemy followers. if this follower is alive at the start of your turn ,deal 10 damage to your hero. if the damage would kill you ,remain alive with 1 life left. What its become... A new FAKE system, pretending to be the same as the glorious origninal one. by getting FREE Vengence ,all the aspects stated above were lost. Vengence is no longer a Cursed Sword, nor a self sacrific , nor a Vengence system. there is no pride,nobility nor dignity, in a free system.
  8. I don't have English meme. Here's Shadow ptp.
  9. Earth rite is a 40 to 45% win rate deck now. In fact, it purpose a good solution to seraph, but has a lot of difficulties against blood, dragon and sword. Earth rite quit T4 list... i hope it will enter again, may be in tier 2 ? Each deck has a nemesis... so, if you win vs 90% of packs, what is the pb to loose vs one unplayed deck?
  10. My nether region swells when I'm playing a sweaty, manly Control vs Control match.
  11. The majority of the useful cards on curve are explained all ready. What is important to know is what deck you will be playing. If you run a more Control style deck, you will sacrifice consistency because there are a few high curve drops that you would really would like to use. We're looking at Temptress Vampire, Bahamut, and/or Prince of Darkness. Maybe you could run Maelstrom Serpent in a control deck, but I wouldn't prefer it. Playing a control deck with Blood Moon will require some timing, as you won't play anything significant up to turn 7, so your Blood Moon will go to waste. When looking at matchups, Control Blood loses against Ramp Dragon most of the time. There isn't much you can do about it, their pp ramp simply beats the value you can get. Seraph is a non factor. It is hardly played, and if you run into it, depending on how heavy your deck is (For instance, I do not run Odin because Seraph simply isn't played much), it will be a coinflip whether or not you can draw Odin to kill their chances of winning. Against Aggro Sword, you will have good odds as you may get value out of Righteous Vampire or Revelation due to Blood Moon. These are all ideal situations, however! Now, if you are looking to play something more Mid-range oriented, it will depend on what you want to play. For instance, I would consider adding Goblin Mage to search for your Baphomet. Though, this will consume your turn 3 and you won't be able to play Blood Moon. Turn 4 is when you want to catch up on board, so it is rather hard to just lose that tempo against Aggro, especially if you want to play Baphomet on Turn 5. Your Turn 6 will be great if you can reliably search Maelstrom Serpent from your deck. It won't be as bad against Control or Combo decks, but Aggro will outpace you heavily and you'd have to be careful not to die. As such, you will have to hope to have Baphomet in your opening hand against Aggro. While the Mid-range deck has great turn 6 potential, it is when Seraph clears your board (Unless you keep your fingers crossed and pray that they do not have Themis). A double ramped Dragon will be at 10 pp when you hit 6, so they will be in range of their board clear as well. I would say that in these situations, the Mid-range oriented deck simply loses against these decks. Perhaps this deck COULD run Odin as a high curve play against Seraph, but would you really play Odin if Seraph doesn't see much play? You would rather add some other cards in your deck to improve general consistency. tl;dr: Both Control and Mid-range lose against Ramp Dragon, might win against Seraph depending if you find room for Odin, must try to keep tempo against Aggro Sword.
