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  2. The salt mega thread.

    Just another day in fun, balanced and interactiveTM-land. Dear Cy, also for the next expansion please don't miss out on the opportunity to print even more storm and pp cheating cards that in the past have invariably and inevitably shown themselves to provide a fair and fun environment for everyone.
  3. Cygames, please delete ambush!!!

    there are a total of 4 cards that have ambush and 1 of them is neutral, 1 is shadow, 1 is rune and 1 is blood. I just chose to not mention every card.
  4. Today
  5. Cygames, please delete ambush!!!

    you forgot Witch of whatever from Rune.
  6. Talk About Whatever

    This forum is like, dead... Cant wait for the spoiler season to kick back some life.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    Joins HS -> Dissappointed with HS, move on to Duelyst -> dissappointed with Duelyst as well, move on to Shadowverse -> you guessed it right, quitting again. Gwent it is. Now Im on the verge of quitting gwent. rip. Cant wait to quit Artifact and MtG:A as well.
  8. Talk About Whatever

    GORGE YOUR HA- oh wait wrong thread.
  9. Talk About Whatever

    Eternal Servitude Discover a Chinadude, Jack42, or Morrigan.
  10. Talk About Whatever

  11. Talk About Whatever

    k also fixing a dead forum LUL
  12. Talk About Whatever

    I thought you already dead
  13. Talk About Whatever

    Holy **** the forums is still broken? Back to my hole I go I guess... EDIT: top post is mine Huck
  14. Cygames, please delete ambush!!!

    while I do agree this mechanic is uninteractive I dont see any reason to remove it considering storm is here to stay and that is a mechanic that is strictly better then ambush in a vast majority of situations while being even more uninteractive.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Ambush as a mechanic is already uninteractive and it doesnt help, that it is limited to only 1 class (having spawn doesnt include blood in the list). So I propose just deleting it, because it currently has 0 support cards in rotation and all it brings is hate and braindead gameplay.
  17. Dragoncraft is ...

    Yes you right , just see the trheat right now
  18. Dragoncraft is ...

    Hello, please refer to the suggestions or the salt mega thread.
  19. Dragoncraft is ...

    totally unfair ... Ramp like a ****! take you cards PP 10 turn 6 is completely abusing ... this class deserves that Cygames modify the mechanics or slow down the number of PP. turn 10 "bahamut / israfil / queen / zeus ect ... Heal + ramp this is broken!
  20. The salt mega thread.

    Another 2 hours and 14 matches losing streak before the first win. I just want to finish dailies. Why the game needs me to grind that badly?
  21. Love this ...

    Shouldn't this be in the Favourite moments thread?
  22. Love this ...

    How to get RQ a master ... Cheese! you are in the picture!
  23. Last week
  24. The salt mega thread.

    Agree. The game is very easy to snowball. I can predict the game with 90% accuracy before any player finish turn 3. Run control and face DShi(f)t, just concede to save time. Run aggro and face C.Blood, just concede to save time. Etc. Oh, and we have lots of highroll decks. Atomy turn 3 going first, Daria board vomit on turn 5, Dragon at 10 pp while I have 5 pp. Well, this game is turning into a glorified coin-flip. I hope they implement auto-concede feature that make you lose instantly if conditions are met. For example, if the opponent starting hand is Gloomy, Ceridwin, Zeus, just make me lose and immediately start a new match. I don't care about rank points, I just want to finish my dailies as fast as possible.
  25. We already have monthly reward. I want to see people playing for fun more as I'm tried of seeing meta decks left and right.
  26. Need help for deck to reach Grand master!

    So for reach Grand master wath i Need use? If you Need see all my cards i cani upload screen
  27. meta report 2/12-18/2018

    I wonder how Shadowlog catalogs Forest decks. I've seen "Neutral" Forest decks that run the Saha-Isra-Zeus top end. I've seen decks that start out neutral and run BnB and Arriet, but then run White Wolf and Elephant for the top end. Won with a deck like that the other day, kind of felt sorry for the Rune player. They were trying to make Silver Blade work (I'm personally disappointed at how bad a card Silver Blade is because I love his card art and the idea behind him) but I had King Elephant and Arriet in hand so that was a OTK even if they hadn't been at 15 HP. Wards suck so hard in this game. Then of course there are control forest decks that focus on White Wolf and Elephant and skip BnB. Anyway, here's hoping Daria does go down because even when you run a counter deck, fighting Daria is nothing I would call "fun". I'm not surprised Sword is doing poorly as it is the class least equipped to deal with Daria among its several other weaknesses. Overall, I'm pretty tired of the Saha-Isra-Baha-Zeus package. For its faults, Beauty and the Beast at least requires actual deck construction to work. Same with King Elephant. Dragon has interesting cards that require actual thinking and deck construction to use, like Frenzied Drake, but no one in their right mind would use Frenzied Drake when Baha is a thing. Cygames really needs to step up their game when it comes to creating interesting synergies and put actual requirements/conditions on powerful effects, rather than cards that just do awesome things simply for existing. Thing is they seem content to wait for all the garbage to rotate out rather than trying to do anything about it. I believe Saha is rotating out, hopefully they don't print a Saha replacement then at least Israfil may become less played. I really can't count Portal's rise as a benefit. It's right behind Daria in the "zero fun match-up" department. Sorry, but nothing about 1 PP 3/1 Rush, Acceleratium, or Deus Ex is okay. Portal is a disaster waiting to happen.
  28. The salt mega thread.

    Same here heh. This game is all about throwing your cards down and hope for the best. If you have **** for starting hands, just restart, no point playing on. If you are playing against a hard counter, just restart, no point playing on.
  29. The salt mega thread.

    Just got a 12 matches losing streak. I conceded as soon as I see it might be a hard match to me, and sometimes from the opponent's first drop. My reason is that there is no point in playing matches that you can't win if you're grinding for dailies, and you should not waste time to things that don't progress the dailies. It's part of bad dailies design that forces players to play to win and not for fun. I also don't lose any point as I'm at the bottom floor of my rank.
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