  12. ... Are you really think, what this amulet will give huge opportunity? I think not: 1) For agrro this amulet don't needed. 2) For control maybe can, but there are a lot of types of control, because most of cards has some interesting effects with and without vengeance, very huge difference each others. 3) For midrange, maybe, best condintion, but this amulet 3 cost, so... this is time and and space condition. 4) This amulet has 4 countdown, where if you use on turn 3/4 you waste 1 cd... so 3 turns in total. If use on late turns... maybe you already lost/in vengeance/full against slow control, where this amulet has weakest effect, because control enemy can kill everything huge, what can use vengeance effect. So, this is, I think, not so powerfull, what can be shown. 5) I think what 10 hp for vengeance mode is very hard condition, because most of crafts already have many-many cards and combos for 10+ damage in one turn. Aggro/Face can reduce all HP from 20 to 0 in 5-6 turns. And blood gameplay is damage yourself for advantages.... this is very hard for play and one unlucky drop will be fatal. You can be adept by Vampire, but one unluck moment will be fatal, because bloodcraft is risky craft. And tools for control hp and board in most available only on vengeance... where 10 hp, what can be again fatal. This game too much dependent on luck (This is my game experience, only aggro blood in my decks not dependent so much, because all cards will be useful for aggro style, but this is exception, I think, what don't needed tell, why), my most of decks operate on finishers/removes/important cards and if I can't draw it (And I can't, Unlucky) I lost. My enemy always more lucky, they have combo/2 or more Alberts on 5 turn/perfect Daria draw/and others not pleasant thinks for me. So, tool, what can be used for using most of vengeance cards without risk your HP is great, this is thing, what vampires needed very much. I know, what philosophy of Bloodcraft is getting serious on half HP, but... most of "serious" cards... not useful, not help against most situations. And vengeance is meme/trash until appearance this amulet. This is my opinion, you can opposite it, but facts says, what very few players use vengeance deck. And it's not always because it's hard, but because you haven't win condition and 100% save from aggresive style. Dshift is hard too (Only spells, levi needed for draw first, too much dependent on draw and cards what give draw, without spellbost needed card can lost against another control, aggro simply destroy this, Rune doesn't have cheap mass removal and healing and others things, what can destroy you play), but it have removals, not mass, but strong and absolute win conditions, only a little bit luck and you win. So, this is a main reason for accept this new amulet. So, I think, you too earily surrender. You must try using this and after few games and few sifferent situations get your verdict.
  13. You know looking at the video I believe the mammoth amulet is a fanfare proc, but it looks as though no matter what the death rite happens last. I would easily guess that Atomy will hit play, blow everything up, and after it's all done the mammoth last rite will resolve and you will get a 6/7. That honestly is absolutely busted and I hope they consider nerfing or editing atomy or the mammoth so that it is somehow destroyed by atomy before releasing this. Since I have seen atomy hit the board easily on turn 4. Just how are we suppose to deal with an 8/8 and 6/7 on turn 4? *plus more if they had anything that also spawns followers on death.* If they wanted to be evil though, since the mammoth fanfare should happen first and it would vanish before the death rite replaced the card spot, there would only be 3 cards on the field. Atomy isn't even a legal play then, it should just go back to your hand or some other silliness.
  14. Your not suppose(before) to make a deck entirely around Vengence. same way you cant make a deck entirely around shadows in shadowcraft. "and you may find yourself not being able to play most of your cards depending on whether you get too many vengeance effects when you are out of vengeance or getting too many self-damage effects when you are in vengeance." all your doing is exposing your lack of understanding of Vengence. you end up with to much self damage in your hand ,if you placed to much self damage in your deck to begin with. you end up with to many Vengence cards in your hand while out of Vengence, because you placed to many Vengence cards in your deck to begin with. thats all your Imcompetence. the fact that you dont understand the right balance for Vengence ,is not Vengence(the old vengence) problem. it does fit. it fits on both. your just in denial ,trying to make believe that Vengence is still the same ,while you use a CHEAT card. your the exact reason why i insist so much in exposing the new FAKE Vengence for what it is. a FAKE, PINK , SISSY, GIRLY and HYPOCRITE system. its so Tanuki´s such as yourself are not gona get the fake glory i KNEW you would seek to get. while i am on this forum.. you are ****ed. cause i will keep on exposing the new Vengence and the ones winning with it ,for what they are. IT DOES pervert Vengence. and it perverts 100%. Temporary my ****.... 4 turns in a card game is temporary!? least come up with something clever for **** sake. BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!. can you believe this guy!?...first he says "it dosnt pervert Vengence ,because its only temporary"... then right after that he claims Blood Moon to be a problem because you may find yourself with more than 1 in your hand.... obviously contradicting yourself. "Diversity" my ****. no "diversity" is worth destroying what already existed. its contraproductive and hypocrite. i didnt get a different prespective of a card, what i got was 1 perspecftive, of a person in denial ,which i already knew was gona happen before it did.
  15. Oh right, I forgot the Frozen Mammoth will kill itself. I think one way to infer which effect will trigger first is to play Elf Healer and Healing Angel (or any follower with Fanfare) and see which triggers first. If Healing Angel triggers first, then probably Atomy will kill the amulet and you get a 6/7. If Elf Healer triggers first, then maybe the amulet will trigger first and then Atomy will kill your 6/7. For Aegis, Minthe, and Luminous Mage my statements aren't guesses, they're inferences based on previous knowledge. For Belphegor I don't think they'll have Bloody Mary + Belphegor OTK when you have 11+ defense, it's mostly a guess. Though there is some precedent with Astaroth's Reckoning + Pendant that supports my claim. While it's not as definitive as an official response, I don't think it's worthless either.
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!. Welcome to the "denial" world. i knew this was gona happen... "Debating the "viability" of Blood Moon"... dont make me laugh.. turn 3 play Blood Moon turn 4 Revelations turn 5 Gluttonous Gorger back to 20 life(or there about). I knew this was gona happen ,and thats why i insisted so much on my topic ,on saying that Vengece is a Sissy, Fake, Pink hypocrite system now. that its not real anymore. because i know you peoples game.. you want free Vengence ,and still pretend/make believe that Vengence is still the same bad ****, manly system it used to be, so you can pretend your controling it. but i got bad news for you... while i am here(on the forum), i am gona keep you exposing the truth, and your not gona get ****. like it or not ,your victories with Fake Vengence are not gona mean ****. its the same as victories with aggro sword. you are not gona get any fake glory while i am here. i will keep on exposing you ,for users of a CHEAT, PINK, FAKE, SISSY, GIRLY ,HYPOCRITE system, everytime i catch you trying to twist the truth, or make believe you are winning with the same system, it once was.
  17. Theme : The rise of fairies 「Alone, we stand no chance against the god. However, battle is all about number and quality. Together, we are strong! The god is all but a lone existence, together we are strong, together we can beat anything! Rise my fairies, together we are strong! Rise our forest, together we are unbeatable!」 <Deck> Followers : Spell : - Elf queen (1) - Silver bolt (2) - Crystalia aerin (2) - Ivy spellbomb (3) - Elf knight cynthia (2) - Elven archery (2) - Pegasus elf (2) - Glimmering wings (3) - Elven princess mage (3) - Sylvan justice (3) - Forest spirit (2) - Nature guidance (3) - Sukuna, brave and small (2) - Elf girl liza (3) - Wandering elf mage (2) - Fairy whisperer (2) - Water fairy (3) _______ Note : This is my personal main deck which is still in development, and still need to be tested and adjusted after 'tempest of god' is live. The theme is to make use cards which is strongly related to the fairy and forest only. This is also a touch of my own plot twist into the new trailer, that the fairies are attempting to upset the whole battlefield. The current goal is to make this deck stronger and to play at higher tier on equal or higher ground. So if there's any advice/criticism/suggestion, it will be appreciated.
  18. Minthe's effect has been answered on the Shadowverse Twitter already, in that you still need enough shadows for specifically Deathbrand and Ghostly Grasp. It should trigger non-optional effects like Goblin Zombie since I see no reason why it shouldn't. Luminous Mage is similar to Titania's Sanctuary, except that Luminous Mage works on commanders and Titania's Sanctuary works on fairies. I believe Titania's Sanctuary still lets you evolve your fairies without an evolution point, and Luminious Mage would work the same way. Belphegor works similarly to cards like Soul Dealer and Azazel, where the damage is dealt all in one trigger. It's supposed say "If vengeance is not active, deal x damage to your leader where x is the difference between your current health and 10", but it's much harder to immediately understand. Support Cannon and Lord Atomy are dependent on proccing order. A thread was made on proccing order here: In the case of Support cannon, Aurelia, Regal Saber will have her fanfare activated before Support Cannon activates. If you also play Luminous Standard, it will apply before the effect of Support Cannon if it's to its left and after if it was played to the right. In the case of Atomy, the effect of Atomy will be applied first, destroying Frozen Mammoth. The Frozen Mammoth's normal effect will not be activated, but then the last words effect will activate to summon the Imperial Mammoth. With Elta, Atomy will get its cost reduced but its fanfare will not activate.
  19. Vagabond is probably the one that is the best since you can buff it and attack with it, and it will ambush itself again. Shrouded assassin is rather a one time thing.
  20. Yue, I don't actually care what your expectations are or what guesses you have. I want answers from people who actually know how it works. Reading the tea leaves and the card text is clealry useless because the only FAQ entries we have on these subjects refute the card text but don't tell us what the underlying logic is. The thing you're missing is that the Frozen Mammoth amulet is also destroyed by you playing a 9 cost follower like Lord Atomy. Since Frozen Mammoth would be to the left of Lord Atomy, if its flag triggers before Lord Atomy's Fanfare, then there will be a live Mammoth for Lord Atomy to destroy. If it doesn't, or the Last Words don't take effect until after Lord Atomy's fanfare goes off, then you'll end with a live mammoth (and a probably concession by your opponent).
  21. Well, that's an unexpected level of candor.
  22. Aegis - I think it's pretty clear they're saying Aegis is not affected by the amulet. I expect that Aegis will trigger Yurius, not be affected by Guardian Sun, has to attack followers with Ward before face, can't be transformed with cards like Petrify, and is unaffected by Durandal. Atomy - I don't think there is any case for Atomy destroying the amulet, then destroying the 6/7, since the Fanfare only happens once. Minthe - The Japanese translation I think is more precise, it says it changes all your "Necromancy (X)" effects to "Necromancy (0)", which explains why Deathbrand and Ghostly Grasp are the only cards I know that have weird interactions with her. Belphegor - I'm guessing that the way they wrote the effect text is just to make it simpler to read. Luminous Mage - You could test with Titania's Sanctuary, I'm pretty sure it allows you to evolve even if you have no evo points.
  23. That Heavenly Aegis FAQ entry opens up more questions than it answers, because Test of Strength does not affect followers at all. It gives Leaders the ability that the other Leader can't choose to attack them if there's a follower they could choose instead. So when they say Heavenly Aegis isn't affected by that ability, do they mean that Heavenly Aegis can attack face despite it being in play? Do they mean that the other player's followers can attack face if Heavenly Aegis is the only follower on the other side? I don't know! That FAQ answer is way too terse and doesn't explain anything. Lord Atomy will certainly destroy the Amulet. The question is whether the Amulet is destroyed and a Mammoth put into play before Lord Atomy destroys everything in play. You either end up with a live Mammoth or a dead Mammoth. Obviously you'd rather have a 6/7 than an extra shadow. The Minty FAQ entry also explains nothing. Ghostly Grasp says "If you have enough shadows, you can choose to use Necromancy (8) to destroy an enemy follower with 2 defense or more instead." But Minthe is in play "Your Necromancy effects cost 0 shadows" How or why is 0 not "enough shadows"? Does Minty fail to change the targeting protocols so that Ghostly Grasp can't select a 4 Defense target? Does Minty actually give you a rebate on all your Shadow expenditures, so no Necromancy effects will trigger if you don't have enough Shadows, but your totals won't go down if you do? I don't know! No one knows, because that FAQ entry doesn't explain what it's doing and contravenes the English card text. All it tells us is that the actual programming doesn't match the English text, but it doesn't tell us how it actually works. Belephegor's actual text is "Deal damage to your leader until their defense drops to 10 if Vengeance is not active for you." That text is completely different from "deal damage equal to your current defense total minus 10" And by the wording it actually has, if you have a damage prevention ability it should keep doing damage until your defense hits 10 or the game ends. And that would do 20 damage to your opponent if you had Bloody Mary in play. I assume that's not how it works, but that's the way the text is written. Luminious Mage - you should be able to evolve for zero points if you have zero points. But as per the Minty ruling I don't know if that's how it really works. If it's just giving you a rebate on your evo points, you won't be able to select the evo option when your reserve is empty.
  24. Now with tempest of the gods I'm just waiting the new broken decks to come here cry about them
  25. In about three months I'm confident @Never be will have a QQ thread for every single deck archetype in Shadowverse.
  26. Such positions are rarely tenable; someone will come up with a new "rock" to the dominant "scissors." Then a "paper" that beats the rock but loses to the original dominant deck. Paper-rock-scissors. The problem is when the meta both becomes a very simplistic PRS affair AND a single class owns one or more of the only three decks in the competitive meta. In such an instance, there's likely to be shared class cards between the two decks, reducing diversity of play significantly. So the problem isn't a deck with no bad matchups. The problem is a class with no bad matchups. And I'm looking at you, Erika.
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